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What other hobbies do knife hobbyists have?

Amateur radio
Compound bow archery
Boxer dogs
Motorsports (rallying and racing)
Honda Z50
Besides being a professional Bum and knives, I make walking and hilking sticks from young trees and limbs I find in the woods. I do this strictly as a hobby because selling them would take the fun out of it. Walking through the woods looking for the tree with the right "spirit" is most of the fun. Of course I get to use some of my knives in this process. MTF3
Hmm, 10 years on Jump status kinda warps our brains. After knives, personal hobbies include:
-freefall (I hate static lines!!!)
-mountain & road biking
-anything that keeps me out of an office
-stalking (hunting w/o the weapon)

No, I'm not a psychopath. I like to stalk ANIMALS!! NOT PEOPLE!! The thrill is seeing how close you can get before you spook the guy....for obvious reasons, you don't get TOO close, i.e "don't @#$% with Mother Nature" because, you will lose.

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