What is your sharpest knife

Jun 2, 1999
I was looking over the collection the other night and I was noticing how much sharper some of my knives are than others. I was just wondering what everyone else would consider their sharpest knife. Mine would have to be a Microtech, with the Bud Nealy a very close second. I have heard a lot about the sharpness of the Sebenza??
Right now the Sebenza, need to touch up that Millie.

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Plain edge, Cold Steel XL Voyager. Right out of the box it is the sharpest knife I have ever seen. It is sharper than my fathers old skinner. That is saying a lot.
My sharpest (non kitchen) knives are a pretty close match:

Buck Master Series Vanguard (BG-42)
Fallkniven F1 (VG10)
Russell Green River Elk Knife (1095 ?)

My Spyderco kitchen knife with MBS-26
blade is probably my sharpest knife.

All of these knives give a smooth clean
I'd say my sharpest by far is my MT Socom. It's edge is perfect if there is such a thing. The only complaint is that when light is reflected off of it, thin vertical grind marks can be seen on the edge bevel.

My sharpest knives are My Spydercos; Military, Moran, Delicas(3) and Enduras(2).

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I would have to say of all the millions of knives I own give or take a few zero's The Spydie Micarta Jesse Horn was the sharpest knife right out of the box.
Might be my Becker Knife and Tool Magnum...shaves, and also has an edge with great "bite" on fibrous stuff.
My Sebenza and Battle Mistress. I used the 30 degree angle on my Sharpmaker 204 just to see how sharp my knives could get. I haven't tested them in the field yet so I don't know if I'll keep the angle. The smaller Sebenza can now slice a free-falling piece of legal pad paper cleanly in half.

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The most consistantly sharp knives direct from the factory I have seen are Spyderco and Cold Steel.

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My sharpest knife right now is my M2 afck. Out the box however my sharpest knife was, belive it or not, my bucklite.
Both my Spyderco Morans.

I thought maybe the first was just special, butt when the wife grabbed it after our first camping trip, I bought another.

Same hair popping edge.

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