Is collecting knives weird?

Jack Black

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Dec 2, 2005
Don't some museums have large collection of edged implements too?

YEAH! This is just the ENTRANCE HALL of the Royal Armouries in Leeds, England (a country where you could get arrested for pulling out a Vic Classic in the wrong place)!


And in one of the Sheffield museums they've got razors and knives 6ft in length!
Dec 5, 2020
Show Mom this pic, which is only a fraction of my hoard, and tell her that I turned out somewhat ok. I've practiced law for 21 years, married for 20 years to the same Mrs. Powernoodle, have 2 kids in a Latin school making straight A's, and only rarely do I hack up the corpse of a hitchhiker and stuff the remains in my freezer.

kn7.jpg collection would be larger, but my folks tossed some when i was younger...any kershaws or hoffman richters?
Dec 7, 2019
Zombie thread, from 8 years ago.

Welcome Bladeforums, newbie! :D
Out of curiosity, how do people stumble on zombie threads? Sort by old posts first?

On topic, I don’t think knife collecting is weird among knifeheads. Non-knife people may find it strange, but that should hardly deter you.
Jun 30, 2003
Out of curiosity, how do people stumble on zombie threads? Sort by old posts first?
They join the forum, then search for what they're interested in, find a thread, and reply to it, not seeing how old it is.

Then, we all join in the fray, until someone points out that we've been duped. :rolleyes:
Nov 10, 2015
I had that issue as well. But when my hobby expanded to sharpening knives as well, my mom was happy to have sharper kitchen knives. So now she is okay with it, as long as the spending does not go overboard of course. Primarily focus on basic needs then hobby.

I had a similar experience with my mother :D
She always shows concern when I fiddle with my knives or drool over knives online. Even when I pull a knife from my pocket/sheath for use, her eyebrows move to concerned mode.
But when she see's how handy they can be, especially when sharp, her tone changes. And now that I've prevented her from buying more kitchen knives by sharpening her existing ones, she doesn't speak so negatively on them.
Still concerned about the fact that I "walk around with them", but I think she'll come around eventually.
Nov 8, 2020
Still concerned about the fact that I "walk around with them", but I think she'll come around eventually.
They're not very useful if you are not walking around with them. :)

It still makes me smile the amount of times someone close to me will make fun or make a derisive comment about me always having a knife on me, then later ask if I can/they can use it to cut something open or trim up something.
Oct 27, 2012
Sometimes it's better to let the person see for themselves that their concerns are unwarranted, rather than trying to tell them so.

Mum had a phase like that when I got my first .22 back in the late '70s. In her mind I wanted to 'kill things'. She slowly got used to the various rabbit/possum/goat hides in various stages of tanning laying about, rabbit stew, roasting tender young kid leg. She slowly realized she had nothing to worry about. That I was quite normal.



Feb 26, 1999
Mom & dad weren't all that happy about my love of knives when I was a kid (10 and under). When I announced on my 11th birthday I was going to take up smoking - they laughed at first & said, sure go right ahead. I came home later with a corncob pipe & a big tin can of Half & Half & fired up the pipe.
All of a sudden the knives didn't look all that bad :D .
(Dad told me as long as I was stupid enough to waste my money & somebody was stupid enough to sell a kid tobacco - he was fine with my doing it & my mom went along with it. Mom liked the smell though so she was an easy sell. She also liked the smell of cigars - so - later on when I indulged myself with one, she was fine with that. She'd even buy a box of Tiperillos and slip it to me every so often:D )
{{sigh}} the 50's and early 60's were a good time to grow up - most people were w/out fear back then.
Dec 6, 2020
To be more specific I was at my parents house using my dads work bench to cut some metal off my Condor Golok and when I was done, my mom approaches me saying that "i'm worried about you" in a serious tone. Now if she was joking I wouldn't pay it no mind. However she was all serious about it, almost like she thinks i'm leading up to the phyche of a serial killer or a school shooter. Now granted I did pretty much change it from a utility tool too a weapon, but still I consider my hobby in collecting and modifying knives to be healthy. I don't think that collecting knives is any different than any other hobby. So whats your opinion and when is the line crossed to where it becomes an unhealthy hobby? Oh yeah, here's the finished product. So far...
Knife collecting is perfectly normal. who cares what others think! just be yourself! -woodsman