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What other hobbies do knife hobbyists have?

Besides knives and Bladeforums

- travelling - about 70 states (47 in US)
- photography
- (mountain)biking
- skiing
- horseback riding
- reading (sci-fi)
- music (everything but country and jazz)
- computer & Internet related activities
- numismatics
- planning on buying Retriever dog
*Radio communications (scanners, shortwave)
*Skydiving (if I can find the time for it anymore)


prigger, Clancy's Red Storm Rising is also my favorite.

fracmeister & clintonsucks, also a scouter, not so much as a kid (only Star) but my two sons are Eagle and I've been a Scout Master and am currently a fund raising chairman (Friends of Scouting) for part of our District.

Other interests:

--Family History (Genealogy)
--Off Road Motorcycle Riding (not racing, the attraction is the scenery, not the speed!)
--Just ended my "big" hobby--Tuesday I retired from the military--11 years active, 12 years Army Reserve & National Guard.
--Adding being a Grandfather.

Bruce Woodbury

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Lets see, Small collections:
Pipes (Smoking, Tobacco)
Fountian Pens
Old tools

Military History
Canoe (OTCA about 1962)
fishing (almost)
clasical music
Trying to stay one step ahead of my wife

!! Sharpening !!
"I've found out that the sounds that I really like are the sounds of a switchblade and a motorbike" - EJ
Riding my Harley Road King, semi-retired powerlifter (had orthoscopic surgery on the shoulder 4 months ago, level 4 Slap repair and subcromial decompression, still hurts like hell...David Williams, better get yours fixed, it will only get worse), and I am the Quake MASTER!!! Mike Turber, I am calling you out!!! Quake 1, 2, or 3, name the time and place. Oh yeah, I launch ICBMs in my real life, check my web page for pics. I am surprised by the number of musicians here. Also like to build and piddle with computers.

Check my website for nice old Harley pictures www.impulse.net/~rocket
E-mail me at rocket@impulse.net

This is my second tear. My left rotator was a complete tear, my right is more like a sprain. My eyes glaze over and my attention goes elsewhere when the doctor tells me what is wrong in medical terms

I guess I should have listed Quaking in my hobbies. Tried a local Quake net deathmatch over a LAN and got my butt kicked.

Clint Onsucks,

Quake is a PC Game as in Quake, Quake II and soon Quake III. From the makers of Doom.

"A knifeless man is a lifeless man"
-Nordic proverb

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Some of my other hobbies include:

-RC Cars
-arcade games
-video games
-PC games (if any of u guys play Age Of Empires I will give u a beat down


Quake is a kick ass video game you can play over the internet.

If anyone is reading this and play it look for me using ping tool. I am -=STEALTH=-. I normally ping at about 20-30 so you will know it is me.

Deathmatch any time....

Also I live in Florida so the Jet Ski is here and not in LA or off to Catalina, although that would be cool.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
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Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

Martial Arts,Pistolcraft and Backpacking.My boys are old enough to share my hobbies.I'm truly blessed.
[*]Medieval reenactment (SCA)</li>
[*]Books (Science Fiction and History mostly)</li>

The Medieval stuff is the closest thing to a 'hobby'. If you aren't familiar with the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) it's a bunch of people who dress up in Viking outfits and go camping. (Some choose to be English or French or German instead of Viking, but I don't understand why
) . There is also a martial arts aspect to it as we make and wear armor and fight with rattan 'swords'.

Here in the Pacific Northwest the SCA fighters do a pretty good job with the fighting - rules say you can't hit the knees or lower, which makes for a slightly unrealistic fighting style since you don't have to defend them, but mostly it's trying to put a sword firmly against someone's helmet while using a 30" round shield to keep them from doing the same. In other parts of the world the style is different and not as realistic in my opinion.

Jeff Paulsen

Mike, I think I'm gonna start playing Quake just so I can give you a BEAT DOWN! hehe j/k. I dont play quake, I played a little Half Life but that was it.

I just reread your topic line and I resent being called a knife hobbyist. I knife nut yes
Hobbyist no.

And I take my knife sharpening very seriously

"A knifeless man is a lifeless man"
-Nordic proverb

I like to go hiking, and I camp on the long hikes. I'm at number 30 of the 48 4,000 footers!

Other than that, I'd like to try my hand at paintball, if someone would lend me a TS1 Select and a few thousand pink paintballs(because I would like to humiliate my prey).

Quake 2 kicks @$$!
But I like the expansion pack for it even more. I think the proximety bombs are cool
. Did you know that there's a bomb you can use that will blow the CRAP out of you if you're not at least a few rooms and a level higher away?

Is Quake 2 a premium game? 'Cause I don't want to pay, that's why I sometimes play Quake 1, even though the connection always stinks.

"All of our knives open with one hand, in case you're busy with the other"
Mike, Ping is King...and with a ping that low you have a definite advantage...might have to wait until I get hooked up to cable modem in two months. If you even the playing field with a 56K connect like I have, I am deadly. Try the new Quake 3 test, the graphics are another notch up. Quake 2 incorporates more prediction than Quake 1 and plays much better...plus the Voodoo support plays hirez better. For the unknowing, Quake is a first person game where you move around and see just like what you would see out your eyes. Lots of weapons and killing...really stimulates that base of the brain instinct. I have played these type games for years every since Wolf3d. Duke Nukem 3d was a great game of this type but then Quake 2 came out and rocked the world. Plays very well over the internet, i used to play every night for hours. My nick is Rocket. Frag ya later!
Well lets see:

Competetive shooting sports,
Gun collection,
Custom gunsmithing,
Metal work,
Rally racing (off road), etc, etc, etc
Hey guys!
First off i like to say all you guys are very very cool. By what you guys do for fun i can get a better idea of the person behind the name on the screen....and thats important.
I am 15....these are some things i like to do.
1. Black belt in taekwondo
2. I love shooting my 22/ 22mag pistol
3. I love my dog Duchess!
4. I love collecting some knives....but i like learning about what makes a great knife like metalurgic stuff.
5. I am a phycho on my mountain bike. when i used to jump off stuff alot a broke alot of parts.
6. I like shooting my 22 cal rifle. I usually shoot cans at 100 hundred yards. My Iron sights work darn well at that range. I also like my 308. Haven't shot it enough though
7. I have always wanted a motorcross bike. There is a 250 honda down in the motorcycle shop for 1500 bucks. I wish i could get it.
8. I Lift weights too. I think i bench 235 now....and squat 3??. I love it for the challenge to get bigger and better and to have something positive do to.
9. I to have picked up on the bull whip. Mine is an 8footer. I like to do multiple pots where i have do three pots in about 1.5 seconds. Yes i have cut myself with it. made my back bleed some.but it is all in good fun
I think i scared my neighbors with it a little....oooopssy
10. I also love archery. I have a 65 lb. recurve. I can do really good if I practice.
11. Water skiing too....i can almost get up on one, Just need to try it somemore.
12. one more thing....besides camping i am interested in outdoor living, over an extended period of time.....survival. any suggestions?
13. Do i dare add that i play bass in a christian rock band? and tuba too

Thanks for listening guys,
Hey Luke,
Just corious, how do you "love" your dog,shooting, archery ... What will you do with your girlfriend when you get one? Or if you have one already - isn't she jealous?....