Your alias?


Oct 3, 1998
With all of these alias's on here I am wondering how did you pick your name?
Mine db is from my e-mail Dbtoe was a name I used in college, working on a student news paper.
"Ken Cook" is an alias I like to use because my name is Ken Cook and I suffer from a COMPLETE lack of imagination!

For example, My favorite Sex Fanstasy is the one where I have sex. My only other sexual fantast is boring because I don't.
Why Fantasize? Life's WAY too much fun!

I cut it, and I cut it, and it's STILL too short!

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I was thinking of starting a thread like this, but you beat me to the punch! Mine is prety uncreative also. PK is my initials. Several years back, someone said that my name reminded him of the MTV host Peter King (the *only* time I've been compared to an MTV dj), and everyone called him PK. Someone else picked it up because it reminded them of "Peekay" from the book/movie "The Power of One." Since then, various people have called me PK rather than my name and I've also used it to sign things from newpaper columns to letters, and it's become a standard alias for me.
My alias comes from two places

1. When I was at college I allways carried a rucksack with loads of usefull (to me anyway) gear in.

2. there is a sci fi comic in the UK called 2000AD and there was a storyline about a future genetically modified soldier called Rougue Trooper who had a talking rucksack called Bagman.

The combination of these is where I got my nick name from.

Harvey Wareham

Live Long & Prosper, so you can buy more knives :)

Alas, mine isn't too interesting either. Just my initials and my name. I should have just put my first name up there, but I don't like it very much.

I went by Zeke for a while. That was a nickname from way back in the BBS days when anonymity was important as most of the people online were weirdos! (myself included)
It's much nicer now....



Clay Fleischer

"10,000 Lemmings Can't Be Wrong!"

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When you have a last name like mine. Who needs an alias. Seriously in most places on the net I use one. Too many friends and friends to be made here so I did not want to use one and for me it was the right decision.
"Dogboy" came first. I got a new Rotty puppy while I was in Test Pilot School, and was going home in the middle of the day all the time to let it out, and feed it. So, the guys started calling me dogboy. Then, later in the course, when my "bad attitude" started showing stronger, they started calling me "Outlaw". They never could figure out which one they liked, so started calling me both.

My alias comes from a college girlfriend who thought I was build like a bear, and since my hair bleached out white in the summer, she put the two together and, voila, an alias was born.

Things are more like they are today
than they have ever been before.

Again, originality

DC are my initials (Dona Cicci)... my other alias is Don Cicci. Back in grad school my lab mates used to play Godfather with me..."Don Cicci, with all respect, could you help me with a problem....."
Don Cicci was the guy who had killed Vito Coreleone's father and brother; and who Vito killed on his trip to Sicily under the guise of getting his olive oil export business blessed. Hence the venerated Sicilian saying:

La vendetta è un freddo il più bene servito del piatto

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I dunno what type of music you all prefer, (if any) but Jackyl is the name of one of my favorite bands. (1st CD ever too.) -AR
I use to go by Eye, but I was told that alias' make you seem young and immature...

So, I changed to my real name....

One may want to keep an Eye out for my review of the Bob Kasper designed, Kevin Gentile modified AFCK and interview of Bob Kasper. Sorry about the wait, my review and interview should be online within two weeks, look for it right here at

Marion David Poff fka Eye, one can msg me at

"The victorious Warrior wins first and then goes to war, while the defeated Warrior goes to war and then seeks to win" Sun-Tzu

Be Excellent

My alias is actually how my name is translated and pronounced in Japanese, btw my name is Keith. Kinda dull but everyone calls me Kisu, cause I'm so fanantic about everything Japanese, especially their blades


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Well, in my country (Holland) you can do a lot, but carrying a pocket knife or even a fixed blade is pretty much illegal. So I don't want to take any risk while freely discussing my favorite topic: knives.
That's why I use an alias.

I am a big fan of the movies of Quentin Tarantino and I think that 'Reservoir dogs' is a very good movie and the characters are played really cool. My favorite 'cool' guy in that movie was Mr Blonde, and I think it just a cool sounding name.

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Hye Kisu,
That's a really cool idea. I think I'll do that too.
In Japanese, my name is Ken! Dang! Right back where I started from

I cut it, and I cut it, and it's STILL too short!


From what my parents have told me, The word 'Ken' could be interpreted in Japanese as (loosely):'good health' or 'dog' or 'fist' and my favorite, 'sword'.

You see, being a Ken isn't so bad.
I had to use my initials because someone else is here pretending to be "Rob".

My nickname has always been Z ,Its the first letter of my last name.The big has just recently come to play because my waistline has grown a few inches in the last couple years!

AKY are my initials. It looks ok in print so I used them.

I have had two nicknames in my life.

Preacher - for one of the characters from the movie "The Fish that Saved Pittsburgh" (I think that's the movie. It was a long time).

Sergeant Bundy - Sergeant because of my demeanor at our gasshuku (martial arts camp), and Bundy because of my resemblance to the father from "Married...With Children"

I went with AKY.

I got mine from my fishing proficiency(or more likely,luck). Last year I did a lot of fishing for paddlefish(also known as spoonbill by many in the South) with my cousins and friends. For some odd reason, every time we would fish, I would catch numerous 20-30 pounders, while the others with me rarely caught anything. So I jokingly began calling myself "Spoonslayer", and have been using the title ever since.