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Testing Banner Ads - it's not a bug, it's me screwing things up

Discussion in 'Tech Support, General Q&A, Site Feedback & More' started by Spark, Jan 7, 2014.

  1. RamZar

    RamZar Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 3, 2013
    Bam! Gone now! Thanks...
  2. Spark

    Spark HPIC - Hatas gonna Hate Staff Member Administrator Super Mod Moderator

    Oct 2, 1998
    I meant if that speeds up page loading.
  3. RamZar

    RamZar Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 3, 2013
    Yes. At least for me.

    However, just in this "Tech Support, General Q&A, Site Feedback & More" forum when I go to view a thread page there are two additional ad lookups although nothing displays:

    Resource Type Matched filter Third-party
    http://pixel.quantserve.com/pixel;r=82443953;a=p-26R-IOV2hO72k;fpan=0;fpa=P0-183603227[...] image -banner-ad Yes
    http://stats.g.doubleclick.net/__utm.gif?utmwv=5.4.7dc&utms=88&utmn=580877807&utmhn=ww[...] image -banner-ad Yes
  4. Jack Black

    Jack Black Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 2, 2005
    Not for me, page-loading has been worse than ever this evening :(
  5. Officer's Match

    Officer's Match Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 23, 2013
    Very slow for me this morning, but not every time. I'd say 2 or 3 out of 5 page loads, it just hangs for about 25-30 seconds, then loads fairly quickly.
  6. T Schloz

    T Schloz

    Oct 3, 2001
    Much better! Thank you.

  7. RevDevil

    RevDevil Super Evil Supermod Staff Member Super Mod

    Nov 9, 2009
    You might need to give your PC a warm bath with Lavender oil so it can relax. :p
  8. sloth357

    sloth357 Platinum m0f0

    Jan 5, 2011
    Hopefully not too soon, but I think I can say... thanks Spark. Website seems mostly normal again. ;]
  9. Jack Black

    Jack Black Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 2, 2005
    Sorry Charlie, only just seen this :)

    It's taken a lot of self-restraint not to set about my PC with a large hammer! :D
  10. RamZar

    RamZar Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 3, 2013
    I've also encountered noticeable delayed page loads at times and definitely did not before the ad banners restarted on BF in early January.

    There are two additional scripts running on each page now although they don't display anything:

    • Quantserve (demographic and traffic stats)
    • Doubleclick (ad technology)

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