Is collecting knives weird?

Jul 7, 2012
To be more specific I was at my parents house using my dads work bench to cut some metal off my Condor Golok and when I was done, my mom approaches me saying that "i'm worried about you" in a serious tone. Now if she was joking I wouldn't pay it no mind. However she was all serious about it, almost like she thinks i'm leading up to the phyche of a serial killer or a school shooter. Now granted I did pretty much change it from a utility tool too a weapon, but still I consider my hobby in collecting and modifying knives to be healthy. I don't think that collecting knives is any different than any other hobby. So whats your opinion and when is the line crossed to where it becomes an unhealthy hobby? Oh yeah, here's the finished product. So far...
Everyone has a hobby and no one is necessarily "normal". I mean is it any wierder then collecting cars, books or garden
It's healthy. I think a lot of the interest in knives comes from the technological aspect of seeing how different steels perform, blade geometry, materials, etc. Unless you are spending your food money on knives I think you are fine:)
My mom used to do the same thing. Shrug, deflect, and continue. Now, if she starts taking your knives and never returning them. . .That's a whole different story that needs some talking. It's all about how much your parents trust you.
Interest in knives, modding, metallurgy, etc.. | Using living things as sheaths.

^-That's the line.
I had that issue as well. But when my hobby expanded to sharpening knives as well, my mom was happy to have sharper kitchen knives. So now she is okay with it, as long as the spending does not go overboard of course. Primarily focus on basic needs then hobby.
So whats your opinion and when is the line crossed

Show Mom this pic, which is only a fraction of my hoard, and tell her that I turned out somewhat ok. I've practiced law for 21 years, married for 20 years to the same Mrs. Powernoodle, have 2 kids in a Latin school making straight A's, and only rarely do I hack up the corpse of a hitchhiker and stuff the remains in my freezer.

Knives don't make people evil, that's up to the person. Don't let it get to you; let the life you lead show your parents the type of person you are.
If you think collecting stamps is.
Otherwise you wont be posting here.

I get it all the time from my mum. As long as i don't make the headlines (mug shot or lying on a blood of blood) i'm alright.
Probably to the rest of "normal" society, yes, we're a bit weird. But is it not weird to collect Boyds Bears, or Franklin Mint junk? At least collecting knives, we're collecting objects that can be very useful in "normal" life. I'm sure that when many years ago that little girl had her sneaker lace caught in the escalator and her foot was trapped, her mother was very happy that a man with a sharp knife was there and cut the laces so her daughter got her foot free. A knife is man's second oldest tool, and life would have been a lot tougher without it.
Well where I'm from and probably due to most the people I know collecting anything or having a hobby is just plain werid and knives are just out right no no . But then again it could be just from the people I know
It's not weird. It's annoying for people like me that want a high end knife (xm-18 3.5) to actually use for work, but cant buy one because as soon as they're made, collectors buy them out, just to sit them in a safe.
There's no way around it. A lot of folks here might deny it but collecting/carrying knives is considered weird by society at large, even if they're strictly for utility purposes or even required by your occupation. Fact of the matter is that we live in a world where people can't shake the association of knives as weapons. It really can't be helped.

Also, I'm in a similar situation. My mom is fine with me having a rifle but wants me to get rid of the knives.
I got to agree with u on how people see knives but you have to admit that a person carrying anything beside a phone and wallet is cosidered werid or people don't think to carry it and use others stuff like gum ect. Come to think of it most the people I know don't even carry a wallet money or ID even