What is the Walmart Kershaw Tiger Stripe?

Went by my local Walmart today and they had a black tanto in the spot where it said tigerstripe. I asked the girl at the counter if they had any in and she said yes its right there lol. I pointed out to her that it was black and not tigerstripe so she looked in the other part of the case to see if they werent misplaced but to no avail. She got the manager and explained what I told her and her manager was nice enough to order 5 tigerstripes and would be here in a week. Not holding my breath but at least they made an effort
I can understand why some people wont like the stripes but I can't help but love a little cosmetic fashion on my blades and this just happens to hit the spot. :p
Going to be making a trip to Wallyworld in the next couple days so I'll have to see if they have any of these out yet.

Quick question for the mods and I hope it's not taken the wrong way but. How come this exclusive supplier is allowed to be mentioned now but when the PE tiger stripe Blur came out the supplier wasn't allowed to be mentioned because they weren't an advertiser here?
Oh man those clamshell packs ugh... thank you WM! :grumpy:
After getting my s30v Blur, I love getting clamshell packs. Any excuse to whip out one of my Kia... Been a week since I got my Elmax 0561 and have had nothing but junk mail to use it on. Going to go in the back yard and grab a fallen branch just to get a feeling for its cutting ability. I think my Blur will preform better in this instance cause the blade is thinner so there would be less drag beyond the actual cut. Just a guess.