New ZT0562CF Won't Flip

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    Apr 4, 2007
    Bodog please understand I am not holding anything against you. I dont hold resentments to anyone. If I did I wouldnt be civil with you in other threads like the one you are mentioning. And any razzing done in the W&C is just that and not meant to be personal. To be clear I am not saying that the OP's knife is or isnt defective. I havent handled it so I dont know. What I do know is that they are intentionally making newer knives with strong detents on purpose. So when I see someone state they are having a hard time opening a new version of a knife and using the older models as comparison I cant in good judgement say that he is correct, just as I cant say it isnt. So to me its just as unfair to sit and speculate and point fingers at the company for a defective product without all the information.

    I may be wrong but from my observations I feel you hold resentment towards Kai for a couple bunk knives you got in the past. The CBCF was a truly jacked up knife. I can see it plain as day in the pics you posted of that thing. But you said you are satisfied with the outcome of all that. But your posts and threads seem to indicate a different story. You have created threads specifically calling into question what they do or have done and I am not saying you try to find threads about Kai to tell your story but it surely seems that if you happen to find one you have no reservations about rehashing all of it again. That to me does not seem like a person who is over it and has nothing against them.

    Then if you combine what to many seems like a "guilty until proven innocent" attitude whenever someone mentions they think they may have a problem with a kai knife and your actions speak louder than your rebuttals. Again you can be in denial but I am far from the only person who has said these things to you. And you may say you are sick of it, but in a day or two if that I would bet money we are going to be right back here again. But you know what If you are fair and are open to the possibility of a reasonable explanation I wont be complaining. But if you claim to know its defective by a simple statement and come in with all the BS from previous threads sick of it or not I will voice my opinion too.


    Apr 4, 2007
    Not quite, the perfect knife would take care of what the wife/girlfriend wont.
  3. bflying

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    Mar 4, 2014
    I sometimes like threads like these. Comical entertainment. But when most participants bow out and it becomes a simple two person tit-for-tat, the fun ends.

    So I'll just end my participation with......I still LOVE ZT's. I've had issues. But I step back, and work it through. Life goes on. My family thinks I live, love, and breath guns and knives.....but they don't even see the half of of it [emoji56]
  4. ginochipchip


    Aug 4, 2013
    its easy to type harsh words on the board but your right in person most people just smile
    but we all have one thing the same we are knife nuts to the end lololol
    my zt is a good knife but the grind job sucks on it flips good and looks good locks up great...
    but the other day i missed my para so in the gun cab it went not sure when it will come back out lol


    Mar 24, 2014
    My zt Emerson won't open my beer is it defective???? Should I send it back in for warranty.... Oh the agony.
  6. exmaxima


    Jan 30, 2006
    So I buy a 0562 and love the flipper action, and then order a 0562CF version which comes so stiff I could not even open it. How did I not do my research? Was I to assume that I will not get a second knife from ZT even remotely like the first one? Maybe cars should be like that where I test drive one and should be happy with whatever the maker decides to ship me...

    I don't think you actually understand what you wrote.
  7. poolhustler

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    Jun 17, 2011
    Some are stiffer than others. I the latest ZT's I have all are pretty consistent with the 0808 being the lightest detent setup and very consistent as I have has 3 of them. The 900 is a little beastly flipper. Like a rocket ship!!

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