What other hobbies do knife hobbyists have?

Anything Outdoors - backpacking, hiking, rock climbing, caving(not really outdoors), watersports, etc.
Also like shooting, martial arts, movies, and designing knives (haven't made any yet).
And of course, working on my '77 Jeep CJ-7, she's a little rough but she'll go just about anywhere.

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Main recreation is mountain biking. I also enjoy guns and camping. I do some custom painting (bikes, motorcycles and cars) on the side as well. I also like VW's.


Is that thing shar...OW!
Besides making and collecting knives I like to ride my harley, shoothandguns (in particular my usp compact in 40 and my Sig p226, Workout six days a week, gamble, many other pursuits in particular I enjoy music. Almost anythuing from Zeppelin to Sinatra, Stanley Turrentine to Greenday, Mel Torme to Jam.
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You guys have hobbies that don't involve knives!? For shame! Seriously, I'm an actor, distance runner, snow skier, I love to read if its a good book, like to hunt and shoot, working on learning how to use a bullwhip, I ride ATV's, and that's about it.

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Other than knives ? Hmmmmmmmm....
Motorcycle Touring
Pistol/Rifle Match (pneumatics included)
Catamaran Sailing
Collecting Guns
Collecting Antique Slot Machines
Anything outdoors.

So...I must have a life anyway

Other than knives my hobbies include:
*Cigars- collect way more than I smoke.
*Artifacts- African statues, Buddhas, prayer beads, prayer wheels...basically anything handcrafted by indiginous peoples.
*Bicycle mechanics

My Custom Kydex Sheath pagehttp://www.geocities.com/CollegePark/Lab/1298/knifehome.html
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On Two Wheels
Knifemaking was my hobby till 1990 when I became a full time knifemaker.
Needed a hobby and took up Black Powder. and Rendezvouing......a.k.a....Old Eagle
Wow, even I'm surprised at how many martial artists are here. Lota' brainerds too (readers)!

Inayan Eskrima

Anything in the outdoors, hiking, fishing, hunting, climbing, orienteering, getting lost.

Reading, especially about the outdoors.

Motorcycles and bicycles.

Go (Chinese board game)

Knives have recently taken over my main hobby, with firearms slipping to second place,
mostly handguns, have one CAR-15 and Mossberg 590, the rest are all pistols, and I do some minor home gunsmithing. Getting ready to try my hand at reloading. Martial Arts, Ed Parkers Kenpo, and always willing to learn from other styles. Avid reader, frustrated writer, enjoy video games (especially if you get to shoot stuff), amateur photographer, used to collect some comics and non-sport cards but have kind of gotten away from that.
Whew....no wonder I'm tired!

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I only have a few hobbies....my wife would disagree
U. of Colorado Sports
Sea Doos
Bow Hunting
Toyota 4x4 trucks
Guitars & Music
Tube Amps
Maybe she's right
My main passion is flying sailplanes (gliders). Fly a German Grob Astir glass ship (N129SS). It's an awesome experience sharing the clouds and sky in motorless flight with the hawks and swifts for hours at a time.

Also enjoy fishing (fresh and saltwater) and Zydeco dancing.

Backpacking/hiking and rock collecting are still on the list too.

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I think I'm probably a hobbyholic. My wife has nastier names that that.

Music (I play piano)
Knife collecting
e-commerce web site collecting (well maybe that's not a hobby.)

Knife Outlet

Other than my Wife??

Guns: hunting and target
Trying to learn Fly fishing
music, reading, woodworking
Hobbies, too many to list, here's the abbreviated version:

1. Dating my hot wife.
2. Combat handgunning/shotgunning.
3. Fiction reading.
4. Quake 2, Unreal, & Aliens Vs. Predator.
5. Archery.
6. Catfishing.
7. Fighting knife collecting, fantasizing about knives, and finding makers who will make the knives I have in mind.
8. Oh, yeah. Finishing a doctorate in psychology and avoiding responsibility.


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I write short stories and scripts of all kinds and forms. I shoot and edit my own productions. I study film and the art of film lighting (Cinematography) almost all the time: reading books, doing onsite experiment in negotiating different lighting problems and trying to capture certain moods and feelings through the light on screen. I watch a lot of film noir, and I am an avid fan of Stanley Kubricks works, I have seen and studied all of his works, and I watch them almost everyday. I also watch Japanese Animation, and that with my love of console videogames has given me a more immediate reason to study Japanese (Squaresoft Imports), so I do that too. I yo-yo, and I like to have fun with my dog as much as possible. I also enjoy classical music, among other types of music (my favorite bands are the Beastie Boys and Radiohead, so you might be able to tell how eclectic I am). I am also well read on most forms of literature, I try to absorb as much information as I can... It's suprising how much of it you can actually use. I think thats it, did I mention I am stuck in Xenogears? Lil' Help?;-)


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Guns,Shooting,Soccer,Basketball isn't much keep me busy when I'm not doing something with knives.
I study Martial Arts (American Kempo- Ed Parker style). Am also a semi-pro saxophone player. That really means I actually make some money at it from time to time.
Besides collecting and dreaming of knives working as a pastry assistant takes up a lot of my time. Besides that there is always shopping and just going out to clubs and dancing all night then going back to work. I love this life.

I enjoy fooling around with my radio control cars, but I don't get to spend much time on them. A lot of my free time is invested in a bus route which brings kids from the city (Lowell, MA) to church (Faith Baptist Church in Nashua, NH) on Sunday mornings. Saturday is fairly busy as we visit all the kids to find out who is comming Sunday, help out families, and locate new riders. Then Sunday is very busy; the bus takes off at 7:30am and parks for the day usually after 3:00pm. This makes for VERY tireing weekends, but they are more than worth it. Hundreds of kids and dozens of families seem to think so.

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