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spyderco para military

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i do not know, but its priced about that on another site to. i dont think its a rip off, it looks exactly the same.
Somebody try to buy those! That has to be the best deal I've ever seen. I'd buy one right now, but my wife is literally sitting next to me and she'll shoot if she sees me reach for my wallet.
So are these legit knives, are they safe to buy. Do they look counterfiet??
yojimbo 23 bucks
karambit 25 bucks haha

can someone order me a couple lol

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This is the only info i could find about this company. Man i know this is to good to be true, but damn look at those prices.



p.s sal if you are there is this website a dealer or distributor of spyderco products
I took a look at the Spyderco's and some of the prices are market price. I wonder if this is one of those merchandise dumping companies that liquidates other's stock?
They didn't just leave a "1" off the price. Look at this one. The Cent 4 is normally $40-60 not $114 so that is not the answer.


I know if it looks too good to be true, it probably is but I tried to order anyway. I'll let you guys know what happens. I had to sign up to Google to place an order. I am worried but stranger things have happened. I might get lucky. Yeah right!
They say they take VISA and MasterCard, but the only active payment method is check or money order. Smalls like scam to me :thumbdn:
kgriggs8, thanks for sticking your neck out for all of us. Let us know please!
We sure can't build them for that price, and we haven't closed out any so ????

My guess is that someone made a mistake.

well ontario is not even listed. :grumpy:

anyway if in two days anyone recieves their order please let everyone know.


They have everything from car parts to sporting goods, which probabl means they have absolutely nothing in stock. I bet if you obught something they'd either cancel the order or charge you the real, much higher price.
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