The ZT0801

Ok, so after messing with it all night I have come up with two extremely minor issue/annoyances. 1st...I can see the teflon/nylon/whatever bearing assembly through the lock-bar cutout, and it's blue, which stands out a a little against the gorgeous Ti scales. And 2nd, I makes me want a 0801CF so freaking badly, but I dunno how I'll afford to buy one/not get castrated by my lady if I do!!! ^^;

Yes, it is just that the blue washer jumps out at my aesthetics, and messes with the visual line of the piece for me, not a deal breaker in any way as it is still the most impressive blade I own.
Alright you guys talked me into it. Daves got one headed my way. Played with one over at Sparks place and liked it but now I just have to have it. Liked the 0600 but WOW what a hand full. Pics when she arrives.
Kai has the Midas Touch with these new flippers... wow... I gotta start playing the lottery...
Anyone know when the CF version will be released/available for pre-order?
I got to handle a 0801 in the wild this weekend and I was very very impressed with F&F. It was better than both my 0560 and 0561 and on par if not even a little better than my 0600. The detent was PERFECT and the action was remarkable for being NIB and not well broken in.

I am banking on the 0801CF though.