Design the next David Mary Custom knife! - Gooeytek is the winner of the Give Away!

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I think what we'll do is have everyone who has entered a design pare down their suggestions to just one by Friday. One knife that you want to enter into the vote. And then I will start a poll Saturday containing that one design from each entrant to see which one becomes the Bonkerzillasaurusrex. At this point in the thread, I expected to have a solid favorite, but it's just too difficult for me to choose at this point. So many designs in here that I like very much as knives in their own right, but some I just absolutely love because they seem to fit the over the top name selected for the knife.

In order to keep the build economical for myself, I'll try to fit the prototype onto my next run in the appropriate steel, so like most projects I start, it will likely be a slow burn startup. If it ends up being 8670 or 15N20, though, it could still end up a fast track. But let's not put the sled before the dogs, just yeti.
GAGL GAGL you really have a knack for this dontcha.

You bet...been a knife nut all my life. This was great fun!

GAGS, if David picks one of your submissions, we’ll need action pics in that awesome scenery your posting ;)

Well, it'll be a poll that decides who wins...and my submission will be my "dream knife", so my chances are slim to none...

But, if i win, i'll climb one of Switzerland's most beautiful mountains just for the glamour shots, lol.
Since I liked the one clip point knife as a soldier‘s knife, could there be a dagger design that someone can introduce? 5 to 6 inch blade? Just thinking.
I’ve been having WAY too much fun with this! I already came up with like four different designs. Not sure if it’s allowed, but I thought I’d submit a second one just for fun.😁

Here is my rework to some form of feasible size/shape. As shown, with a 7” blade due to constraints but maybe scaled to 8-12”? 1/8” thick? All new to designing and just having fun. 😁This is my finalized submission.


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That’s the idea. Put the word “final” or “finalized” into your post when you are sure that you have your contest entry design ready. When I create the poll I will be using the search function to find the entries. If you have more than one post with the word finalized I will be taking the FIRST one you posted. Remember I can see post edit history so don’t say finalized until you mean it.
By the way, I want to let you all know that as far as features go, if the ones you include in your drawing are something I have either not done, or not done well enough for my own liking (e.g. fullers) they will be either approximated or omitted. Whichever design gets selected for this contest will most likely end up interpreted rather than made to exacting specifications. In case that wasn't understood.
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