What do your wives carry?


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Apr 3, 2001
Anybody's wife out there carry a knife? I'm looking for suggestions on medium folders for my wife. She has a crkt large mirage now, but she says it's too big for her to carry all the time.

I have lots of knives to offer her, but none are in the size range she wants, and I don't have much experience with medium to small knives at all. As far as parameters, it just needs to be an easy carry and open one handed. I'd like to get her something nice, that she will use a lot and will last a long time.

Thanks in advance for the suggestions!
smokey mountain knifeworks has the Buck HTA I lightning on sale for 17.99. They had red/black,blue marble,and black oxide.all had clips.my wife has r/b and bm.we bought the black ones for b-day gifts and have gone over real well.The clip works real well in a purse.:)
these knives go for 45$ or so on a normal basis
Emerson Mini-CQC7A plain edge.:D
Tough knife, easy to open/close.

If that is still too big, try the Mirage Ti by CRKT.
A small CRKT crawford Point Guard is nice, too.
My wife carries a Spyderco Native clipped to a divider in her purse.Its entertaining to see the looks she gets when she pulls it out in public to cut a stray thread or something. :eek:
My wife is currently carying a Case MOP Peanut and her new little mouse:
My wife used to carry a tiny Victorinox on her key-ring and a Victorinox Camper in her purse.
But now she carries a Spyderco Delica clipped in her pocket or waistband. I think she still has the Camper in her purse (or a Leatherman Micra).
My wife carries a CRKT Delilah Peck on the keyring.
She wouldn't really consider anything larger.

BTW, I just got my Spyderco Chinook yesterday (courtesy Anthony Chesseboro) - She was very impressed and demanded that I keep it on the bed to fend of night time intruders. Good work Spyderco!
Aside from the little Victorinox Swiss Army "Classic" that's on her key-ring, my wife carries a Cold Steel Medium plain-edge clip-point Voyager (for everyday cutting chores), and the Spyderco combo-edge Endura that I had just received from Mikemck as part of a "watch trade" we made. (Of course, that's along with the Glock 26 that I bought for her a couple of years ago...:).).
Just got mine a new CRKT Neck Peck. I'll be giving it to her as soon as I cord-wrap that handle...

Not married any more, but my x usually carries a bottle of wine or a bottle of vodka.
Don't get me started...Dang, you already did!

I gave my wife a completely tame TiNi CrossCut (small multi-tool with a scissor head) to attach to her keychain. Because she is a public school teacher and the schools have a "Zero Tollerance" policy against all weapons (and, of course, a mini multi-tool with a 2" blade that takes about 30 seconds to access ;) is more dangerous than the 8" scissors on her desk!) she cannot carry it to work!

Ban all useful items from schools! Pens and pencils will be next!

Don't get me started... :)

To answer your question...Once upon a time, a TiNi CrossCut. :(
My wife carries a Spyderco Delica in SS. She loves it and uses it constantly. She always hands it back to me for cleaning and sharpening though.?? ;)

Originally posted by Gus Kalanzis
Not married any more, but my x usually carries a bottle of wine or a bottle of vodka.

Damn Gus,
No opener for the wine even??:D

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My wife carries a CRKT KFF in her purse. She carries a Marbles CampCraft and Camillus Muskrat when we're in the Adirondacks.
Well...let's see,

A schrade old timer of some sort, I think it's the middleman jack. A buck tool at various times as needed, a buck mini tool, a buck crosslock solitaire, a buck "I guess she likes buck a lot" woodsman also at various times as needed, and a Pro-Tech Runt Auto Red handled with polished finish limited edition.

I could tell you about my knives (likes benchmade/spyderco/camillus/SOG...etc.), my dad's knives (likes bokers), my mom's knives (likes camillus), or even my grandma's knives (likes Hen & Rooster); but that should suffice for now.
My wife usually has a CF Spyderco Dragonfly. Plus, I just passed on my BM Mini-Reflex to her after I got a UDT!

If Gus' ex-wife is anything like MY ex, she probably BITES the top of her booze bottles off...LOL!!.:D.:D.