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Oct 2, 1998
Just out of curiousity, I'd like to know how you guys came upon our little site, what you like about it, and what keeps you here.

Any volunteers?


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The first knife forum I frequented was SKM's.
I grew tired of the flame wars there and linked to Josh Burbank's forum one day. There were far fewer controversies there, but Josh shut it down. I then linked to Earl's forum where I found old friends from the PV Knife forum, and made a lot of new friends. I grew disenchanted with Earl's forum because of the "Got Flames ?" stuff with Josh. However, that was discussed at length and removed. I thought the controversies would cease when that occurred, but new issues surfaced weekly.
People get attacked there. The feeling I get there is akin to walking across my mean old Grandmother's new carpet.
This forum spun off Earl's and I immediately moved here. All the good virtues migrated here and none of the dysfunction followed.
I hang out here because I am comfortable. I find this place very attractive and sorely miss it when I can't get through.
I have met many new friends here, and have never witnessed or engaged in a disagreement that was not settled with dignity and grace.
I'm here because it is attractive to me. I found it by chance and evolution. I love it.
Thanks for your efforts. You have come a long way too

I was desparately looking for info about a knife I aquired and couldn't find anything. I finally noticed a Knife chat you could download and I did and I asked where I could go to learn more about knives. I think it was Blues who told me about this place.

What I like about it is the great info, great people, the people who run the site and the actual joy of knives that just permeates through this site.

I come back here because I feel welcome and safe here. It's interesting that I say that term: safe, but that's what I feel.


Heard about a renegade sect of a knife related forum forming. I happened to travel from another forum and found the renegades called Donna and Walt Welch appear. Heard about the site from the "other" forum.

My experience is similar to Bill's although I choose not to post on anything but rec.knives until KFC came into existance. I was on ABC-Direct's chat when you announced the birth of BFC and hi-tailed it here to post. Been here ever since and consider it the best of all the alternatives. Kinda like my home away from home for all good things sharp!


I did NOT escape from the institution! They gave me a day pass!

i found benchmade's forum when i first got online. from there, i heard about rec.knives by pvknife. from there to kfc, and then to bladeforums. for me, it all started with benchmade!
i also appreciate this place greatly. i honestly feel like i can say anything (good, bad or really bad) about any knife, and as long as i can back it up, i won't be shot down by the moderator or forum owner/operator. it is not the same in other forums.

I was actually searching for info about the Spyderco Cricket
I don't know exactly which thread contributed to me finding BladeForums, but thanks, whoever you are!

=- Craig
I'm new to knives, and I can't remember exactly how I found this forum. I probably came across it while browsing the web. I like this forum for a few reasons. First, it is friendly. I am not scared when I want to post a naive statement. Since I didn't know a lot about knives, I was pleased to see how friendly newbies were treated. Our questions were answered with patience. Also, I think everyone realizes that you can run out of stuff to say when your limited to pure knife industry stuff. We are a rare breed, and I think that it is neat that we can all relate to each other.
Found a link to this site in rec.knives where I lurked for quite some time. Also spent some time lurking here until I realised that this place was different from the other forums in that it was almost polite. By that I mean there was no flaming of people because they might ask questions that are old hat to other forum members, and everyone seemed to be made more than welcome, and virtually no locked threads. It inspired me to post, and the information that I have obtained is invaluable. I used to think that I was the only half sane knife nut out there, it's great to see that there are so many of my kind of people here. (Meant in the nicest possible way). I am now addicted to this site and only hope I am able to add something of value, (although I feel humbled in the midst of so much knowledge).
Glad to be here

John Smith....(Really)
I used to never be a big fan of chat or forums, then I found KnifeForums, and it was good. But since I am somewhat obsessive/compulsive, I soon found myself needing more information, and I saw a link on some knife page that went to, and it was better. I notice that the amount of enjoyment I got here was directly influenced by the amount of time that the site administrators, maintainers, moderators, and other forumites put into this site. The people that are involved with this site, members & moderators, are the best...period.



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For some reason, a search on A.T.Barr turned up a link here. I stopped by and have been coming back ever since.
I found Knifeforums early last year some time and through that I found the BM forum.

Mike posted a mesaage on the BM forum when Bladeforums started and I have been here ever since.

I really like the friendly attitude of all the posters and the fact that moderation seems to be hardley ever necesary.

I was getting a bit sick of the attitude problem of several people at the other forum and was cutting down my visits to only a couple of times a week. I log on here at least a couple of times every work day.

Keep up the good work.

Harvey Wareham

Live Long & Prosper, so you can buy more knives :)

I believe it was rec.knives. It might have been rec.martial-arts or rec.martial-arts.moderated.

Mike is a pretty savy marketing guy, so I probably heard about BladeForums through several channels. I started to see a lot of posts in other places and had to check you out.

I've been a lurker for quite a few years. BladeForums is the first to get me to post regularly.

The reasons:

Quality content about sharp things
Positive exchanges about sharp things
A chance to talk directly to knife company representatives
Good humor and courtesy from forumites
Free Knives!
Place to find new sources for my favorite tools
Dynamic - you don't rest on your laurels

Anyway, congratulations on a great site for us knife nuts.

A buddy told me about site. What I like & what keeps me here are the same: quality people & quality information.

I've been winging with knives for about a year, niavely trusting magazine articles. I came across KFC on a web search for all things related to knives. I think I found this place by a reference in a KFC thread.

I have learned alot from both forums, pretty much nice folks abound. This place seem to have more involvement of the Manufacturers I am interested in, and more participation overall (which is saying something).

There is a tension on the other site that crops up here and there. I don't quite get it (nor want to). I do think that the other site has more forums and topics related to martial arts folks than this site. That being a major area of interest for me. I continue to participate there. I also have much respect for several of the moderators there who shall remain unnamed lest I stir up something I didn't intend to.

Keep up the good work. Keep up the posts BFC members. I am learning alot. Lurkers, there ain't nothing to lose in participating. No one seems to want to flame. Sometimes this medium doesn't fully communicate well with the abscence of body language. But, if you make a mistake in wording. Can always apologize. (hmm... wait.. more participation, less chance for me to win the REKAT giveaway...
) Ah... Lurkers STAY where you are!

I'm a refugee. I think I heard about from a link at some retail knife web site. Anyway, after all the crap over there at, I decided to excercise my freedom and left when this place opened up. I like this place more b/c:

1. There are very few closed threads. Sure some things get off topic, some things get said that really shouldn't, etc. but, it's really not that big of a deal. The whole atmosphere here is "looser".

2. Generally, the moderators and members here don't come across like they have a chip on their shoulder (a la Mad Dog).


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I found out about this place by hearing lots of people talk about it on rec.knives. Figured I'd have to check it out!

As a rule, I usually really hate web-based forums, because the interface usually sucks, and it takes forever, compared to newsgroups. However, I must admit this one is the best web-based forum I've seen yet.

It all started for me at Benchmade's forum. Then Rec Knives, Cold Steels, Knifeforums, and finally here. Gotta love these forums.
Was posting on knifeforums when all the stupid sh%t started happening and swung over here the day you and Mike started this forum.