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spyderco para military

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luckily I have a wife who will not allow me to have expensive habits.. wait.. is that lucky? hmm..
SOG is that an abbreviation or the proper name of the item? Or if you have a sku for the product I can look to see.. but to be honest I highly doubt the suppliers I use sell weapons beyond those of the stabby nature..

You sell knives and don't know what SOG stands for?:confused: :eek: :confused:
I'm not a knife specialist, nor do I play one on tv.. I made no claim to knowing anything about knives.. knives are only a portion of what I overall sell.. (not advertising - just not declaring myself a specialist in any merchandise field).
Well, I just pulled the trigger on 2 deals. I hope it works out like it has for others.

EDIT: looks like they're out of stock now, my orders were just canceled :(
yes, we apologize - we were just re-arranging some inventory and product quantities on the website and you caught us in the middle of it.
The question has been resolved and now it's time to end this discussion, unless aho decides to become a Dealer Member and continue it in the Exchange.
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