Pictures here! Photo Thread

Jan 20, 2012
I love David Mary David Mary knives. I only currently own one (the EDChef) but hope that changes in the future.
Here are some pics of mine. Let’s see your knives from David Mary David Mary






Thanks for the pics Todd!
Trying to upload more but it says the pictures are too big for the server to process!
Todd, I’ve had the same issues. Bladeforums is screwy like that. It’s the only forum I frequent that I have to use an image hosting site to post pics, all other forums I can directly upload them with no problems. I use a free one called imgbb. Check them out it’s pretty easy to use

I bought this chefs knife back in June and I have been using it in the kitchen since. I’ll post up some user pictures after this post. Overall this has been an exceptionally made chef knife. The steel is 3/32” 1080 with the green and black g-10 scales. Now I would like to start off by saying that my wife thinks the handle is great for in her hands. I find it to be a little on the shorter side for me and I think if the handle was. 4 1/2” to 5” in length it would have a better feel and balance in my hands. Does the shorter handle really affect the performance of the on knife, not really in my opinion as I gave adjusted to it. Overall this knife is a workhorse in my kitchen. I keep grabbing for it when it comes time to prep my meals. It holds an edge and and is easily maintained. It will definitely be in my chefs knife rotation.
Here it is at work. I used it to slice up some green tomatoes for the grill. I grill them with a little seasoned salt and use birch wood to add some smoke. We just eat them or add them to various dishes.


Thanks for the great pics. Someone's got some fine dicing skills!

Update on the 15n20 EDChef, still killing it in the kitchen, mom loves hers (I have a hard time holding back giving a knife to anyone). Boned some chicken thighs, sliced potatoes, and cut up another onion for dinner tonight... In answer to my question in the other thread about steeling... It seems to respond fairly well to my Dexter Russell 12 inch steel, but being an amateur at best I can't confirm with any empirical evidence.