The Best Offensive Weapon

For the stealthiest, most compact, and portable offensive weapon learn the Vulcan Death Grip. I've heard of a well traveled "agent" who's had great results with his and not a lick of trouble getting it through customs

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If I was some kind of secret agent, I don't think I'd be talking about my work in a public forum on the Internet, even under a "screen name." I wonder if the government of Singapore is reading this stuff.

And if I had some expertise, more than the average guy, in assassination technique, I don't think I'd tell what I knew to just any stranger on the Net, in a public forum no less. However, I don't think it's any secret that for stabbing performance you want something that's pointed and sharp, and you'll probably find that in your kitchen.

I don't know about everybody else's legal systems, but in mine and most that I've heard of a case of lawful self-defense turns into manslaughter or worse if your words or other evidence show that you wanted to make sure your enemy died. The objective in lawful self-defense, even in situations where deadly force is justified, is to stop the aggression and not to kill the guy.

In asking how to best ensure the death of one's enemy, one is asking for advice on how to commit a very serious crime, and that is not a good sort of advice to give.

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I'll second the Swiss Army Knife or the Leatherman Micra... deadly tools indeed in the right hands, especially with the Assault Phillips Head Screwdriver...

In the meantime, while it's always fun to postulate about what knife is the "best" for any situation... I'd say that training plays a bigger factor. With the right skills, chopsticks and hair combs are deadly weapons.


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Come on folks.

He didn't ask how he could best kill someone. He asked for the best offensive knife.
One very fast way to end a potentially deadly confrontation, from which you cannot simply turn and run, is to perform a lightning fast snap cut and step back into a guard position. The assailant will know he has been cut and he will see a person who is obviously practiced and ready.

Without question, the snap cut is best performed with a "offensive" designed blade.

Thus, as I said in my first post, the best defense is a good offense.

Accordingly, this gentleman's question is both morally and legally sound.

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Nick- knives as weapons versus knives as tools can be a pretty touchy subject. It is the reason organizations such as the AKTI are needed to keep our rights from being stepped on. On the other hand, as Spark says, this could generate some fun speculation.
So, in that vein, I would humbly submit to your government the following two suggestions- REKAT Pocket Hobbit and REKAT Sifu, both wicked looking and with the exceptional rolling lock. I would like to recommend Comrade Chang's custom folder, but I don't know if he could produce them in sufficient quantities to meet your needs.
Cameron - he asked for an OFFENSIVE knife. Offense means he intends to START the very situation you refer to escaping from.

The use of a knife as an "offensive" weapon is almost universally regarded as chancy at best, if not just plain silly. If it's your stated intention to inflict deadly damage upon an opponent, getting within arms reach to use a weapon that requires extensive training to affect a kill quickly and quietly is rarely sound advice.

Had he asked - in any one of his several posts - about a defensive knife, the answers would have been significantly different. But a defensive knife is meant to protect the user, not necessarily inflict extreme, lethal damage on the opponent.

Bladeforums is frequented by people who take their right to carry knives very seriously, and in many cases, know first hand just how precariously our grip of such rights is. Many other members are active LEOs, military personnel, and agents of other government organizations.

As such, blatantly false claims of involvement with government agencies, coupled with requests for information on the illegal and immoral use of our knives tends to evoke a "less than friendly" response.

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If you read the forums for a while you'll see that some of us are extremely concerned with the image of knives and knife people.
Seeing a valid question or concern, such as yours, phrased in a manner that could reflect badly on knife people and these forums can cause quite a reaction in some of us.
Your Government has a "black side?" How in the world could you work for the black side? Come into the light!

If (a big IF!) I were to take you seriously for a moment, I would say to find the cheapest, most common, easily available knife in the area of your current assignment. Go to the local pawnshops, curio dealer, knife stores, etc and ask what sales. Or just hang around and watch people. Of course, a secret agent man would know all of this.
I'm glad peoplearegenerally upset with this post. I almost wonder if some knife hater didn't post this hoping to get somebody to recommend their favorite tactical. I can't believe the person who started this thread loves knives, or at least I don't believe this person truly appreciates knives and how precarious the right to carry a good pocket knife is. Finally, it is just irresponsible to talk about stabbing people. We should always remember that even if legally justified, using a knife in confrontation would likely have severe repercussions, probably involving arrest and a trial.
MOD Ayoob Razorback should fit the bill.

Sorry I'm late.


hey James, I hope you realize that I was being... well... facetious?

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[irony]Yesssss! Now I was thinking of the Nine-Inch Double-Barbed Rambotron Ninja Deathmonger instead, but for a compact assassin's knive that MOD sticker would do almost as nasty. Preferably with adders' forks and blindworms' stings smeared into those grooves, to establish that the owner is on the black side of government or maybe the dark side of the force![/irony]

All this premeditation ... Are we talking murder-one with "special circumstances" here? I think in Singapore they hang people for that. In a bunch US states the court can order the perp to be "put to sleep." And in Europe they wonder about us.


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What's an offensive knife anyway? With a defensive knife I know that the situation can become fluid and that there would be a number of factors to take into account. On offense, I would have the initiative and I know the knife would only be used once, so what's the challenge. Use a number 2 pencil (sharpened).

Since I have no reason to doubt, perhaps it wouldn't hurt to share at least the following:

Bob Kasper once commented that the best knife to get is the local cheapie. This is assuming that indeed nick has special considerations such as being an operative in foreign soils. Just make sure the blade is reliable enough to withstand one fight and won't rouse suspicion when carried. The reason for this is assuming that after its use, the knife will be ditched post haste. That way, if the knife is recovered, it wouldn't be too incriminating. Frogman on tacticalforums once said that while the M-14 is an excellent general purpose field weapon, it is not always ideal because it can be quite telling if the enemy should recover one of your dropped mags. So check out the local scene. In the end, it's almost never the weapon, but the operator that makes the real difference anyway.
Offensive weapons? well, lets see here.... hmmm, oh ya,..

A good offensive weapon may be a real cheap cigar of large gage and smoked till very hot, you then jab into the enemy's eye. It hurts and smells bad. That is very offensive.

Another offensive weapon I once saw used by a gorilla at the Los Angeles(not to be confused with Lower Alabama) Zoo was when the said offender(Gorilla) took a big crap that must have measured at least 9 inches, picked it up and began to act like he was going to chuck it at the crowd. You have never seen one hundred humans move faster.

Another concoction was the pissalof cocktail. It consisted of very nasty urine in a bottle or baloon. Yuk.

Of course a .300 WM, full floated, heavy or fluted 24 in., with a 4-16x44-50 is my choice.

Or better yet a .50 BTSP 750 grn.
Thank you everyone.I finally thumbed through my list and selected the following eight.What are your opinions on these?
M.O.D LadyHawk
Microtech Socom
Emerson Titanium La Griffe
Benchmade Spike straight edge
Steve Ryan's Interdictor
Bud Nealy's Y2K
Bud Nealy's Aikuchi
Laci Szabo's RAD
Also considering one of Warren Thomas's knives
Here is a fine specimen:

If your intentions are to end peoples lives on a daily basis, this one should work just fine.

But I suppose (and hope)you are merely speculating, and that you do not have such intentions.

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The mind is the weapon, if need be. The knife is nothing but an object.

I read a quote somewhere which made a great point: A bowie in the hand of someone who don't know what they are doing is useless, whereas a butter knife in the hand of Jim Bowie would still be deadly.

I think the idea that a specific knife would empower the wielder with ability is a fantasy.


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