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What is your ABSOLUTE favorite?

Forgot to say...Mine is well the small Sebenza #170 I carry it almost everyday..It has scratched up...but its Ti, can't hurt it..What a great all around knife!!
My absolute favorite folder is my large Sebenza. And my favorite fixed blade is the CRK Shadow IV......mmmmmmmm I think I see a pattern there


Large Sebenza.My daily carry.


have a"knife"day
I've already said my favorite is my small sebenza but the sebenza (large and small) sure is being named a lot. What a great knife!

When this thread begins to die out are you going to give us an analysis or leave it to us. It looks like the winners so far are the Sebensa and the AFCK.

Fixed blade: Kevin Wilkins "Falcon" in D2


Folder: Mission "MPF" A2 tanto

Ralf, that Falcon looks to be a "schweeeet" knife.
Favorite folder, right now, is CF Spyderco Dragonfly, but then again it is my only (semi-large) non-sak folder.

If I can get my scanner online tonite, I'll post a pic of my absolute, all-time fav.
Plain edge Starmate: Bob T design, Spyder hole, CPM440V; style, utility, performance (respectively).

My Benchmade custom bali w/ 5" D2 Crawford Bowie blade and 17/4 stainless handles.

I have not come across another bali as tough or as well made.
My absolute favorite knife is... the one I have on me.

Usually these days it's the Wegner Jr.
Rendon Griffin center release leaf spring; meteorite damascus blade, sambar stag scales, file-worked, front and rear engraved bolsters, personalized on the inside liner (a big-balls move on an auto, but a really nice touch!)

As a knife collector, one must have a carry knife to be proud of...life's too short not to carry a nice knife!


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BM Mel Pardue 330. It is ALWAYS with me as well as a full size folder of choosing that I select each day. If I answer this tommorow or the next day then I may choose a different one.