Things SOG can do to get back on top.

Discussion in 'SOG Specialty Knives' started by macgregor22, May 14, 2008.

  1. Robbie Roberson

    Robbie Roberson

    Dec 27, 2003
    Gadgetgeek, very well said ! :D

    Robbie Roberson. :thumbup:
  2. snakedad


    Sep 6, 2008
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  3. snakedad


    Sep 6, 2008
    Robbie--I think you might remember the photo--it was later in the evening--I was in my wheelchair due to back problems---name's Mark

    The fact that you responded to this post proves my point...CUSTOMER SERVICE people.:cool::cool:
  4. snakedad


    Sep 6, 2008
    YEAH :D:D:cool:
  5. Robbie Roberson

    Robbie Roberson

    Dec 27, 2003
    Mark, I remember it very well. ;)

    Did I not see you yesterday ? :)

    Maybe not..........but I thought I did........:D

    Robbie Roberson.
  6. snakedad


    Sep 6, 2008
    yeah that was me :eek:

    we should get together sometime for a pot of gumbo--I can rustle up some mean cajun.

    Dont have regular access to a computer--mine has some sort of a disease--

    You can get my number from Wendy in customer service at SMKW--Im in SC now but Im here at her house most of the time if a computer is involved

    like 2 get some tips on building a small forge---I got the bug.

    Revolver works like a dream--lotta vibration w/saw--cant have everything:D
  7. macgregor22


    Sep 20, 2007
    I agree.
    When I went to SMKW the sog rep was awesome(don't know who it was but he was cool).
    He was the only one that really knew his stuff, all the other company reps just kind of waddled around. :D
    The sog booth is also the coolest there btw.
  8. DEXIX_five-oh


    Sep 17, 2007
    dropping the Desert Dagger was silliness.

    moving to taiwan is just sad. not a mark against sog, every company except the truly elite are doing it. it hurts the heart.

    i'm the buyer for what i believe is the largest (size, not scale) knife store in California. i call SOG a lot. love you guys.

    but i'm just not excited for the bulk of SOGs line. i spend most of my SOG money on Discontinued pieces. i'm actually buying Contours on Ebay for my store.

    thats right.

    Ebay is one of my SOG dealers. because SOG doesn't think the knives that sell for me are important anymore.

    Desert Dagger
    SOG Tech
    SK5 Bowie.

    and Chris, i love you man, you're always super nice to me, but the Arci-Tech is the worst put together $450 knife I've seen that wasn't made by CS.

    Tools are amazing. Team Leader in 20CV is amazing. but the Blingy branding and the absence of the DD is just making SOG look like their Hurting.

    i don't wan't SOG to be the next Camillus, you guys need to get back to your ROOTS.

    oh, and be open on Mondays, thats when my ordering gets done. You're in a meeting : i call MOT, BR, or H.L.

    love my Jet Edge, but ya'll make me a little sad :(
  9. karesz68


    Apr 22, 2008
    So I'm not the only one !Someone else do think like me!
  10. dl351


    May 5, 2006
    Interesting. I never really thought about it, but the only SOG knives I've gotten in the past couple of years are a Night Vision, a Tech 2, and a beat up Seal 2000 all off of ebay. The only SOG knives I ever look for any more are the Tomcat (original), Jet Edge 2 (the carbon fiber looks cool), the Tsunami, and the original SK5 Tigershark. Other then that, the only knives that I've purchased recently have been Busse Kin and Ranger knives. A nice tool steel fixed blade that doesn't cost as much as the collector's Bowie would be great.
  11. itseasyforyou


    Jun 8, 2008
    I agree, it would be nice if SOG could make good blades for cheap with 1095 or a good big chopper bowie with 1095.
  12. Bushman5


    Oct 31, 2007
    DESERT DAGGER! timeless classic!
  13. he who say

    he who say

    Dec 11, 2007
    after visiting their facility recentlly, i think things will continue to trend towards well finished, overpriced, made where ever knives.
  14. Daniel L

    Daniel L

    Nov 2, 1998
    Its the mass market and the mighty $$ margin that determines what gets produced.
    I personally do not like a lot of the new "blingy" models with weird designs / cutouts / logos, but amongst that there are some nice items like the multitools.

    I for one love my SOG Fusion Hawk. Will pick up an Aegis. I like the look of the Agency but wish a lot of their fixed blades ditched the double handguard so that I can put my thumb on the spine!!
  15. jeepin

    jeepin Gold Member Gold Member

    Jul 20, 2003
    2 things that really turn me off on SOG. How much they charge for knives with low end steel, and the ugly ass cutouts in the knives, wether its done in the blade or the handle:rolleyes:.
  16. AMRaider


    Sep 5, 2007
    The cut-outs with the SOG name do bother me a little, but I wouldn't say SOG charges too much "for the steel". The Twitch II (with AUS8) is availible for around $40 from retailers and $30 something on Ebay. A similar sized Al Mar knife (with AUS8) will run you about $60 something. I'm not saying Al Mars aren't worth the money; just comparing is all. Cheers.
  17. Twodogknight


    Apr 18, 2008
    Now THERE is an idea!

    I'm too lazy to quote the original post, but i would definitely collect variations on the original 'Cat. Like Buck does with the 110 and 55, so too should SOG w/the Tomcat: different scales, blade steel, thumbstud, AO, Arc-Lock etc.

    The Tomcat was THE original production tac-folder. Why doesn't SOG still believe in it? If Ka-Bar can use high-carbon steel and build in America, why can't SOG? How sweet would a D2 tool steel bladed Tomcat Classic w/ linen-micarta scales and thumbstud be? Too sweet, that's how!

    Or a titanium bolstered/carbon fiber-scaled D2-bladed 'Cat Classic??

    Or an Assisted-Opening version of the above?

    Or one with scrimshawed Airborne Wings on Grivory(or whatev?)??

    Or a Classic 'Cat with SS bolsters and MOP?

    Or just a Classic standar w/Arc-lock?

    I mean, the varitaions seem to have infinite possibilities. I alone could spend the next month inventing variations on that theme. In my mind the Tomcat is THE archetypical big-time folder. It would create it's own market purely based on the variety of materials applied. Like an OP said: be a leader in the market, not a follower!

    Just my two cents, but i am confident that this concept would be a money-maker, even (especially?) in a limited-run.
  18. 4 Ranges

    4 Ranges

    Apr 5, 2002
    Bring back the ORIGINAL SOG Tigershark. In carbon. Way overdue.
  19. Tim-Gabz


    Nov 24, 2003
    I love the Tsunami is ergonomic and is not out of place if put to work in a kitchen. Fundimentally it follows the original purpose of Tantos, a field knife. Most tantos are stylised and hard to use in domestic roles that soldiers ineviatably found themselves doing in the field.
  20. Hammer27


    Sep 17, 2006

    I need one that I won't feel bad about using!


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