SOG TV/Movie Apperances

Sog Pentagon fixed blade in Dexter Season 2 last episode... the best knife for the job as far as im concerned:)
chuck norris (mc coy) uses a tigershark in the end of delta force 2 for killing his ennemy billy drago (ramon cota, the columbian dug lord in delta force 2).
What SOG knife did Selene use in Underworld: Evolution, and when?

Answer: Never Mind, it wasnt as SOG, but does anyone know what it was?
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In "behind enemy lines:Columbia" i see a pentagon and then some sog bowies in the fight scene near the end. The sniper yanks his pentagon to kill guys sneaking up on him.
I just spotted a SOG Tigershark in the SciFi show "Firefly", Episode 10 "War Stories"!
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Not sure if they've appeared in film or tv with them, but Uma Thurman and Angelina Jolie apparently own SOGs. At least their signed celebrity photos reading "Thank you SOG!" at the SOG factory indicated as much. Washington was beautiful last fall. :D
I may have spotted a SOG Flash 2 (in black with combo edge) on the DEA show on SPIKE. One of the agents was using it to find drugs by ripping open a car seat.

Cool to see it in real life use
Dexter with older model Tigershark

The game after that Hitman Contracts they call it a SOG Pentagon.
I geuss SOG got on them and said they would have to credit them for the knife. :D

Im pretty sure that's not true. I've played them all (throughout) and I cannot recall having pentagon in the "game after contracts" wich is blood money.

However, pentagon is in the first game of the series "codename 47" and it's even called "pentagon knife". In the intro tutorial the voice in the speakers says "this is pentagon knife", and you can have it in your weapons collection as usable weapon from since beginning.
I was watching this weeks episode of "Sanctuary" on SciFi (I refuse to call it SyFy) called "Next Tuesday" S02E08 and Helen has several Kydex sheaths strapped to her arm and legs that look SOG, and one of them is definitely a SOG Revolver Double Action hunter/tanto combo and the other a Satin Desert Dagger. Sorry no screen shots yet, but apparently SOG Revolvers are popular with all the bad ass women on SciFi :jerkit:
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In the Second Season of "Dollhouse" Alpha (Alan Tudyk) uses a TiNi SOG Revolver's gut hook blade to kill some unsuspecting guy
There was a SEAL Pup in "Face Off" one of the prison guards uses it to stab the fat guy in the leg during the break out scene.
Watched the movie The Hurt Locker the other night at the beginning of the movie the guy that gets killed had a folding trident on his bomb suit
I was watching a re-run of CSI Miami last Sunday. When a stabbing victim was found, the handle sticking from the center of his chest was distincly a SOG Seal of some sort. My guess is a Pup or Pup Elite. My eye is not keen enough to catch the difference at a glance. I can't state the season or episode. I wish I had watched the whole show as I'm sure it made another appearance in the lab.
The Crow sported the SOG Government and possibly the SOG Desert Dagger


Sorry...those are the best pictures I could find on short notice...
a bit bigger

and this one kinda cracks me up. the file name was kitchen accessories


those definitely look like SOGs to me
In the season 3 finale of "Burn Notice" - episode "Devil You Know" the main character used what looked like a SOG Spec Elite II. I have one of these so I recognized the handle.

This is the best pic I could find - the knife is on the ground next to Michael's right hand. You can see the image at the link below, you have to scroll to image 13.
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The movie "SOLDIER" with Kurt Russell has at least two SOG's that I have seen.

Shows Kurt in action with a SOG Seal 2000.

Also, shows Jason Scott Lee in action with a SOG Pentagon in the final one-on-one fight scene with Kurt.

I think there may also be others in this movie but those are two that I remember for sure.
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