What is your ABSOLUTE favorite?

Feb 9, 1999
What is your very favorite knife? If you can't decide on one, don't post...Just name one!!!PLEASE... You decide, is it your daily knife or that custom tucked away?
At this moment I have to say it's "The Sympathy CUDA" (See Camillus Forum)


A Gerber Paul 2PW from 1981. Although I don't carry it any more, it was my first quality production piece and paved the way for the Military, SOCOMs, AFCK, etc. I always know exactly where it is.

Perhaps I'll stick it in my pocket today :).

Doug Gray
Boye BDS-15 only because it's the one I use the most. I'm not sure how to define favorite but "most used" might be a good criterion and that would put the Boye at the top of my rather broad collection.

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Overall, I like the AFCK the best. Great all-arounder.

For me it's my Himalayan Imports 15" Ang Kohla. I own all types of regular production knives as well as quite a few hand made custom knives and the H.I. AK is by far the best knife I own. It has redefined the boundries of what a good knive should be capable of. It is virtually unbreakable and is backed by the best guarentee available.

My Al Polkowsi Polecat! In fact Mr. Polkowski just finished making me an SOB sheath for it and it works great! It's now the backup to my P-7.

Thanks Mr. P

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Kershaw 1416. Reminds me of the early Sebenza before the design change. Stout, easy to sharpen and stays that way and the liner lock is rock solid. Fixed blade for bowhunting the Black Jack Trail Guide. A2 steel with gorgeous stag. Screams custom but it ain't. This is an earlier Black Jack when there QC was tops in the industry. Had to name 2. Sorry Bartman. Carry my Keshaw slightly more than my CCO from Colt. They compliment one another very well indeed. Keep'em sharp.
My all time favorite is my Lg. Sebenza. I finally bought mine last year after lusting after one from the first time I saw it in 1992. I now carry it everywhere. It is rock solid has good edge geometry and a great blade shape.

My favorite is my axis, the way it silently falls into place, ready to impail...(usually me, though

!!! Loca Grande !!!
O.K. Do you want custom or production? Either way I would have to say Carnivour. Or as Pat Crawford spells it Carnivore.


AFCK! It isn't the newest, or the most expensive. It is simply the best overall.
Endura. As much as I love my AFCK, it isn't worth over double the price ($CAN) of my Spydie...

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My engraved Large Sebenza. Fit and finish are perfect, simply the best knife I have ever handled. Second best would be my Small Sebenza.

Considering only the knives I carry it would be the AFCK. If you include the knives I'm going to buy....Well that's another topic