Ebay #190066504405 GDOT Barlow,Prices are rising!!

Jul 28, 2005
To support my opinion that Mint,Boxed, with correct papers,Schrades are receiving increased attention,this Barlow stands at US$202.50 and with over 1 day to go you can still get on it!:thumbdn:
I have been an active buyer/bidder for 4 years and I believe the market for genuine Schrades with the correct paperwork has never been stronger and growing.This indicates to me these are collectors building their collections because premium prices are not being achieved for 2nd hand users or even mint without paperwork.
The exception is of course the Waldens, Cutco's etc which are also attracting much stronger support in good used condition indicating collection building.....so I reckon the word is OUT..certainly is here in Oz....I just achieved Au$68 = US$52 for Mint 147OT DU Fillet knife just with sheath and none of the trimmings here in Oz.,due to lack of offerings on Ebay.
Scarcity of Mint/Papers offerings will inevitably drive up prices as Schrades get spirited away into collections, with a secondary investment market buying and selling developing. My opinions only from an active observer of the Ebay market.
Comment: If all the Ebay snipers were laid end to end......I would be very happy.;) Hoo Roo
Comment: If all the Ebay snipers were laid end to end......I would be very happy.;) Hoo Roo

Is that any way to talk about a fellow Schrade collector (and all around good guy)??
Boo Hoo, from Canada!:D :D !
P.S. I have it sniped for $675:eek: !!!!!
Bwahahahahahahaha! No one can beat me!!BWahahahahahahahahahahaha!!:D :D :D :D :D
I'm in my tree stand. Only need one bullet!

PS - Larry I agree with your theory. . . this time. I saw a 77OT go for over $80 last night and a 152OT for close to that. whoa!
Fantastic!! There are two stores near me still selling brand new made in USA clam packed Schrades think I'll go buy the rest. Bought a bunch from same stores about 1 1/2 years ago been sittin on them. I thought Ebay would never run out of them. For a while they were going way down.
That's ridiculous! Those GDOT knives can regularly be had for 50 or 60 bucks if you keep your eye out. They're not that rare! And I'm sure not going to pay an extra buck fifty for a warranty card. Hell if I knew I could get that price I'd list mine in a heartbeat. Look at the feedback on the folks with the high bids, they're either clueless newbies or just playing games. Larry, just be patient and wait for the right price, you can get one for half your bid. For example look at this one 200064486825 .Whew, I feel a little better now :)
Good Luck!! And bid smart!
Good thawk, then you didn't see the wires when you climbed; BYE!
Darn, I forgot- - -Happy New Year!!
.....Eric....My bid was a Koala Bear Trap Mate...but it was like peeing in the ocean to those 2 blokes.....Do all you guys know what it feels like to be just 2 people short of a threesome??...so close yet so far!
Thawk..you better be good mate with that 1 bullet you have ,as I wield a genuine 14 foot kangaroo hide stock whip and I handle a Bowie like Crocodile Dundee Pal. Boo Hoo to you too Waynorth. Hoo Roo from Oz.
Koala bear traps? Kangaroos with fourteen feet? Dang, that reminds me. I never got a roo scrotum..

Michael :D

Larry, you're safe for now.
.....Eric that Ebay Barlow you quoted me mate #200064486825,did you actually look at it? If thats a Barlow I'm a Roo's Ball Bag mate! Looks like GDOT 3 blade stockman and I already have 2,its the Barlow I lack,but barring snipers I will obtain one.
G'Day MDG "drop bears"..happy Bundy's to you too mate!
Thawk...If you got into my $ bidding territory mate you would get a nose bleed....
Codger,..Just what do you intend to put in the Roo scrotum if I get you one? Best original answer wins mate! Hoo Roo
....Codger,..Just what do you intend to put in the Roo scrotum if I get you one? Best original answer wins mate! Hoo Roo

Truthfully, I cannot imagine a good use for one. Here in the Southern States, sovernir shops have items sold to tourists like raccoon penis bones, canned rattlesnake and possum meat. No one I know here buys such things, or would give several dollars for a stalk of cotton. Years ago I tanned and sold whitetail deer scrotums to guys at muzzleloading shoots as novelty "ball bags" to keep their round balls in. I suppose an ardent collector might use one to keep their collection of croc teeth and claws in. Or to display with their Mick Dundee knife. Where is Paul these days anyway?

I'm right here just reading and laughing, but ever at the ready if you need me.

Ever made a sheath from a kangaroo, elephant, rhino, or bear scrotum? :D I know us knife nuts make some odd material requests. That hornback gator you used on the pair of sheaths you made for me continues to be the pride of my collection.

And by the way, what odd tourist items does Texas offer? 'Dillo meat in cans? Size DDD training bras with Dallas Cowboys logos? Gotta be something better than the "weather rocks" on strings (windy if it is swinging, raining if it is wet, tornado if it is gone) and "hillbilly toilet paper" kits with three corncobs.

If you can get him one, please do. I'd love to hear and see what he comes up with.:eek:
Oh where did this thread start?
GDOT Barlow. $200. I think I'd look about.
Larry in NH
....alright..alright I will get one and if he's admitted to Hospital with it stuck on a piece of his anatomy ....I will not be responsible!! ..and let's see the Little wordsmith try and explain to them what he was doing ,and why he appears so 'excited'... with his newly erected toy!!!! It aint a lucky charm mate look what happened to the poor Roo that owned it and how does he explain that loss to Mrs Roo.!!!.......Hoo Roo from Oz.
I want to see a picture of you chasing the bugger down with a Schrade knife and acquiring it. More than one of you would be bloodied afterward, I'd wager. And I am not by nature a betting man.

Michael :D
I know it's a stockman, I was just talking GDOT prices in general. It seems like it would stand to reason that they should all be fairly evenly priced if production was roughly the same, (unless like in your case it's the one you need). Seems it's always the case that those are the hardest to find.Aw hell, I've been burned four times in the last two days myself, including nearly going for a win on a near mint looking Kabar swing guard that was apparently a worked over beater.Now tonight my internet connection was down right through all my watched knives.Friggin knife pixies. Well you win some, you loose most.Dose anyone have production numbers on those knives? I'll have to double check but I think my barlow is something like 10,440. That's a lot of knives.See photo here: http://www.bladeforums.com/forums/showpost.php?p=4235567&postcount=132 Eric
PS I'll keep my eye open for one Larry, including some non-Ebay sources.
..thanks Eric, I notice that Barlow that started this thread just sold at U.S.$255 = Au$320!!!!!! Must have been solid gold bolsters!
Codger..I wont need a knife mate we just use our teeth here in Australia remember the late Steve Irwin mate.....
Raccoon Penis Bones?? Are they used as toothpicks or what? I would need Micro Surgery to remove mine! ....One Roo Scrotum coming your way mate as soon as I can get my hands on it...so to speak....Hoo Roo