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Survive knives forum should be closed


This is from you on September 18 2017

I admitted long ago, and several times since, that the Starter campaign and subsequent preorders were not the finest moment in SURVIVE! history. However, we did exactly what we said we were going to do at the time. We bought steel, equipment, invested in larger production run sizes, and contrary to what some people have claimed we even set funds aside to cover expenses during production. We also invested in the future of the business by making a down payment on the building, in hopes that we could soon move away from renting a finite space to owning somewhere with room to grow. This down payment was roughly equal to one third of an average production run. We still have over $60,000 of that steel, over $100,000 in equipment, several hundreds of knives worth of materials and several large deposits in to our vendors.

In addition to the above and money spent on bolstering run sizes, operating expenses, and refunds, PayPal is currently holding on to $21,000 (and growing). They say this hold is meant to be in case of refund requests, but then they won’t let us use the funds for any of the refunds that I issue. So it just sits there growing with each new PayPal purchase, until they start trickling some of it back to us in a few months. Here is a quote from the email we received from them:

“The decision regarding your reserve setting was based on our review of the level of risk associated with your account. We looked at several factors to determine the high level of risk associated with your account. These factors include:
· Delivery timeframe - Extended length of your delivery timeframe.
· High risk industry - You are selling merchandise or services in what we consider to be a high risk industry.
· High risk or changed business model – There has been a change in your business model or your business model is considered high risk due to one, or a combination of the following (list is not all inclusive) – how and when items or services are delivered, items or services being sold, or inventory management.”

We are curious to see what happens once the SK Series is fully operational, fixing the delivery timeframe and high risk/changed business model issues. Based on conversations with some other folks and the “high risk industry” statement, we are concerned PayPal may be sending the knife industry in the same direction it went with the gun industry. Time will tell.

As far as what our plan is to fix the ordering issues, we covered that here: https://www.bladeforums.com/threads/the-new-survive.1501589/

Introducing the SK Series will help offset demand, so that we can focus exclusively on GSO Knives while folks can still get a really nice version of the same designs. The SK Series is still a product that needs to be made by people, it will be made more quickly but it still needs to be produced. We announced it ahead of production because we wanted to let folks know what our plan was to get out of the preorder rut. It also allowed us to get a better handle on how much interest there was so we would have a better idea of how many to order. If we don’t have enough they will sell out quickly and then we will all have to wait months for more. If we make too many we are going to have more money locked away in inventory.

Things are starting to settle back in after the fire so we will be back in the workshop regularly again. We haven’t had a chance to update the delivery wording on the website yet but will be working on that over the next couple of weeks. I will make sure the refund requests are all issued by the end of next week. We will also hold off on adding any new weekly sales until we are caught up on those existing orders.

Bladeforums is an area that is meant to be a more relaxed and fun community environment. Because of the regular accusations that have already been addressed and the random spamming, Guy won’t come here right now. He beats himself up enough, he doesn’t need you guys to do it for him. He did talk with Lance and when he mentioned making a post Guy hoped that would be enough to help appease some of the concerns.

We do provide regular updates and have been up front when we have encountered issues that will lead to further delays, including when it is something of a personal nature. We answer the phone any time we are in the office and Jordyn replies to every person’s emails and voicemails. Since this is more of an informal environment, we encourage anyone with questions or concerns to send us an email to our official inbox: info@surviveknives.com.

Why are these excuses being used over and over? Your updates are being used over and over agian.

Could you please tell us why PayPal held your money if you weren’t at the least being looked at by PayPal as a high risk company. Seems someone there noticed a pattern that you guys are a liability to people and their money.

Is there a reason guy let’s you hold the weight of the company and the bs due to his production schedule and inability to keep to a schedule? Why won’t he man up and speak for himself? If you are doing your job and the office is doing their job must be a hang up in the shop correct?

Why not finish all the knives from a run before starting a new run? Is it because money was spent somewhere else and funds didn’t allow the first run to be completed?

These are all explanations you owe to your customers and the BF community for poaching interest free loans from these people and using this forum as a platform to do so from for years.
I can't keep the Surive! Knives forum open in good conscience. shinyedges shinyedges I'd suggest you edit your copy/past posts with links to the originals
No problem, I'm out with my sons for lunch, give me a bit.

Thank you, Kevin.

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Here we go again with Survive. I just looked at their page and yes you guessed it they are taking orders for more knives, they are selling sheaths for $100, and get this they are taking orders with a promise to ship them overseas for only $10. The BBB has put a warning out on them and you can't make this up with Survive the GSO 7/7 that were ordered in May of 2015 are still not sent out let alone the orders they took up till Jan 16. They have concept blades out and the GSO 5.1 which is their flag ship knife has been 3 years since they took orders and they don't even have the steel ordered for it. The backlog has to be over 5 years now and climbing. This is the worse case of phantom ware and pure ponzi scheme I have ever hear of. The SK model that was suppose to speed things up yet later they said it has not been produced so it wont speed things up which a 180 degree turn from what they said. They did this to take people's money. Where are all the fan boys that said they were happy and everyone should shut up because it will help the backlog now? 8 months to your door promise has turned into 2 years since they took your money and no orders are out yet. the 7/7 from 2015 are not done yet they had monthly sales on it for a solid year. Please people if you have an order with Survive Knives contact the AG in Idaho and file a complaint. They don't even respond to the FTC complaints or the BBB complaints either. I wonder if they make handcuffs in Delta 3V? Who are the people still trusting this shady company? I hope they are still alive before the ore gets mined to produced the blades that they are not making themselves. Who in their right mind orders from a company that has a 30% failure rate on blanks? I thought they said the companies they work with are top notch. The GSO 7/7 is now about to be 4 years since they took the orders and they are still not shipped out so Survive Knives takes orders for more blades and designs. Do you really think people are going to wait 7 years for a production blade and be happy?
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I got refunds on my orders long before this thread was started because it was clear that S! did not have a handle on how to get out of their predicament, and they were only digging bigger holes for themselves. The knives I do have are all top notch, never a problem with a lost temper, and I can beat the snot out of all of them. I am truly saddened by this story as I really wanted S! to survive. I got my first S! knives when they were operating out of Gettysburg, PA. They are going strong to this day.
Yet Survive is taking even more orders and even has new models out that are not in production. I ordered a 5.1 3 years ago and it is not going into production for years but they just took more orders on them. The $100 sheaths that have no refund were never even ordered so the people just gave them this money. The 7/7 that were in shop and inspected in 2016 were all sold as 2nds and they had to make a new run of 7/7. The same can be said with the new SK line 2 years ago. They will take the GSO 12s ect.... and sell them as the SK line while you wait years before you ask for a refund. Anyone that ordered a knife will have it sold as a 2nd, ugly betty, or some other term and wait years more. The reason the price is low for what you get is because they want to fill the bank with money knowing fully well it will be years before you ask for a refund and then they stall that and earn income off your payment. They are not sad to see you ask for a refund but laugh that it took you this long to do so. They don't make their knives in-house so what is the hold up? A ponzi scam that brings in lots of money while sending out few knives. Since 2015 just how many models were completed after the last batch of 5.1? They don't send out 20% of the orders in 4 years and the days will get longer as they keep taking more orders in. Yes they stop for awhile but look forward to fall and April to take more suckers in. The fanboys will get their pound of steel and the fake profiles of people who should be working on the knives instead of boycotting worried consumers too. Yes at one time they sent out blades about every 8 months but those days are gone. They lie and lie because nobody get it wrong every single time they make a statement. Even the void for vagueness clauses they send out each month tells the consumer nothing. The original statement from Survive about the new SK line was that it would get the GSO out faster and that they would not take anymore orders anymore till they caught up. They now say the SK line is going to be made by them at Millet and that it was never outsourced to another company to produce. They sold you vaporware and took your money. Don't fret though because you will get the GSO you ordered as a SK knife and to those that ordered the GSO will do more waiting as they hide behind we will send it someday. Yet to keep more money coming in the SK line will sell the 2nds first then the 1st of the SK line will come years later followed by the GSO many years from now if your lucky. People this is all by design. They say they are not making the F1 folders and Millet is not making them either. That should explain the crafty scam just at the base level of what these Guy's are doing. They have 3 employees working at Millet making knives so it is the same people and same scam with the same tools and much longer wait times.
The fact they say that they are going to finish all the models this year is a wish by them. They can't do one model in 4 years time yet they are going to do them in 2-3 months each model. They never did that even when they did small batches. More like the attack dogs that covered for them will get their models in 2 months for each model then everyone else well time will tell. I am not going to send them money because what happens now if you send them money? They either will run with it or the dead line will get extended because they are taking a long vacation from the knife business. My guess is they are going to close shop and people will get the we will return and get to work soon on your order and wham Bankrupt Business LLC runs with your money. Lets see if they have any decency but I don't believe them at all.
Gotta love that they never ever even made a single SK line. They took orders in on vaporware for a long time and had no intent on even making the SK line. That should reveal the true nature of Survive Knives. BTW the time line they give on the other models with the whole things are better under one roof is a lie too. Nothing has gotten better but their hype.
Thank you everyone for continuing to keep at this thread. I had a Survive! knife 5-6 years ago that I picked up second hand on thE auction site and thought it was a wonderfully made knife. I ended up selling it off like most of my inventory because there was always something else that came along that I wanted. Like the saying, Everything old is new again, i've come full circle in what I collect these days and have been laser focused on traditional knives but.... have always had pangs over selling my Survive!. Today, I hit their website, read their schitk, looked at their new models and came within an inch of buying their cheapie $99 compact variant but something told me to come here first to see what you all thought of their knives these days. Good thing I did! While getting hustled out of a hundred bucks isn't going to destroy me, it's the eqivilent of some desirable vintage folder or 1/4 the price of any GEC Northwoods grail I still covet. I'm sorry that they have sunk to this level and it sounds like it time for them to pull the plug after circling the drain for a lot of years. This thread goes back to 2015 (as I recall). See you all in the other forums where we can celebrate the beautiful designs and our newest acquisitions! Thanks again!
Due to recent activity regarding S?K, I thought it appropriate to ask if anyone has any links of interest.

Thanks for your time.
Due to recent activity regarding S?K, I thought it appropriate to ask if anyone has any links of interest.

Thanks for your time.
Not sure what the recent activity is, but here's a link to their Hall of Shame thread. :thumbsup:
Not sure what the recent activity is, but here's a link to their Hall of Shame thread. :thumbsup:
Thanks, it's a thread in which I'm currently posting. I linked a post from here, but activity that keeps these threads near the top are a good thing. I appreciate your taking the time to help 👍.
As of 11 months ago they still had unfulfilled orders from 2015. Unbelievable. I wish people would stop promoting these scammers.