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Discussion in 'Spyderco' started by makariotes, Feb 19, 2016.

  1. JD Spydo

    JD Spydo Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 20, 2004
    I would have liked to have seen Bob Lum design some different designs>> I would have loved to seen him design a Hawkbill, or a Reverse S blade. It would have been interesting to see him put his own spin on these really great blade designs.

    Again he took the Tanto design and really refined it to a much higher level than it ever had been previously. Again the C-46 Lum Tanto folder is really the only tanto that I ever owned that I felt I could use for practical, everyday cutting chores.

    It's one thing to have what a lot of us call "Cool Looking Designs" and super cool materials>> But Bob Lum did all of that and made it functional and useful. That's what drew me to Spyderco to begin with was their super functional designs. And the LUM Tanto folder C-46 is an excellent example of that. Yeah you bet we'll see the Lum tanto folder and fixed blade both in upcoming Sprint Runs I'm certain of it.
  2. lreed


    Dec 7, 2001
    Is it possible Sal may upgrade the lock to something stronger and more modern? Say compression lock or even just a frame lock? not really a big fan of liner lock
  3. makariotes


    Sep 9, 2014
    yeah the clip is kind of funky, but original indeed; the mini version I think is more manageable; Bob Lum's thinking was always out of the box, I think. I can't imagine what kind of designs he would be doing, awesome for sure.
  4. makariotes


    Sep 9, 2014
    I totally support a compression lock on that beast, I think it would be better than a frame lock, but that is just my taste, I love the PM2's lock and got very used to it, it is a brilliant design.
  5. JD Spydo

    JD Spydo Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 20, 2004
    That's interesting because the LUM C-46 Tanto folder would be an excellent candidate for a "compression lock". Because the models that they've used the compression lock system on are models that many of the guys buy for mainly that reason alone. The GUNTING model was so successful because of the Compression lock along with it's rock solid handle and not to mention it also having arguably the best pocket clip of any Spyderco model IMO. Sometimes those little extras do draw positive attention and ultimately sell better.

    I've actually at times wondered if the LUM C-46 Tanto folder wouldn't also be a great model for a "ball bearing lock" similar to the one on the Dodo model? Now personally I've never had any Spyderco lock ever fail on me so it wouldn't be a deal maker or deal breaker either one for me. Personally I'm just not all that hung up on folder locking systems except if they would ultimately make the knife easier to function and more efficient. But it is a very interesting idea to contemplate for sure.
  6. makariotes


    Sep 9, 2014
    I'm all for it, and I have never experienced any failures with any Spyderco blades either, have you aver handled the compression lock on the Zsabo? (I hope I spelled that right) I was in awe of the brilliance; of course that is a super big blade and heavy and I don't think the C46 would need it, but it is impressive nonetheless, the stop pin goes right through the lock bar, it is awesome; I have never seen a better locking mechanism than that one, totally fail proof. A ball lock like the Dodo is hard to actuate for my big fingers, I prefer the Manix 2 style if it is going to be a ball lock, but I think just a PM2 style lock would be excellent, man, even a titanium framelock would be pretty awesome. I think we discussed this before? This thread is getting interesting, I hope we are not repeating ourselves; oh well, if we are who cares:).
  7. JD Spydo

    JD Spydo Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 20, 2004
    I think you're referring to the "Szabo" folder that Spyderco collaborated with Laci Szabo who also did their tactical tomahawk. I'm a big admirer of Laci Szabo's designs over the years. Spyderco also did an earlier Butterfly (Balisong) type knife that he designed as well. Laci Szabo's tactical designs are some of the best I've seen in that genre IMO.

    A compression lock would be cool for sure but again I'm not really hung up over which type of locking system they use on their premium folders because I've never even had a liner lock ever even fail on me or give me any trouble at all. I do have a fascination for the ball bearing lock like the one on my Dodo model and I would eventually like to see more of them at some point. Because the ball bearing lock on the Dodo is truly a rock solid mechanism and adds to the overall appeal of the Dodo model IMO.

    I'm sorry to hear you've had trouble deploying your ball bearing lock on your Dodo model because for me it's been one of the easier locking systems I've used. But I really haven't had problems with any of the locks that Spyderco uses on their premium folders. As far as the liner lock on the C-46 LUM tanto fodler I've never had one problem at all. But if folks would like a compression lock on a Sprint Run of the LUM Tanto folder then go for it as far as I'm concerned. But what would you all think about a Lum Sprint with a Micarta handle similar to the one they used on the fixed blade LUM? And what blade steel would be best??
  8. makariotes


    Sep 9, 2014
    I'm in the same boat, I really don't care what kind of lock, I just love the pM2 compression lock, it is easy to use, very functional and very safe; as for the handle, that micarta would be a great choice, wasn't that a paper micarta? I'm not sure. But it looks great. I would like to see something with more traction though, and I would really like CTS-204P or similar, even S35VN would rock in that blade; but at this point, any steel, even S30v, just to be able to get another one would be enough for me. I think I'm still dreaming.
  9. JD Spydo

    JD Spydo Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 20, 2004
    Yeah that CTS-204P or maybe CPM 10V would both be a great pic for a LUM Tanto Sprint. If you want a handle with more traction then I'll either go right back to the newer G-10 scales they are using because I just love G-10 and it never fails me>> when I got the latest Ayoob model in G-10 it made the knife twice as nice to use>> and keep in mind I was fanatical about the original Almite version of the Ayoob. But Spyderco's G-10 you just can't go wrong with IMO.

    Or we could do something really exotic like a Titanium handle and use material similar to what they used on the original Titanium ATR model. When I got that model I fell in love with premium Titanium handles. I have indeed wondered what a Lum Tanto folder would be like with a premium Titanium handle for some time. I would also sure want a decent lanyard hole or clip for one that high up the scale.
  10. winnerone23

    winnerone23 Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 16, 2012
    Not enough pics!
    Since I carried mine today, I'll post one... :)
    It's been a pleasure to carry and cut with the Lum, the last couple days.
    Silky smooth opening and solid lock up. Balance and feel, are incredible!
    It's one of those knife's you see a pic of and just want one!
    So when I got the chance, I jumped on it..
    I'll try to get a sharper pic of it..
  11. makariotes


    Sep 9, 2014
    Hey thanks for the pic! Yeah, exactly, the first time I saw one I wanted one bad; someone finally had mercy on me and sold it to me. It is smooth indeed, one of my favorite knives of all time for sure. I should post more pics also.
  12. JD Spydo

    JD Spydo Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 20, 2004
    Hey "Winnerone23" that is one of the very best pics of the Titanium version of the C-46 Lum Tanto folder I've ever seen. There is something in that particular photo that really gives it the appearance of elegance that it richly deserves. Like I said before the LUM tanto design is in a league of it's own. And again it's about the only tanto that I've truly found to be very functional.

    It's inspiring me to EDC mine this week. I'm going to do that and I'll let you all know how it works for the upcoming week.

    I'm wondering how good the fixed blade LUM would be in one of the supersteels?
  13. SpeedHoles


    Jan 18, 2015
    It's a G10 Sprint, not a titanium... and in front of a handy olight charger, too, lol! Nice choice.
  14. JD Spydo

    JD Spydo Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 20, 2004
    Major League "embarrassment" :eek: That sure had me fooled because I've had two of the Titanium models over the years. Well I'll say this that it sure is the same color/shade/hue that my last Ti model had :eek:>> It's still a nice pic none the less :)

    That's one I wouldn't mind having as an EDC because the Lum Tanto EDC I have now is a black G-10 handle, combo edged, black bladed, ATS-55 version. Oh I like the black G-10 but that gray G-10 has a really nice color to it for sure.

    Now as far as flashlights go I've heard good about Olight, 4 sevens and Fenix>> but I'm still a devout Surefire man :cool:>> I will say that I've test driven some Fenix units that I've been impressed with for the price. But again that is a nice pic. OK I'll have my crow medium-rare thank you :eek:
  15. SpeedHoles


    Jan 18, 2015

    No need to be embarrassed, don't worry about it. Just thought I'd simply point it out.

    And the Olight is a great value light.

    I too would like a G10 Lum as an edc option.
  16. levs18


    Jun 25, 2000
    I wonder if we are getting any closer to having a sprint run of these offered again?
  17. makariotes


    Sep 9, 2014
    I hope so! I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't though; many of their designs are discontinued, sadly, which is a wise business decision sometimes, it also makes the knife more valuable for collectors; but there are some blades that I wish they never discontinue, like the PM2 and the Southard; I think it was back in 2012 I could not find a single one PM2, anywhere, then they suddenly appeared, but they were gone for a long time. Now, the Lum Tanto would be nice to have available for sure; I really like the size of it, when I got it and handled it, it blew my mind how beautiful the design is; for me it might be my favorite Spyderco blade but I am kinda new to Spydies so I might have missed some outstanding designs in the past.
    Let's hope that we see a new edition of this knife, I hope I have the money if they come back.
  18. Rare blade

    Rare blade

    Sep 21, 2013
    My lum has a brother (Crawford combat tanto folder).
  19. SpeedHoles


    Jan 18, 2015
    When you're slicing things don't they get caught and snag in that deep sharpening choil?
  20. Acadian

    Acadian Gold Member Gold Member

    Apr 21, 2015
    I would be all over a Lum Tanto with Micarta handles. I would jump on that like a shark!

    I'm not a big fan of tanto blades, but the Spyderco is one of 3 I really really wish I had. A sprint would be killer

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