SOG TV/Movie Apperances

I seem to remember Jason Statham pulling out and using a SOG Vision(?) as a tool in the first Transporter movie.
In last nights episode of Hawaii Five 0 there was a Seal Team Elite in use by Alex OLoughlin.
I'm pretty sure I saw one in last nights episode of hogs gone wild. I just cant find it or I would post it
Dexter with older model Tigershark


This is my iPhone wallpaper lol.
I think there was a SOG Seal pup Elite in "Out of the Fire" episode of Burn notice (season 4 episode 17)
I have been watching Mythbusters and not yet seen the PowerLock on there. I have seen that other multi-tool company that starts with an L though.
Watch for it in Jamie's hand or on his belt, seen it multiple times. Kari and Adam don't use SOGs, only Jamie does.
Hurt Locker. Multiple SOGs, powerlock, trident, and others.
There is a trident bowie, or tech in a movie "Fallen" 3th part "The destiny". In the camping site in the woods, the knife can clearly seen, when its thrown to the three.
I just saw a preview for the Movie "The Grey" and I'm pretty certain Liam Neeson has a SOG seal revolver and is strapping it to his hand as he's about to take on a wolf.
Masters of Horror

Series 1 Episode 1 Desert Dagger.

Series 1 Episode 11 Trident (Fixed blade).
Has anyone mentioned the SOG Jungle Primitive used by Mykel Hawke in the Louisiana Bayou episode of Man, Woman, Wild season 1?