SOG TV/Movie Apperances

Burn Notice Season 4 episode 17 Out Of The Fire about seven and a half minutes in- Larry pulls what looks to be either Seal Pup or Seal Pup Elite on Sam
There really needs to be an imdb style site for knives. There are ones for guns and cars but, no blades... weak.
The SOG SEAL Revolver TINI (black blade) was used in "The Grey" movie and carried and used throughout the movie by Liam Neeson. The lock hole can clearly be seen as can the lanyard hole in this youtube ending video at approx. 1:02-1:03.

I was blown away by learning this. Quite a compliment I think.

Watch for SOG Revolver at 1:02-1:03, notice lock hole in blade.

Robbie Roberson.
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Hogs Gone Wild-Season 1 episode 3 "Wild Hog War". About 14 minutes in you can see one of the hog catchers draw his SOG Hunter Revolver to dispatch a 400 pound hog. Pretty cool show.
I just saw an old MacGyver Episode on TV and recognised a SOG Tigershark, used by Murdoc. Season 03 Episode 08 "The Widowmaker".

Couldn't believe my eyes and had to laugh hard. Brought back some memories from my childhood. :)
Don't want to spoil anything, but I'm pretty sure Maggie from The Walking Dead uses a satin finished SEAL Pup Elite during a scene in the newest episode(s03,ep04).
The SOG VOODOO HAWK used on Medal of Honor WARFIGHTER
It's not a movie, but I think it counts
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I just watched Hogs Gone Wild-Season 1 episode 3 "Wild Hog War" and he sure does use the SOG Hunter Revolver at about 14:20.

That was a pretty scary few moments............:eek:.

Robbie Roberson
pretty sure ive seen rick with a trident in season 2 of the walking dead when they are looking for sophia and cut that walker open to examine his gut.
Screenshot for Fast & Furious 5. Paul Walker uses the butt end of a knife to break the glass of the case holding the keys of the cars they steal from the train at the beginning of the movie. SOG is the only brand I know of that has the pocket clip end mounted like that. This shot combined with the way he closes the knife after using it to cut some straps a little bit later in the scene has me convinced it is a SOG TAC auto.


Col. Kurtz (Marlon Brando) has got a SOG Bowie laying on his bedroomtable in "Apocalypse Now" (F. F. Coppola).

I'm sure people know by now, but in the move Lone Survivor starring Mark Whalburg,has a Seal Pup located on his right shoulder tip up. I saw this on the SOG Facebook page. Cheers.

Col. Kurtz (Marlon Brando) has got a SOG Bowie laying on his bedroomtable in "Apocalypse Now" (F. F. Coppola).


It's more than likely a real Vietnam era "SOG" 5th Special Forces knife. The SOG Company didn't exist back then.