1. Spyderco Military

2. Microtech LCC (or perhaps Spyderco Native)

3. Spyderco Endura
Hello guys,,,,

1. MT Socom D/A 1997 model
2. MT LCC Manual or Dual action
3. Chris Reeves Sebenza. (large)

Honorable mention: Crawford Kasper, Lightfoot knives, Mag460 tanto
Hello All,

Large Sebenza

Training is more important than the specific model.

Originally posted by Wenhong:


1. Microtech SOCOM (not the mini) or LCC
2. Microtech SOCOM (not the mini) or LCC
3. Microtech SOCOM (not the mini) or LCC


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Once you have trained with one, there is no doubt... GUNTING.
By far the best real world defensive tool/tactical blade.
1. spyderco Military or police
2. bm afck
3. emerson cqc7 drop

best cheapo spyderco endura

is there a pattern forming yet?

I hope someone counts up the poll to see what the majority likes thus far.

ok I'll do it I can't sleep anyway.
ok I am a little tired so forgive any mess ups.

the winner: MT lcc 12 votes
2nd place: MT socom 8 votes
3rd place: BM afck 6 votes
runner up : BM 710

cheapo 1. CRKT kff
2. tie spyderco endura and crkt point guard.

Question 1: Emerson SOCFK - Tanto bladed SPECWAR with the rapid deployment of the WAVE.
Question 2: See Question 1. SOCFK is only $149.99!
Quastion 3: Emerson CQC7B - less than $100 on the web. Second place is Benchmade AFCK, especially in M2 tool steel.
I like the chisel ground blades for ease of resharpening.
The best fighting folder made today is the Sifu. Sorry all, but SIZE DOES MATTER
. As a bonus you get excellent ergos and lockwork.

A basic model will run you about $140ish tops. See also:

The only folder that even comes close is the Ryan Biohazard and that's a $400+ handmade only. I've seen 6" handmade $600 folders with linerlocks I wouldn't trust for rat skinning, never mind a fight.

If you're on a sub-$50 budget, the Spyderco Wayne Goddard Lightweight is in my opinion a better knife than the KFF. The more I think about it, handle specimens and read reviews, the less I like the "dual stage lock" (LAWKS system). I went into more detail on this in a thread on this forum, search for my name and the word "Goddard" and you should find it.

In the $70 - $90 range, the CS big 5" and 6" Zytels are pretty good. The SOG 5" Pentagon Elite 2 also shows promise.

If you're limited by law to 4", the Cold Steel Scimitar is one of the only linerlocks I'd trust my life to, first because it's a pretty good linerlock and second because the upswept tip throws the pressure back up against the spine (and away from the lock) on a hard-target stab. It's a nice, highly under-rated design.

The best 4"-class fighting folder is probably the REKAT Carnivore. Given the superior lock, I'd trust it over an AFCK any day. It's only real competitors are the Axis-lock BMs and possibly the new 4" Sog Arclocks. BUT the Carny still has an advantage in grip ergonomics and resistance to a "slip-up" accident on a hard-target stab, at least against some of it's competition.

In short, in the 4" class I'd have either a Scimitar or a Carny. In California or TX or a few other states, the Sifu absolutely dominates if you can afford it...and the Goddard Light is a decent low-bucks choice than can still be relied on.

Here are some 'tactical' folders which might be worthy of your consideration:

From the top, the Spydie AFCK in M2HSS; an A T Barr fighter custom; a (rare) Rogard coated classic large Sebenza; a new model small Seb, then a large one.

Ernie Emerson custom CQC7 and CQC6; a Kit Carson Stellite (r)/carbon fiber slim model 18. Next is the first Kit Carson #18 made of Talonite, below it is the third one, showing the other side. At the right side is the Gerber Covert Folder.

Which is best? Well, that is an unanswerable question. I will say that I was surprised to find that I had a Spyderco in the house; this would be a good knife to use if you might lose it. The A T Barr used to be my daily carry, but it is a big, thick knife. It would be my choice among these folders to use to dig a foxhole.

The all black Classic Seb is nice for those covert missions, but it has been a long while since I went on any of those.

The new model Sebs are very well put together, but have the ergonomics of a brick; rough corners make it uncomfortable to carry in a pocket, and using it for a prolonged period would be uncomfortable.

The Ernie Emersons are also well made, but the chisel grind makes fine cutting difficult. They really do cut things if you need to absolutely, positively cut them NOW. The CQC6 is a daily carry knife, in my leather bag I carry everywhere with me.

The Stellite (r)/ carbon fiber Kit Carson knife is an absolute wonder; it has a blade length of 4 1/4", yet weighs a mere 3 oz.! Will fit a tuxedo pocket nicely.

The Talonite (r) Carsons are wonderful; the entire knife is either Ti or Talonite; even the screws; one of these rides in my right jeans pocket every day; rugged and totally corrosion resistant. Best of all, ergonomics are wonderful, and there are no sharp corners to make carry uncomfortable.

The Gerber Covert Folder (first edition) is a rather common knife, except for one thing; it has excellent ergonomics for the left hand; it rides in my left jeans pocket.

So, the best tactical folder depends very much on just exactly what your tactics are likely to be. Will you possibly need to discard the knife and not look back? Will you possibly need to use it in salt water, and not have your Tuf-Cloth with you? Does it need to be slender and slim so that it won't print in formal clothing? Will other people see it? If so, is an innocuous appearance of paramount importance (Sebs rule here)? Need to do all around cutting, or just CUT when you have to?

All of these factors will favor different knives, but the three I carry I believe will handle most situations. But no one single knife is best. That darn carbon fiber Carson keeps slipping into my shirt pocket or my leather bag, however; it is an insidious piece of perfection.

Hope this helps, Walt

1, 2 & 3 - Take your pick from our line of 16 different tacticals. 5100 series in our linerlock series. To find them from our homepage go to the linerlock section, then hit the 5100 numbered buttons to find them. Blade is doing an article in next month's issue on these knives as well, if you're skeptical (as you should be since these are all knives I sell off my site - honest at least!).

Above all, have fun shopping!

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I gotta go with chief dignitary on this one. Al Mar SERE 2000. Best knife ive ever touched.

Hey Walt, did you forget your pills, or do you really have an elusive Spyderco AFCK?