Slow reveal ...... the dark side emerges ...

I really like the photo composites..!

This piece has been a very enjoyable challenge, and hopefully
will turn out....well, "thorough"....thanks...
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Been a travelin' , so after a bit a delay, here are the latest photos from Russ:





This is such a great thread, thanks for taking time to post it all.
Being new to knife making I just learned a lot, thanks for posting it. Knife looks really good, can't wait to see the finished product.
hey Russ, ferrules are awesome. Thanks for showing how you do it. :thumbup:

How do you know where to router from? It strikes me that you can't see where you're going with the stag from the top, so how do you get it to match up with the hole in your ferrule? Do you work the stag spacer from below so that you can see where you're going?
Seems like magic to me.
Hi Lorien,
I work the handle material first, then file out the
ferrule material. What isn't shown in #26 is the Roto-Zip
held upside down in a bench vice. The plexiglass plate
is my modification. It allows me see what I'm doing,
so as to keep the depth of the cut even all around.
The stag is hand held.
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What a fantastic piece of art. Great thread, great maker, lucky and I am sure very happy collector. Russ you are definitely high up on my list of "Must Have" makers. One day I will figure that out.

Congratulations to you both!

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Only had a couple of sips of coffee this morning...
I'm still speechless at this point

:eek: :thumbup: :thumbup: :D