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Through the eye of a carrot slice.
And just FYI guys, it's the knife. ;)
Well after some time on the stones this evening my EDChef decided to remind me about knife safety while slicing a bagel... Got a wee love bite on the tip of my finger under the band aid there. The good news is that it's officially MY knife now, since I've long held the belief that my blades don't truly belong to me until I've gotten a nip.
David Mary David Mary
I gotta say, those two blades of yours look like they fit in right next to the pair of CRKs... I’m not much of a fan of Chris’s knives but recognize his abilities and contributions to the knife community and what an honor it is to have your work sitting side-by-side next to his work and having similar fit and finish as well as overall presentation...Your skills and artistic eye are improving at such an exponential rate...well done,brother
I just got a package from David yesterday, consisting of 2 knives. One an EDChef in AEB-L that I'm gifting to my childhood best friend and his soon to be wife, and the other the puuko-jitsu. Shown on the top in the above photo. My third David Mary custom I've bought for myself, and the sixth overall. I thought I'd share a family photo with the rest of the class.

Top: Puuko-Jitsu
Middle: EDChef
Bottom: Skinny Fat Bowie

My personal collection is all in 15n20. Two of the ones I've gifted (all EDChefs by the way) are in AEB-L, with one in the 15n20.

As always, great work David.
Thanks Mr. Willie! Always a pleasure to serve you my friend.
I'm always happy to do business with you as well my friend. You may have knocked your own knife out of my work lineup. I used the puuko to carve a spoon this evening, and I LOVE the way it carries horizontal on the belt...1623809485281527894179.jpg

Super compact package... might just become my go to work knife.