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Allan Blade

No, they certainly are not. I think that Vlad is even more of a lowlife than Allan, and that means that Vlad is really scaping the bottom of the barrel.
While they are both pus laden scumbags, they are different people.

And what goes around comes around and for these two asshats their day is coming.....
to me comparing alan and vlad-demm is like apples and oranges, 2 creatures which share many similarities (ie they are both thieving scumbags, for one thing) hell i wouldnt be suprised if they look a lot alike, but nope they are not the same person.
The knives were almost ready, but his cat's neice's orchard developed an eating disorder and is now in treehab.
Don't know if he has ever taken care of the british orders.
But he told me about two weeks ago he quitted knifemaking and will start a day job full time.
He said when he start the new job and get the payment he will refund me.

All I know is that one more person got what they were owed. That would still leave quite a bit of money that Allan still needs to refund to people.

Joe, I will keep my fingers crossed that Allan will finally, after all these years, keep his word to you.
Thanks, now I get it. ;)

(BTW, did you know that over in BB some of the members are referring to AB as "He Who Shall Not Be Named"? ;) :D ;)
(BTW, did you know that over in BB some of the members are referring to AB as "He Who Shall Not Be Named"? ;) :D ;)

If I know my Lovecraft and Chambers, he should therefore also be known as:

"...the Unspeakable."

But that would be letting him off too easily. Never forget!!:mad:
Oh this I have to see! could someone please post the link to the BB thread that hasn't been shut down due to name usage?
I wonder how many are still owed refunds on BB. I hope the number of victims has been reduced from double digit to single digit numbers.

Being the Windowlicker I am makes me curious. Anyone else who licks windows curious like I am? over on BB their lips are sealed (from previous window licking themselves???)

Anyway, Joe is still unpaid as if that's a surprise :rolleyes: