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Complaint on Dale Chudzinski

Discussion in 'FEEDBACK: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly!' started by oldhippy, Dec 13, 2005.

  1. pilgrimprimitive


    Nov 9, 2005
    Sorry about your suspicion of my one post, I guess I'll clear that up with my second. I am active on other forums and don't spend all of my time writing posts. I come here to read and learn. Sorry, if that's not allowed, I can leave. the reason I posted here for the first time is because of Dale whom I have personally had dealings with. I feel he justify's being defended. I am registered on other forum's under this same screen name if you're really worried about it. Beside's, number of posts doesn't really tell you much unless of course they happen to be all negative and don't contribute to the purpose of these forum's... hint, hint. anyway, I appreciate your concern over my lack of posting so I've doubled my posts on the forum in a jesture of good will. :D
  2. oldhippy


    Nov 23, 2005
    You're right, I am new on this forum and I do not intend to be posting a huge number of messages on it.
    Prior to contacting this forum I made plenty of email contacts with Dale Chudzinski. I always got a polite excuse but no knife. This has gone on since May and the excuses continued. One of the last ones was that it was completed but that the sheath just needed sewing. Still no knife.
    One of you said I should have taken care of this privately instead of in a public forum..... well, send me your email address and I will be glad to forward to you, all my contacts with Dale.
    As far as him not knowing about this thread (or whatever it's called) let me assure you he does know because right after I posted it, one of you let him know about it and he immediately emailed me again (yesterday) and apoligized to me & told me that he "had no excuses and that I had been more than patient."
    Like I said, I will forward all my email contacts if you want to read them but I don't think they should go on here.
    As far as me posting only a few messages on this forum, you are right again. I read & look at several forums without sending messages or becoming a member. This particular forum has been, & will continue to be, one I browse through.
    I would like for Dale to get on here & tell all you guys whether I am unreasonable or not.
    James aka oldhippy
  3. ColdCanuck


    Oct 31, 2005
    Here's the thing Temper, the original post asked for feedback about Dale. Many of us have know him to be a stand up and reputable person for years. Should a low post count prevent someone from replying to the original question?

    Should we ignore the original question and simply tar and feather him?

    If somebody asks about someone's character, would it not be fair to consider the sum of the person?

    Simply put, that is the reason for my post. I know Dale, I know him to be a reputable stand up guy. I'm not alone. If someone asks for feedback about Dale, that is what I'm going to tell them ... I simply wanted to add my name to the list of people that know Dale to be a stand up reputable guy.

    I have the greatest confidence that this issue will get worked out with out the tar and feather treatment.
  4. BoyNhisDog


    Oct 9, 2001
    Hell, I'm just a country boy and didn't understand your complex belief system. Sorry for that. I'm still not getting the point of someone signing up just to throw a little public fit and getting instant credence while the folks who actually know the man see the need to call bullshit and you consider them less than the whiner when even he has the low post count. No need to offer any more beliefs, epiphanies or your best guess in the dark either. I do know Dale. No he doesn't need to justify anything here for your benefit. It just doesn't work that way.

    Instead of telling anymore of what Dale isn't, let me tell you what he is. He is the man who made me this;


    I chose everything the way it is. He forged the blade by hand, fitted the wood I wanted, the way I wanted it. Gave me the thickness I asked for and the edge profile I required. This is a knife that Inman in Cold Mountain might have worn.

    I don't think Dale lives for the internet but he sure puts a lot of who he is into his knives. Life is a busy thing for many of us.

    Take care
  5. DaveH


    Dec 2, 1999
    It's unfortunate, but with some makers complaining in public works when keeping silent and being tolerant doesn't. I think the old hippy is certainly reaaonable to try posting here.

    I don't think anyone ever said Dale isn't a great guy, but if his delivery times aren't accurate that's good to know.

    BTW, thanks a nice looking knife.
  6. ColdCanuck


    Oct 31, 2005
    Hmmmm there seems to be 2 threads here about the same thing. I posted this in the other thread. So I'll copy it here as well.

    Here's the thing Temper, the original post asked for feedback about Dale. Many of us have know him to be a stand up and reputable person for years. Should a low post count prevent someone from replying to the original question?

    Should we ignore the original question and simply tar and feather him?

    If somebody asks about someone's character, would it not be fair to consider the sum of the person? The GOOD, The Bad, And the Ugly?

    Simply put, that is the reason for my post. I know Dale, I know him to be a reputable stand up guy. I'm not alone. If someone asks for feedback about Dale, that is what I'm going to tell them ... I simply wanted to add my name to the list of people that know Dale to be a stand up reputable guy.

    I have the greatest confidence that this issue will get worked out with out the tar and feather treatment.
  7. Cougar Allen

    Cougar Allen Buccaneer (ret.)

    Oct 9, 1998
    We seem to be having some technical difficulties. This thread got split into two for a while, but I merged them back together. Carry on ... (if there's any point in carrying on ... seems like now that the maker got in touch with the customer he'll get his knife soon (or possibly he won't) and in the meantime all the foofaraw currently going on in this thread has ... what point?)
  8. plow_2

    plow_2 Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 18, 2002
    Well Dale could get on here and address the issue, but that takes time. Not everyone has high speed internet. If I were Dale I would do what he is doing, dealing with the customer and spending his time doing what needs to be done rather then spend extra time to deal with the same problem publicly as well as privately. But then again he could, instead of using his spare time to finish knives, spend it all here monitoring for his name and then get in a public spitting match.
  9. Keith Montgomery

    Keith Montgomery

    May 9, 2000
    Post count doesn't amount to a hill of beans. What is important is that we get to see people's experiences with the maker, good or bad. Just because someone has not felt like posting much in the past doesn't mean that there input here is any less valuable. If people keep their responses respectful and to the point, that is all that should be expected. If a person feels strongly enough one way or the other to make a post on a thread like this their first, or one of their first, then that tells me something as well. It is easy enough to tell the difference between posters that have come to a thread just to muddy the waters, and those that have come to post their actual experiences.
  10. Gerald McDonald

    Gerald McDonald

    Jun 14, 2001
    Dales not gonna screw you. He may be behind schedule, but I suspect you'll see your knife alot faster than youll see a new factory Randall, and you certainly dont want to send a hi power or 1911 to a top notch smith, it'll take longer than a year if hes busy. I dont have one of Dales knives, but I know maybe 50 people who do, never heard a single complaint. I have bought a few things from Dale and every time we have made a deal, it shows up at my house before I have even mailed the check. He values his reputation, dont worry.

    By the way, I dont have a very hi post count either, but I've been around awhile.
  11. Temper


    Oct 30, 2002
    No, its not the only criteria for credibility.

    Take this thread (Sorry its very long, start about half way and notice the post count)

    and you will see what I mean, this thread, and the sudden appearance of low post count members is what I was reffering to.

    No, this isnt what I was saying either. I defended a maker I have never met but still consider a friend, but he almost did himself an injury to his reputation by not getting here sooner and just smoothing it out.

    Absolutely, but 'the horses mouth' is so much better.

    pls refer to the link for my initial suspicions on your (and other 1-2 post count) members replies.

    No one has Tar & Feathered him. No one has said that he is no good/of poor reputation. My point was the number of replies from low post count members (again pls refer to the link) and the fact that the person in question wasn't here to defend himself.
  12. Gerald McDonald

    Gerald McDonald

    Jun 14, 2001
    I think the turnout of low post number posters is evidence that Dale has a lot of friends/customers who dont wish to see his rep sullied. I know most of the above posters own one (or more) of his knives.
  13. Lion


    Nov 13, 2003
    Temper, why should Dale come here to defend himself? For some reason, when a knife maker doesn't show up right away on one of these threads, its seen as a telling point. I just don't get it. You have a guy here doing some complaining and asking some questions. You got one or two others who have had some delays. You have a bunch of people saying that Dale is a good guy and that he is a bit behind schedule do to family and work. Then you have a few people who don't know the original poster, don't really know anything about the situation and don't know the maker. For some reason the last group seems to feel a need to disparage the maker.

    Who should Dale come on here to reply to? Friends and other customers have already come to defend him, so there is no real need for him to do that himself. To thank those people perhaps? He can do that somewhere else just as well. To reply to the customers with complaints? Again he can do that somewhere else. Direct contact would be more appropriate anyway. To reply to the last group? The ones who know next to nothing, don't have a dog in the fight, but want to pick on him anyway? Why on earth would he give them the satisfaction?

    So again. I got to ask. Why should Dale bother?

  14. ColdCanuck


    Oct 31, 2005
    Temper, I'm really quite confused.

    I had a big reply typed up, but I'm not really here to get into a debate about who can/can't or should/shouldn't reply to an open query. That really isn't my place or my desire. I'd just like to reiterate my original statement.

    " I simply wanted to add my name to the list of people that know Dale to be a stand up reputable guy."

    Take it or leave it for what you will.
  15. sheltot


    Apr 23, 2003
    It is usually assumed, at least initially, that the original poster is stating fact. In this case, oldhippy said that he received nothing but excuses as to why he (the knifemaker) had oldhippy's money but oldhippy had no knife. If the facts as laid out are to be contested, the best person to do so are the parties involved. We've heard from oldhippy. We've heard the knifemaker's friends swear by his character. While that may assuage some anxiety, it does nothing to get the knife in oldhippy's possesion. That's reason number one for him to make an appearance.

    Reason number two is this: This isn't a US court of law. Like it or not, we tend to believe accusers over the accused. It's great when the accused's friends chime in to support him. It's even better when those supporters are well known and respected members. But two things: they aren't necessarily respected by a new user because they are unknown and all of that support still doesn't do squat in getting the man his knife.

  16. oldhippy


    Nov 23, 2005
    Hello again...

    Mr Chudzinski called me this evening and we had a nice discussion. He assured me that my knife would be in the mail no later than this coming Saturday. He only has to finish sewing the sheath for it to be ready. That is just great. I believe him and do not doubt his word. He apoligized to me & I to him.

    Now look at what I have copied & pasted from the begining of this column:

    "The Good, The Bad, The Ugly! This is your area to tell about your experiences (Good or Bad) with dealers, sellers, and individuals you've bought, sold, and traded with."

    That is the reason I came to this forum, so I could get information from others about someone I was not acquainted with and perhaps learn from their experiences with him. It was not to slam him or slander him.

    As far as others who may have made orders with him, I would suggest being patient and stay in contact with him. I do not think you should cancel your orders since the man is well thought of & seems to have a good reputation for making good handmade knives.

    And, as far as the Trolls who came squeeling out when they thought their bridge got stomped, they should get lives & not spend so much time on the computor.

  17. Cliff Stamp

    Cliff Stamp Banned BANNED

    Oct 5, 1998
    Many makers don't have the time to post on every board and may only be active on a few or even one thus it isn't unreasonable to expect cross board posting ending up with a lot of posts from low post count people. You would see similar if an issue was brought up on USN about a maker who frequently hung out here and members from here joined in the discussion.

    In regards to the delays and excuses, this isn't the biggest issue but the fact that others got knives while certain people did not and were kept waiting, this can't be explained by being busy or having external issues. However as I noted previously, individual craftsmen do sometimes have such problems, it isn't actually a business for everyone.

  18. Lion


    Nov 13, 2003
    I understand that. Thing is, the maker posting dosen't help get the knife to him any quicker either. Dale working on the knife (actualy the sheath) and coresponding with the customer is the best way for him to make the customer happy. I don't read "The Good, The Bad, The Ugly!" much, but even I have seen posts where a knife maker comes on and promises the world to only deliver zip. People can say anything about themselves. It means more to me to here what others say about them. Dale has a very good track record. I have no doubt that oldhippy will get his knife. And if he isn't happy with it when he gets it, he can talk to Dale who will try to make him happy. Or he could sell it to me:D .

  19. Ravenn


    Jan 19, 2001
    Dale is also a contractor. Spring, summer,and early fall in his neck of the woods are times to scramble for jobs to tide them over through winter. Couple that with the fact that forging takes time, and yes, things can get behind, eventime to answer PM's from customers. A shame but a fact of life. Old Hippy, try Dale again, sometimes things get burried through no ones' fault.

    Dale has kindly consented to make a sheath for a knife someone else made. When he get's around to it, I'll have exactly what he promised. If I didn't have faith in him, I wouldn't have sent the knife to be fitted.
  20. bobert


    Apr 12, 2004

    Bingo! Give the man a cinder block and a Sebbie! :D

    Seriously, that's my only issue. I'm really not pissed off about anything, it's just a mild bummer when you see people who ordered after you getting their knives before you. Here again, somebody who ordered 8 months after me is getting taken care of before me. Not the end of the world by any means, but it still sucks.

    To be clear, as I stated in my other post, I'm not worried about getting ripped off or anything. I have no doubt that I'll get some knives eventually. The delays didn't bother me at all, until I started seeing that people who ordered after me had their knives already. If you don't believe me, ask Dale. I'll stand by whatever he says about me. I've been very patient, understanding, and genuinely friendly. I don't have any hard feelings towards him.

    As for the first time posters, I think it says a lot when people bother to register, just to post in a thread about someone or something they know about and have an opinion of. Frankly, it would be cause for alarm if there wasn't anybody saying good things about him. I'd sure be having second thoughts if there were this many people saying he owed them too, and nobody sticking up for him. Not to mention, in this case, I know a couple of these folks, and recognize a couple of others. I have respect and admiration them, and welcome their opinion on any subject. To me, their posts carry a lot of weight.

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