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What is your ABSOLUTE favorite?

A Randall #1 or Blackjack copy of the same..... I just think they're so pretty...
My Himalayan Imports 18" Ang Khola with the larger Karda and sharpened larger Chakma. Three in one scabbard.


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Crud, I don't know.

Spyderco Military.

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"Never carry a knife shorter than your schnoz."
Only one?...Well for me,it's my...Marble's MSA, Gladstone,Mich 8" Bowie which is in absolute mint condition with sheath, given to me by my late-great Uncle Kenneth.


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Remington Muskrat 4466 (1988), and yes I do carry it--daily.

No, maybe the Calypso jr. in stainless.

Well, one of those two.

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The only knife I own since I recently lost my Delica, my small sebenza.

Benchmade Spike.


Robert Joseph Ansbro

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My Axis and my Carnivour. They are with me always, and in my mind, they are one just as my left hand and my right hand are part of the same body.
My Buck 110. I've had it for over twenty years and it is old and reliable.
Bartman...i carry only my small sabenza since it's arrival..CRK makes a wonderful using knife in this handy package called sabenza
I'm with KDARMY.

It's my...Marble's Gladstone,Mich 8" Ideal which is in PRISTINE mint condition with sheath, given to me by my Father.