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Dec 23, 1998

Does this mean that I get senior citizen discounts now?

The new format is nice. Good work guys.
I'll second Cobalt's emotion. It's neat!
I suspect that we owe our thanks to Senor Spark for running such a nice, tight board.
Now where's my walker, I gotta go to the little senior's room!

I cut it, and I cut it, and it's STILL too short!

Senor Poff?

Marion Senor

Senor Marion

Senor Eye

Eye Senor!!!!

I feel ssssssppppppeshhhhhhalllllll, very ssssssppppppeshhhhhhalllllll.

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I'd make a crass comment but i have no intention to be beaten by knifenuts weilding tactical walkers...

Actually, this senior member stuff does not mean anything more than member, from the fact that you can have 30 posts and be a senior, which I think was the same as member previously. Oh well, so much for a difference.
Actually could I go back to junior member, like Walt. Or maybe Big Mouth category.
Hmmm...last time I was a senior *anything* was in 1980, and a senior..in high school. Those craaaazy kid days, picking up the gang, (a different conotation then) and head to Meyer's Pool where we'd park out back, and uh...well.........

Anyway!~Senior Member..love it. Great format changes, Spark. =) Do you EVER sleep?


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Like Danelle, I'm also wondering if you ever sleep, Spark! You must be a little like "Stan the Java Man" from Mad TV. I'll bet you're never at your 'puter without the daily special from Starbuck's floating in your thermos! Good job on the updates, everything looks good. Danelle, care to elaborate on "Meyer's pool"? :)
To rest everyone's curiousity, with the new version of the software, we now have the ability to designate the different levels of membership.

Default is the Junior members for people with less than 30 posts, Senior members have more than 30, and you know who Moderators/ Administrators are.

But, since we have the capability, we can change the titles, so I'm open to suggestions for replacements of the Junior Member, Senior Member, Moderator and Administrator titles. Come up with something good and we'll use it.

And yes, I do get some sleep, some. I usually go to bed at @ 2AM and am in at work by 9:30-10, so I'm a busy boy....
Always trying to help you guys, that's my job.


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Well I am all of the sudden a senior member also....Nice to be is such good company men
Happy to join you......
Well after reading this it was not very PC
My statement should be Men and Woman. Sorry about that.........
Murray - That's no woman, that's just DC.


Deo Vindice

I think there should be some middle ground between junior & senior member.....I wouldn't know what to call it...I also think that there should be a special ranking for those who are constantly posting....(This is my 296th...egad and I think some of you guys are pushing 500 or more...)....prehaps "prolific" or something along those lines. Maybe there should be a special ranking for the most prolific poster of the month/year, the "Carpal Tunnel Member". We could send them a monogrammed Bladeforums wristbrace and some Tylenol. What would it take to be a "Whacko"?

Ug...hard to concentrate with caffiene withdrawls....


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MegaFolderians Unite!!
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Yekiem you cant use the WhACKO is saved for the good DR and we know you he is ............................DONT WE????????
anyway Spark we should go
0-50 JR
50-100 member
100-250 SR member
250+ Soon to be Unemployed????????
What does everone think???????

Good scale, but how about:

0- 50...Black Belt

50 - 100... Brown Belt

100- 250... Green Belt

250- 350... Yellow Belt

350+......WHITE BELT

The reason being that the more you are around the less you find that you really know.

You start off thinking you know everything and end up finding out you know very little.

But what do I know
How about people who registered the first day or so of the Forums opening be designated Old Timers LOL
Again, there are TWO levels for members which we can designate names for.

Currently they are Junior member, and Senior Member. We don't have the capability to start partitioning off member levels into 15 categories, that may come in a future edition.

If you have an idea for better names for the Junior Member and Senior member levels, let us know.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
SysOp and Administrator for BladeForums.com

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Folders=Jr members
Fixed blade=Sr Members
I guess I have to much time on my hands this morning.