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JensenEliteBlades - BAD

Discussion in 'Hall of Shame' started by Colinz, Aug 19, 2002.

  1. Colinz


    Feb 16, 2001
    I did a trade with Bel` at Jensen Elite Blades. She failed to deliver.

    I sent her:

    One Spyderco Civilian, G10, NIB.
    One Spyderco Matriarch, Grey, NIB.
    + $45

    I was going to get:

    1 Elite UDT in ATS34 with a five inch blade.

    After delays and excuses a friend of mine talked with her over the phone as an intemediary. She had more excuses but at least a shipping date was set. The knife would be shipped on the 9:th of August.

    It´s now 19:th of August and no knife, no money, no Spydercos. I emailed her a couple of times to make sure she still had my address and if my knife was finished - no replies.

    I strongly advice people from dealing with this company and/or this person.


    (I have ALL emails on file)
  2. flava


    Mar 3, 2000
    Sorry to hear about your bad experience. Don't loose hope yet, from my experience it takes anywhere between three days and four weeks for a shipping from USA to arrive in Europe.
  3. Colinz


    Feb 16, 2001
    Still doesn´t explain why it was late the first time. The new deadline (9:th of August) was agreed upon almost two months after the original delivery date. After it was set there has been no communication from her side.

    She was warned that I would post here if I hadn´t the knife by the 19:th. No reply and no knife. Emails sent from my public and privat accounts.

    Bel` and Jensen Elite Blades are BAD to deal with.

  4. LAG3

    LAG3 Gold Member Gold Member

    Aug 21, 2000
    I'm not "piling on" here. But, I had a similar experience. It took me over two months to get a trade from them also. There was a problem shipping to me (customs). I did finally get my neck knife. However, it sounds like the difference is that Bel did keep up email contact with me throughout our deal and she was busy moving at that time. If she has not been in contact with you, that is unfortunate. My experience with Bel was positive. FWIW, I believe she is sincere and means well. My knife was finally air-mailed to me and delivered on a Saturday. It seems to me that Bel did everything she could to get my knife to me (at her expense). I hope your deal works itself out.

    Leo Gilbert
  5. Bravado


    Feb 14, 2002
    Hey cant she be charged with mail fraud?
  6. Mike G

    Mike G

    Jul 15, 2000
    Keep in mind, folks;

    If I recall correctly, Bel & Jensen Elite Blades are located in Australia.

    She used to be a regular on the Emerson forum, and you may find her over at the USN.

    I sure hope this works out.
  7. Colinz


    Feb 16, 2001
    Thanks for the feedback guys.

    I´m investigating if I can charge her for mail fraud and if I can get in touch with the Australian "knife makers guild".

    I believe she can´t visit USN anymore...

  8. pinpoint


    Jul 17, 2001
    Just curious, why cant she visit USN
  9. Colinz


    Feb 16, 2001
    pinpoint wrote:
    Because of her behaviour. One example is in my initial post in this thread.

  10. Emerson_Girl


    Nov 26, 2001
    colinz, your knives plus a letter of apology were sent back to you on the 12th,i did send you an email stating this, however i have just received them back as "undeliverable address", please re-send your details to me again so this can be fixed...... i have no intention to defraud you of anything.regards Bel
  11. Colinz


    Feb 16, 2001
    Hi Bel`,

    Shipping address sent to your email account in your profile over here at Bladeforums.

    Looking forward to a reply.

  12. 2Sharp


    Oct 6, 1998
    I also had a most unpleaseant dealing with Bel.

    My take is that she keeps on promising and fail to deliver, repeatedly...

    The "your e-mail must have gotten lost" gets pretty old after a few times...
  13. wolfmann601

    wolfmann601 Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 12, 2001
    I traded a Strider for a Jensen Elite of my choice. While it took alot longer that expected to get the knife, Bel e-mailed me on a regular basis and called me on the phone.

    I am not defending Bel and Peter, but there are a few tidbits that do not get told that sometimes gives some insight into why folks running a very small home business have a hard time making delivery deadlines.

    Peter has been very ill. He suffered some sort of respitory disorder that laid him up quite a while. With all the junk you Makers breath in daily, I am not surprised.

    Bel's little one was also very ill and caused her to stay home instead of working in the shop with Peter.

    They relocated and were forced to set up their very small shop in a place that started to bitch and complain of the noise and had to reduce their work hours. It must be hard to try to run a husband/wife knife making business with all kinds of crappy things happening in the same year!

    My knife finally arrived from Bel and Peter and it was a nice knife. Jensen Elite consists of Bel and Peter working in a small garage with restrictions on the hours they work. They are trying to turn that corner and become "recognized" and simply do not have enough cash to hire someone to handle the business end of the knife business. There is no excuse for not being straight concerning delivery times, but they are not scammers!!!!

    They are having a really crummy year and I hope they can survive it..............Ira
  14. Colinz


    Feb 16, 2001

    I whish him a speedy recovery.

    I hope everything is allright with the baby. It´s always tough when children get ill.

    Yes, it IS sad when all kind of bad stuff happens. I hope they get it sorted out.

    There is, like you wrote, no excuse for not being straight concerning delivery times. If you can´t make it on time CONTACT YOUR CUSTOMER. That´s good business practice. I never said that they were scammers (if you or someone else reading this get that impression I just want to make that clear).

    What I do mean (as I said in the first post in this thread) is that:

    1. She failed to deliver at the date mutually agreed upon.
    2. Communication was bad.
    3. I still haven´t received my stuff/cash back (we´ll see if Bel` got my address).

    Nothing about scamming, just a lot of examples of how not to do business.


    This is old stuff. Just want to give a warning to others about dealing with JensenEliteBlades (Bèl & Co.)

    After some help from people in Australia and USA (you know who you are) which I can´t thank enough, this matter is closed.

    I received my Matriarch and Civilian plus the $45 I paid. The Civilian came back with a rusted fingerprint on the edge and I had to pay the custom office almost $80 to get my knives. Then I had to pay another $10 to clear the check they sent me.

    So after a lot of time and threats of legal action from me I got the privilege to pay about $90 to get my knives back.

    Think twice before you make a deal with this company/these people.

    This matter is closed.


    PS this was added in this original post to avoid bumping this thread to the top. Tired of discussing this matter. Email me if you have any questions.
  15. oupa

    oupa Banned BANNED

    Sep 25, 2001
    I do not know Bel and have never done business with Jensen Elite Blades.
    There is no excuse for bad business practices.

    I can however see that running a noisy labour intensive small business from home, in a residential area where noise restrictions apply, while coping with a bunch of small children, does make for potential disaster.
    If this labour based business is your primary source of income and you are not well, you have real problems.
    And as we all know once you are falling behind and bills start mounting, the pit just seems to get deeper.
    Pride and embarrassment can prevent one from facing the stark reality of how grave the situation is.
    Not only are you going to loose your business, but your integrity and honesty comes into question.

    From Bel’s posts on this and other forums, I get the impression that she is a kind-hearted bubbly sort of person.
    I hope they are able to meet their commitments to all, learn a lesson about life in the process, and get back on their feet.

    Edited to include:
    The worst thing that they can do now is see themselves as the “victims” and not takes responsibility for their actions.
  16. wolfmann601

    wolfmann601 Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 12, 2001
    I know what you are saying and there is no excuse for what you have gone through. The key is "constant and honest communication" when you are running a business whether it's a husband and wife operation or a mega-corp like GMC.

    Peter and Bel have been dealt a huge plate of sh*t in 2002 and if it were not for bad luck, they would not have had any luck whatsoever. I hope all is now well down under.

    Bel is a very pleasant personality on the phone and sounds like a true knifeknut. At one point she was an active participant here and on another knife Forum. I enjoyed her humor and her knowledge of knives.

    I have got to believe a thread like this has helped them learn how important it is to meet deadlines and to stay in constant contact with their customers. This is learning via the "school of hard knocks" and it does seem like you tried to avoid coming here. I hope Bel and Peter get the message and never end up here again!!!!
  17. rfrost


    May 8, 1999
    FWIW, I too have not received my Jensen Elite Blade, on order since 2/28/02. I traded a knife and some cash for a sweet Elite Combat. I received a phone call a month or so ago from Bel` stating some of the reasons for the delay, the biggest being that I ordered a different steel than what Jensen usually uses (I don't like D2), and this took an obscene amount of time and effort, not to mention $$, to source from the US.

    Since that phone call I have not received a single bit of correspondence from Jensen Elite Blades. I tried posting the details of my experience with Bel` and Jensen (which I considered fairly positive in nature) in a thread on USN, but the software booted me out and I lost 30 minutes worth of typing, along with my patience.

    I'm still patiently waiting for my Elite Combat knife. I've certainly waited longer...and those makers were right here in the US. For example, my Busse Battle Mistress took 6 months longer than what was originally promised (for a total of 13 months) with SERVERAL "official" ship dates blown through and ignored. But it was well worth the wait. :D I expect my ATS-34 Elite Combat to be the same. We all know knifemakers deliver as soon as they can. Backorders are quite common. All I can say is, since all of this bad press and stuff I am now hoping that I will still get my knife! :(

    Bel`, if you read this, please email me. Thanks!

  18. 2Sharp


    Oct 6, 1998
    I can understand that mis-fortune can create problems.

    BUT, not providing contact and yet, still being active on the board looking for trades/deals??
    So it is not lack of 'net access, again, the "lost e-mail" get's quite old very quick...

    I don't trust Bel a single bit.
  19. JEBlades


    Jan 29, 2003
    Colinz, your last email to me stated that you had received the knives and money all ok ther was no mention of:
    "I had to pay about $90 for it (custom fees because you didn´t care to follow any shipping instructions plus cashing the check "
    if i had been let know about this at the time something could have been done..... i will email you privately re this.
    i could not honour your request to under-value and therefor under-insure the knives being returned to you (especially by such a large amount) as the risk of losing them and oweing you that amount money was too great.
    2Sharp,truely do not believe you should have too much to say here, sending a broken knife half way around the world to me ,that you "forgot was broken" ,was not something i thought you wanted discussed in forum. as such i will not...

    while i had hoped these problems had been put to rest i do fully understand (and deserve )some of the ill feelings expressed here.
    these all occured months ago and the problems influencing them have been solved. and i personally have learned some valuable lessons about swallowing pride and being upfront about problems with clients. i hope that people will see these problems as history.
    recent deliveries have been in HALF the quoted delivery times
  20. 2Sharp


    Oct 6, 1998
    I have NO problems discussing that knife (Timberline SpecWar), please, post everything/anything about it.
    As you can see from the post it was posted 08-22-2002.

    The reason i sent that knife was with the sole intent to give Bel an idea of the design. There was NEVER an assumption that any deal would surface, i sent the knife, uninsured to you at my expense risking loss just because i considered you friends.

    I stated from the beginning that it was (ab-)used, i have never ever said that i "forgot" that it was broken, i was 100% sure that i had sent an e-mail througly describing the shape of the knife, IF i forgot to send that e-mail, then of course, that is totally my fault.

    But, at the same time, apparently quite a few e-mails where i tried to get in contact with Bel was lost, but it is naturally so that IF i sent the e-mail that described the knife's condition it could in no way have been lost? No, apprently only those "inconvenient" e-mails was lost...

    I repeatedly tried to get in contact with Bel, in more ways then one, NO contact, when i stated that i was going public with this, then i got an immediate reply...

    I was promised that the knife would be returned ASAP in April, it arrived in June... i was promised a peace gift(like candy), never got one...

    All my dealings with JEB has been through Bel, i have never-ever been in contact with you, until now.

    In short, reasons i don't trust Bel is:
    1. Lack of contact. Yet being active on the forums. (no lack of internet access)
    2. Promises not being kept.

    If you'd like to refer to any of my e-mails concerning this, feel free to post it here.

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