Pictures here! Photo Thread

Howdy there,

I promised David I would post photos months ago but have a nasty habit of not taking pics in the moment. Well the time has now come for a family photo:


The top one is my first David Mary Custom knife and my first ever custom knife. It is ground thin with a sharpened swedge (I was originally concerned about the thin tip but it has stood up to serious use without issue). I ordered it last November and it has lived in the 11 o'clock position of my belt ever since - even carried it in the hospital when my little girl was born. I have a real hard time convincing myself to carry any other fixed blade.



The bottom two are semi-custom neckers I snagged from an AEB-L batch. Each is convex ground with a sharpened swedge and light, handy and easy to tuck into any waistband. I usually carry these clipped to my buckaroos.



The little neckers also fly pretty well even if they're not designed for it.

*video wouldn't load properly:
David is a talented man who exhibits the professionalism that should be expected of any BF member. I have several more designs I can't, but sadly must, wait for him to bring to life. If you have a specific design in mind I suggest you reach out to David and he'll set you up nicely.
Thank you so much for the very kind showcase of my humble work. I never would have guessed those two little beasts would be throwers! Thanks for sharing!
Oh wow, so I need a boot knife like that. How is the Ulticlip attached to the sheath? Did David attach the clip?
I did not. Typically, I just make the knife and sheath, though I have been known to make Kydex clips from time to time.
I purchased the Ulticlips separately from a knifemaker supply shop. They aren't difficult to find online and you can order a large packet of appropriately sized nuts, bolts and rubber washers for a good price. David's sheaths usually feature holes and grommets that are perfectly suited for such hardware.
Thanks for sharing!
MagnaCut camp knife.

Has cut chicken bone, cardboard, and whatever else I found lying around.

Chopping old 2x4 covered in dirt

Never been sharpened since I received it. Still cuts paper without catching. It's good stuff!
when is the passaround?