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Warning Regarding "blademan007"

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Nov 9, 2000

Michael sent me an e-mail wanting to purchase a knife from me I had listed here in the forums. I (ignorantly)advised I would ship the knife immediately on the "honor system" if he would send me the Money Order via Priority Mail likewise immediately. He agreed. I shipped the knife and he did not ship the money.

I then e-mail inquired where the money was. He advised he had "gotten real busy" and had "now done it" and I should see it in a few days. The money never arrived over a week later.

I e-mailed again to inquire about the money. He replied that he got my "box" and that it was "empty" except for some packing materials. I said first off, I packed it myself in the presence of the shipping clerk at my job, and that isn't what I asked him in the first place.

He said he was "cancelling" the money order as he was not paying for a box. I asked him where the Priority Mail was and requested a copy of the USPS Cash Receipt showing the Priority Mail purchase, as well as a copy of the Money Order to be faxed to me, to provide proof that the Money Order had ever been sent in the first place as he had promised "TWICE". These receipts are mysteriously lost he claims (must be with the knife)!

I then asked him to find them and fax them to me. I also requested that I would provide a UPS Call Tag, for return shipping at my cost, to pick up the original box I shipped him the knife in so I could investigate the possibility of its being opened prior to his receiving it. I specifically requested he ship it inside a larger box and not to retape or change anything on it for investigative purposes. He has never sent the box or provided proof that he has.

Once I realized he had not sent me the money "twice" before he even received the box as was promised, I knew the likelihood the knife was missing from the box was questionable. This is not to say it can't happen. However, many of you have purchased my personal knives I have sold through the forum and I have shipped them ALL without a HITCH. I have received public praise here in the forum for my collection sale quality, condition and expedience in shipping. But again, I accepted that the possibility of transit theft existed, and therefore requested the box in its received state. No box! As for me, I do not waste money sending empty boxes of packing materials.

The receipts from his "alleged" Priority Mail and Money Order cannot be located and I have likewise never received them. If they were ever sent in the first place, I should have received them over a week ago (on the 2nd promise to pay that is). I don't have the box to investigate because he hasn't shipped me that either.


I stake my public reputation on this claim and am providing this info only as a warning to other forumites. You do not want to be his next "target"!

He is now not returning my e-mails!

E-mail him and tell him you have posted this here; let's see if he responds.

If he doesn't respond post the address you shipped the knife to and what his E-mail address is.?
This reminds me. I am eager to support the forums and purchase a Gold Membership.

Because it is late, I am tired, and thus currently stupid, would you please e-mail me the phone number to phone in my card number for the membership?


Sorry for your bad experience GPB, its a shame that kind of stuff has to happen.:( I hope it wasn't an expensive lesson for you. I too send parcels out without receiving payment forst, but I only do it for the people that I know already, and have had dealings with.<p>I hope that this dirt bag makes good on the money he owes you, and thanks for letting us know about this crook.

Good luck to you!
I know, I hate to wait for knives too. That is why I have always trusted people and shipped it anyway. I have probably done this with 20 knives or more and never had someone act this way.

narruc1, Thanks for your words and service to our country. Semper Fidelis!

BTW: Not to confuse, I wasn't a Marine. Just using your benevolent call! Long Live the "Corps" Devil Dog. :D

Thanks again!


P.S. I won't let this lowsy little rotten apple spoil the bunch of good people I have met, made friends with and sold knives to here.

Thanks for the info, I will get the membership going tomorrow. Gotta go to bed now.

Call your local Postal Inspector. The PO notes damaged goods. This punk needs to do some jail time as Mrs. Bubba. I hope you get it resolved before the PI gets involved.
Right copis. The sad truth is I have an offer to this guy via e-mail to "make this right" and pay me the money, or ship me back the knife. I advised him that if he made good on his word, I would forget the entire matter.

I even told him that I would contact bladeforums.com. He doesn't seem to care. I did notice last night that he is doing some business with Busse Combat as I saw him post it on a Thread in Jerry's forum. I know Jerry personally, and have sent him an e-mail to advise him of this guy's ways.

Funny, he obviously didn't realize the knife community was small and his antics won't get him very far.

I am still waiting for his reply to make the situation proper. If I don't here from him very soon, the next legal course of action will be taken. The amount isn't the issue. Its the principle, the law, and preventing this from happening to someone else by making him accountable.

Thanks again for all the support here.
Man I feel for you GPB and thanks for exposing this clown. Hearing this kind of thing pisses me off! A man with no honor is no man at all 00-zero or whatever that clowns name is. I truly hope there is such a thing as bad karma! and best of luck to you GPB.
What comes around goes around...This pinhead will get what's coming to him sooner or later.
If this weasel-bag does not make right in the next few days (and based on his communications he has no intention of doing so) then you need to post his real name and mailing address, so that anyone who does a search on that info will be alerted to his despicable wretchedness. It's so nice to find a community of honorable people, and then have it ruined by one lowlife scumbag!
Man, that truly sucks! This "baldeman" guy needs to get his name and address posted on the forum for all to see. Punks like that have no honour. :mad:
That's why its important to post who the good guys are when you have good transactions.
First off, I want to personally thank everyone for the overhwelming support here and via e-mail!

Second, pursuant to the requests this "punks" name, address and e-mail is the following.

BTW: I still haven't heard from him and I have sent him two e-mails between last night and today to alert him to this Thread. So far, no response!

Michael "Mike" White
Bladeforums aka "Blademan_007"
306 E. 800 South
Springville, Utah 84663
E-mail: blademan_007@yahoo.com

Looks like I am out until I file on him. :barf:
Mike just finally returned my call.

He stated that he is not near his computer and cannot respond. This is the first time he has ever attempted to call me back.

He explained that he shipped me the original box inside a Priority Mail Plastic Envelope "just today" it seems.

I asked him why I had not received the Priority Mail Letters he supposedly sent me with the Money Orders. He said he called the post office and had them recalled. I will have to check with the USPS and see if that is even possible. Sounds impossible to me. I have always thought once you sent a letter, its sent. Its not like UPS where you can track and/or redirect it. I then asked him where the receipts were for the Money Orders and Priority Mails and why he did not fax them to me as I asked to prove his claims. He claimed he still cannot find them.

This brings me to a point I must address for clarification. When he originally told me he was sending the money, he advised he did not have it all. The selling price on this blade was 165.00. Therefore, I told him to send me 100.00 now and 65.00 the following week. All Priority Mail. He claims now to have sent both, placed the wrong address on the first and recalled the second. But mysteriously enough, he has neither to fax me to prove they exist?

I asked him if the box was damaged in any way (holes, etc.), or if it looked as if it had been opened and retaped. He said he did not look at it that closely. I told him in no uncertain terms that since his credibility on the missing Priority Mails and Money Orders is severely in question, that I don't, at this time, believe the box was empty! He basically said "ok" (non-chalantly) but with no concern.

In talking to him, he seems overly confused about the whole matter. I think he knows he's caught, and doesn't know how to get out of it. For the record I still have two old offers to him to make it right, although I failed to mention that over the phone, to which he hasn't responded.

I will defer further comment until I receive the original box in which I shipped him the knife, which he supposedly shipped Priority Mail to me today. We'll see.

Any Comments from My Friends and Forumites? What would you think at this point?


Let's hope for the best.

Other people have made mistakes and have been forgiven here.

I hope blademan_007 will be one of them. :)
I believe you are correct GPB in thinking that he knows he fouled up, wether or not he choses to do right is another thing. But there is one thing I would like to know? sending a money order "Priority" will get it to the intended receiver in a very short amount of time, and this guy is taking weeks? I know if I messed up and didn't send something when I was supposed to I would bend over backwards to make it right and send it "Next Day Delivery" or Western Union...then again while I am a man of my word some are not. So I say pursue this unfortunate matter with this clown...and another thing I would like to know is who these people are that apparently have X-Ray Vision and can see knives through boxes without the use of an actual X-Ray machine? I would like to have that gift of sight!
And again GPB I hope you come out on top.
Sounds as if "Mikey" has his head up his. . . . Well. . .you know !

Don't hold your breath GPB. He may have had good intentions initally ~ but his intentions now aren't very honorable !

What a shame. I feel your pain !

Hope that it works out ~ in your favor !
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