there are lots of "best" tactical folders. otherwise, we'd all just own one.

I can only give you advise based on what I carry, and that is one of two, either a Spyderco Millitary, or a Microtech Socom with clip-point blade. Both are well made, come shaving sharp from the factory, feature about 4" cutting edge, are easy to open with one hand, feature a pocket clip, and use excellent materials in their construction. I'd say the Socom is better made, but then again it costs more. One thing about the gray chromium nitride finish on the old Socoms, it's almost bulletproof. A friend uses the back of his blade to open beer bottles, and there isn't a scratch. I just use mine to cut bagels.

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Although it has been mentioned dozens of times, I will say the LCC, not only because I have it, but, it just seems to fit the bill.


Alright guys here is my 2 cents worth. Day in and day out my tactical folder is a small Sebenza. I have complete confidence in it. I've used it to split wood for kindling and it felt solid as a rock. I've carried a 3/4 scale Terzuola ATCF and like the Sebenza better. In fact I added a Umfaan and a Large Sebbie to my equipment list. The only time you could find me without at least one of these fine knives with me or within arm reach would be if circumstances required something "disposeable" and then it would be a Spyderco Endura or Delica.

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Just what is the definition of "tactical"? To me, it is a knife that will serve equally in defensive AND utility modes. As most of us are not formally trained knifefighters, our utility pieces must fill this position as well. For me the Native is just that knife.


Best all around: Microtech LCC
Best Value: Microtech LCC
Best under $50.00:CRK&T point guard