Buying my man a pocket knife. HELP!

Dec 3, 2000
I would like to buy my man a "Gentlemen's Knife" for Christmas. One that he can carry at work - (executive dress). Moderate price. Also, would it be a "faux pax" to have it engraved? I don't have the slightest idea where to look. I have looked at sites online - but don't know what I should be looking for. I might as well be trying to rebuild an engine.

I would certainly appreciate any help.

Hi Judy,

You may want to check out William Henry Knives... They make a really nice little gent's folder, and they are pretty reasonable...

Most online dealer's carry William Henry Knives... Check out the "links" section above to find a large selection of online dealers...

Good luck!

Just found a link at Bayou Lafourche Knife Works where you can view the William Henry line if you wish...
Really Big Link

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I would look at the Benchmade 940 models. They are nice and small and yet have a very useful blade. You can get these anywhere such as, Hope it helps.
They also have a 770 model coming out but I don't know if you will be able to get one before Christmas. Later, Jeff
Hi Judy, I am totally happy to welcome you to BFC!

This recent thread may give you some good ideas. I strongly recommend looking at the page linked for AG Russell:
Small gentlemen's folders under $100.

By engraving, I assume you mean initials. Serious artistic engraving is very expensive. I would not worry about getting it engraved. A nice knife should do the trick all by itself.

Happy shopping!


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I would take a look at some of BM's smaller folders. I have had BOTH of the small style liner locks, and not only were they attractive, they were small and VERY usefull.

I highly rek'mnd the BM 350. The satin finish contrasts nicely with the Zytel grip.

I also LOVE the BM 330. It can be had in a few configurations, and is small enough to be carried in ANY pocket comfortably. I find this knife is a staple of any suit-wearing business man's knife arsenal.

Steve in NYC
Recently I have been an advocate of swiss army knives and I'm afraid I'm gonna have to with that again. They are very sharp (pun intended)looking, a true gent's knife. Or you could go with the other's they have all suggested very fine knives. You may also want to consider a Case of some sort.

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I'd have to second the Benchmade 940. I have one, and it works excellently. I own several other knives, and the Benchmade 940 I have probably sees the most carrying and usage.


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Everyone's definition of moderately priced is different. You might want to check out sites such as Arizona Custom Knives, KnifeArt, and Robertson's Custom Cutlery. Engraving adds to the cost of a knife but makes it more personal and original. ENJOY THE HUNT.
You have "moderate price" in your post... but that has a LOT of different meanings... to the art knife collector that is something below many on the forums..that can be anywhere from $50 to $400....first you should go check out all the above....then start thinking about what is the MOST you could spend.....then make a decision based on quality over value (my 2 cents)
If you're looking to engrave one, I'd suggest a small stainless or aluminum handled Spyderco. A Dragonfly perhaps? They're not exactly 'gentleman's knives' but they could be considered so.
I love these threads! Judy, can you give us an idea what you mean by moderately priced? We are all knife knuts here and over time, our concept of moderately priced changes. I mean, really changes. So we really come from a somewhat distorted viewpoint, compared to "normal" people.
But if you could narrow your price range a bit, it would really help. I'm guessing that moderately priced might mean $20-$50?


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Ya might want to take a look at the Spyderco Stainless Native II. Those have alot of engraving room on them, and while not EXACTLY a "gentlemans' knife", aren't exactly too far out of place in a nice pair of dress-slacks, either.

PS, with all the help that you will find here, it should be just a little easier than re-building an engine.

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Welcome Judy,

In the $40-$50 range you might look at Columbia River Knife and Tool (CRKT) Mirage Series. I especially like the Gray Ghost with Wharncliff blade.

For about $100 I suggest Spyderco's Howard Viele. A very nice gentleman's knife. Whatever you choose I applaud your efforts.

moderately priced......Hm-m-m-m-m. I would LOVE to be able to say that price is no object but then reality slaps me upside the head! Somewhere around $100 would be moderate for me.

This whole knife thing is a challenge. I want a knife that he can use everyday in his "dress-up" clothes - practical and nice looking, not one that would appear that a "woman" bought it and didn't know diddly-squat about knives and then if he used it around a guy who knows his knives - that guy would laugh his ass off!

Okay, probably no guy would laugh his ass off, but you get the picture. I want this to be an intelligent and practical, yet romantic, knife. Don't go ballistic on me - maybe "romantic" is not a term that knife-guys would use. I would think it was extremely romantic is my guy picked out an awesome knife for me to carry.

And thank goodness I don't have to rebuild an engine.

You guys are all being so nice and helpful (and I don't want to forget to mention patient!).

The truth is Judy, we would ALL love it if our significant others took the time you are taking to research an area you know nothing about, just to find the 'perfect' present to make us happy. That's why everyone is so willing to help (besides that fact that knife knuts are really knice folks).

Sounds like you are doing just fine. Look at what folks here suggest. Sleep on it for a while, and buy something in a day or so. $100 is plenty to give you an extraordinarily large selection of great knives. Happy shopping!

Judy, we're KnifeKnuts nothing says romance to us like sharp, pointy, shiney things.

I wish my wife would come on here and ask these guys what knife to buy for me. But, then again some big mouth would tell her all the knives I have that she hasn't even seen yet.
I would like to compliment you for coming here and asking.
BTW, what knife are you carrying every day?
And why is your man wearing a suit in the Mojave Desert?
Thanks, Paracelsus! I am totally delighted with the plethora of knife information I have received in the past several hours. And sleeping on it sounds good. My head is swimming with knife pictures and information and recommendations.

This is such a great forum. I have learned so much today that I am going to also find a very nice knife for me to carry. I do have one already - one of my bosses bought it for me about 10 years ago at a knife show. I was thrilled when he gave it to me. I had joked with him when he told me he was going to a knife show over the weekend, "Buy me a knife while you're there!" so he did! It has a pink *something* handle with an etched blade (Frost Cutlery). Very feminine. I am so proud of it. Except that I just looked at it and realized I chipped off a corner of the handle near the pin. Darn. Must have happend when my pursed turned upside down on Friday and everything fell to the ground.

I'd like to throw my 2 cents in.......

I just recently purchased a Spyderco/Viele SP-42P (plain edge) for my Dad (X-mas present)! It arrived several days ago and was absolutely thrilled with it. The fit and finish was absolutely fantastic!
And came with that customary Spyderco super sharp edge!

For a little over $100 ~ you can't go wrong with this gentleman's folder! In fact, I was so impressed with it ~ ~ I kept it!

Here is a short cut to a pic and some info about it.....

Happy shopping!

My man isn't wearing a suit in the Mojave Desert. He is wearing a suit up in Northern California. Alas.... That is one reason I want him to have something with him everyday that will remind him of me and a knife is some much *more* than a pen in his shirt pocket! (we were high school classmates and just this year reconnected. We discovered that we had secret crushes on each other in our junior year. And the evidence from what we wrote in each other's yearbook. 32 years ago and now we are soulmates. Romance is very big in our relationship!)

Regarding my knife - I just looked at the blade a little while ago and it says "Frost Cutlery" - Japan. At least that I what I think it says. It's a locking folder and it's PINK! A gift from one of my bosses. My very first knife. Well, no, I can't really say that. I have bought myself SAK's on occasion over the years, but haven't the slightest idea what happened to them.

I get so jealous when I'm at work and suddenly a knife is needed and one of the guys just reaches in his pocket and whips out his knife before I can grab my purse and whip out mine. It's just not fair. And most of my dresses don't have pockets for me to carry a knife.