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What is your ABSOLUTE favorite?

Yes when this thread dies I will do a tally..man there are some awesome knives on this thread!!!! KEEP EM COMING>>only your favorite first...
The original REKAT Pioneer with drop point blade in BlackT finish. A little heavy to carry everyday, and not as smooth as others, but it's the most reliable and well-built knife out there. I also love my mini SOCOM with white handles and black blade.

If you had asked two weeks ago it would have been one of my BM's. However now it is without a doubt my Mint 12/79 Kershaw trooper. Its simply beautiful. Thanks Greg.

Dark Nemesis

All the knives in the world go round and round, round and round, round and round...DAMN, one of them took my wallet !!! :)

Like Will Rogers, I never met a knife I didn't like, but I guess my favorite, perhaps because it is the only high quality custom I own, is the Polkowski Bodyguard. It is sleek, sharp, and comfortable. The three sheaths supplied with the Bodyguard makes it highly versatile too.


Since I have little experience with knives over $100, I'm kind of limited. I would have to choose my BM Sentinel combo edge, which I bought slightly used. It looks great and locks up solid with a cool "snock" sound.
Folder Utility: Spyderco Bob T

Folder Fighter: Genesis

Fixed Utility: Blackjack HALO II

Fixed Fighter: Hobbit Warrior

Neck Knife: Hobbit Fang

Auto: Ti UDT (MiniSEAL)

Ok, so I had to give a detailed answer!

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Spyderco Plain Edge 440V Military

Of course I love the Sebenza too, but the Military is the one I reach for first, EVERY time.

God bless!

Romans 10:9-10

"Military" Fans Unite!!

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Microtech Brend Mirror Polish DA Tanto SOCOM and no I don't carry it. For carry, I just can't get away from my M2 AFCK.
For daily carry? It has to be Spyde's Delica. For my collection,....The ultimate MT HALO 2!
My Victorinox SAK - the camper? model. Simple, inexpensive and does everything I've ever asked it to.

(But that may change when the CUDA comes in!)

Production my lefty Sebenza, Custom an amazing Jim Schmidt damascus,pearl and gold folder. Also love all of my Morans and Loveless knives.