What is the Walmart Kershaw Tiger Stripe?

Feb 7, 2013
I saw a spot at our 2 Wamlarts for a "Kershaw tiger stripe." That is what it says on the price tag, but they don't have any and I am curious. Can anyone help?
Thanks, that has been bugging me since I saw it. Is it a exclusive? I can't find a picture of it anywhere.
The regular black tanto blur looks nice. I hope to see the tiger stripe model soon. Thanks!
The new set is in the process of loading into stores now. The TS Blur should be in all of the stores either now, or in the very near future. The TS Tanto Blur will replace the standard DLC Tanto Blur .
Are the Blurs at WalMart the same quality as any other Blurs?
yeah should be same quality.....im looking foward to seeing the t.s. blur. I was suprised other day when i went to get shuffle that they had a new lineup of Kershaws on the self at my walmart, was use to same 4 for so long.
I'm sure that combo at that retailer will find its way into thousands of pockets, for sure!

Makes me almost wish I liked serrations :p
Do they make a blur thats tanto and not serrated? ill be stopping by walmart a few times a week now to check this out