Feb 27, 2008
This might be heresy around these parts, but I am new to CPK, so no offense is intended... but, could this be a good knife for Larrin's new CPM MagnaCut?
May 31, 2006
sounds like you bent the spoon, bro!



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Dec 5, 2005
ok, nowww I'm done with the files. Just a little fine tuning with abrasives and I think I'll have it on lock. Every time I make changes I remount the slabs and whale it into and through stuff, and then I take them off and adjust them some more. The slabs have been on and off a dozen times, and I've also made adjustments with them mounted. I'm very lucky to have immediate feedback- I personally think it means all the difference. Fortunately, we have a ton of dismantled trees on the property that need further dismantling.



I've spent a little time chopping up various stuff today, and the one objective thing that I can say about this khuk is that I've never used anything quite like it- it feels unlike anything I'm used to. It does the job like a boss. No paddy cakes. It's very accurate and so far has not deflected much, unlike a lot of khuks I've used. That's the additional mass and stiffness that the 5/16" stock provides.

It's about 25.5oz as of now. I was shooting for 24.5-25oz so we're in range. The fuller's depth can be adjusted to tune the overall weight distribution, while it's circumference can remain the same, and I'm pretty sure we can lose another .5oz from that area by further adjusting the arc of the inner walls of the fuller. There's about 3mm of material in the deepest part of the fuller now, and its smooth, gently curving walls minimize any unnecessary stress risers. The fuller also acts somewhat like a clip. It extends into the primary grind, further reducing the width of the top of the grind in order to get you some deep cuts and not bind.

Another hour or so on the handle and it'll be ready for solid testing. Then I can get back to work on DEK2...

the coolest thing about this process is that I can do it all from home, it makes a huuuge difference not having to really on someone else to do some aspect and trust in them to do it right. And, not that I do it right all the time by any means! It really is starting to feel like this is the thing that I should be doing, and I'm stoked at the thought of becoming more efficient and exploring all kinds of new possibilities and learning new things. When we get past this pandemic and it's safe to hang out with people and cross the border, I'm going to shamelessly invite myself to people's shops who can help me progress and get better at this.

I love making shit
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