What "Traditional Knife" are ya totin' today?


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Jan 8, 2021
Love the GEC all steel knives; waiting impatiently for the all steel pony jacks.


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Jul 20, 2014
Each week I carry an Alox SAK and a non-Alox SAK as part of my weekly rotation schedule. This week they happen to be virtually identical except for cover material. Vic Secretary and Pocket Pal:

Bailed non-SAK this week is a Colonial Forest-Master, my very first pocket knife from circa 1960:

International Knife of the Week is a Cognet L'Ecureuil:

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Apr 19, 2014
ooooh... Yours is in really good condition... Very nice! 🤠 :thumbsup:

Too late, I saw it. ;)
I've looked at them on auction several times, but they either went for too much $$$ or were in terrible condition.

I really like the cowboy novelty knives.
They remind me of better times and all the fun I had when I was younger.

How did I not know about this??? So cool. 🤠 :thumbsup:
Thanks!!! JohnDF JohnDF I got it in a bundle of old scout knives on the bay for really cheap, was lucky at how good the condition was 🍀
Definately better times when I was younger🤠

Got this one with me today.

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Jack Black

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Dec 2, 2005
Forum knife at sunset :)

You've been busy with your forum knife Paul! Great pics :) :thumbsup:
Each week I carry an Alox SAK and a non-Alox SAK as part of my weekly rotation schedule. This week they happen to be virtually identical except for cover material. Vic Secretary and Pocket Pal:
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Bailed non-SAK this week is a Colonial Forest-Master, my very first pocket knife from circa 1960:
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International Knife of the Week is a Cognet L'Ecureuil:
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- GT
Quality quartet Gary, it's cool you still have your first pocket knife :) :thumbsup:

Carrying an odd couple today, a J jsdistin re-built Lambsfoot, gifted to me by Reaper AL Reaper AL , and a Random Tuesday RR 'Half Hawk' in carbon and denim micarta :thumbsup:



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Jul 20, 2014
My son and I are going to a Car/Bike show today. So my yeller delrin case cv Barlow gets the nod. Man, I wish they’d make this knife exactly the same except for their jigged chestnut bone cover material. They would undoubtedly make a lot of them, And that, would be super duper! I’d buy at least a couple!
Have fun,
I'd buy a chestnut jigged bone CV Barlow, too! :thumbsup::thumbsup::cool:

Diverse Duo: dark and light, big and small, 1 blade and 2, lambsfoot and clip point, English and American, wood and bone, barehead and endcap, no shield and shield. The diversity boggles the mind!! ;):thumbsup::thumbsup:

Thanks Bruce. I actually filed the pins down a little and the liners were a bit proud of the covers, so I sanded those off too. That took some of the color off the covers doing that so I kept going all the way around and then buffed them off. I really like the way they turned out. I didn’t know all I had to do was put it in my pocket and hang some drywall! 🤣
Looks like you did great work, Todd! :cool::thumbsup::thumbsup:

Queen Jack and a Kutmaster Stockman
Hey, now! Those are All-Stars, Steve! :thumbsup::cool::thumbsup:

Thank you very much, Gary!!! That reminds me of a 60s Donovan song. 😁 :thumbsup:
Yeah, I'm sure my use of "mellow yellow" had significant Donovanian influence! 🤓

Thanks Gary. From my first day here, my aim was to get quoted by you.
Thanks, Alan, although that sounds like a pretty low bar! 😁 🤓
(Actually, I think you arrived on The Porch before I did. ;))

Two eggs up, hash brown potatoes, and hash.
Thanks for the celebratory info, ED! :)

Canoeing whilst flipping between football, baseball and golf.

Oh and there’s beer involved.
Classy Case canoe! :cool::cool::thumbsup:

It belonged to Ron, then gifted to Harry, and then gifted to me... which makes it special beyond words.
Definitely a very special knife, John! :thumbsup::cool::cool: I can see why you put it on a pedestal (or at least a post 🤓 )

It's just decorative. Imperial made a number of patterns in black plastic, some with the yellow rectangle and some without. I used to think they had some marketing connection to Stanley Tools, but your question had me do a quick google search, and I can't find anything to verify that.
Thanks for the follow-up, Rachel. :thumbsup::) I hadn't made the Stanley connection.

5K Qs 5K Qs 5K Qs 5K Qs ~
Thanks for your nice comments!
I do believe you’re right about the Gibson factory. Think it’s possible your uncle had s hand in making this old J45?

I am trying not to make french toast too often, but lemme know when you’re coming, and I’ll make a pile!
Jeff, if I subtracted correctly, your Gibson was made in 1955, and my uncle didn't graduate from high school until 1958 and then did a hitch in the army (2 years?) before he worked at Gibson, so I'm sure he had nothing to do with your guitar.

An old Doonesbury joke: French Toast - À votre santé! 😁

That's a Victorinox Tinker. With a CAO cigar and some Johnnie Walker Black on the rocks. Great way to end the day.
Great to see you here again, Vince; love the baseball Tinker! :cool::thumbsup::cool:

So glad you’re enjoying them Gary. 😊👍
I need to get a family photo of my Rough Rider Outdoorsman/tobacco bone knives.

Good sunday to everyone :cool:
You certainly have many knives with beautiful wood handles!! :thumbsup::thumbsup::cool:

Today with this French "Farol".

I always admire your "whale", José! :cool::thumbsup::thumbsup:

Thanks Gary :) Mammoth multi-quote! :eek: :cool:

I agree Gary, the darker bone is definitely more attractive in my opinion :thumbsup: Well done Todd :) :thumbsup:

Hope we'll see you over there soon buddy! :D ;) :thumbsup:
Have a relaxing and peaceful Sunday folks :) :thumbsup:


Grand pair of Barlows, Jack! :thumbsup::cool::thumbsup: Are those apples behind you HHB? They remind me of the fruit we get on a quince bush.
Thanks for your encouraging words, Jack. :) I spend lots of time in the Guardians thread, but since I'm always a week behind, I haven't posted in a long time.

I have been totin all these this morning along with my always in the pocket alox SAK.
I finished off the handle on the black one,can you see the join?
smoothed of and oiled the handle on my Spanish knife that I got on my road trip this year,It’s basic but very nice snap and good to use.
Then I thought I may as well put another few coats on my trapper,which I must add has quickly become a favourite.

Who made your Spanish knife and in what city did you buy it?
My daughter lived in Madrid for several years, and I visited her there about 6 years ago. She took me to several cities in Spain (Sevilla, Grenada, Toledo, Valencia, Denia) and I bought at least one knife in each city.

The big one is a Methodist church knife.
How do you carry your hobo knife? I recently got a Ka-Bar version that carries well in a pocket of my winter coat, but that's not what I typically wear to summer picnics.

@Johnnythefox Good idea that, will put my kitchen magnetic knife strip to use for this sometime.:)
After some days of heavy rain & strong winds, the sun is out today-wind still raging though. But it's better than all the dark & then snow that will soon be here from Nov-March or later :(

Versatile duo then for the day.
Will, that Waynorth lambsfoot is outstanding, and the whittler is also an impressive knife! :cool::cool::thumbsup:

An old Imperial I picked up cheap in a flea market. The covers are terrible, but I like the blade shape.
That old knife is a treasure! :thumbsup::cool::cool:

That's one heck of a sausage Gary! :cool: :D Thank you for the kind words, my Navy Knife was a gift from Mr paulhilborn paulhilborn :) :thumbsup:

Thank you my friend :D :) :thumbsup:

I've put it away for her birthday next month :) She has been asking me for a knife for a while, as I have given her older brother a few. I asked her if she'd like a SAK. She thought about it briefly, then said, "No, just a pocket knife please." :D I got her the version with daisies :) :thumbsup:

Thanks again buddy, they were probably more than I needed as it turned out :) LOL! You're welcome to it my friend! :D :thumbsup:

🤣 :thumbsup:
Thanks for your informative and engaging replies, Jack. 🤓 I like those summer sausage "logs". I occasionally will use it for sandwiches, but I use it much more often as an ingredient in other meals. I'll typically cut off and dice 4 thin slices 2 or 3 times per week to put in my breakfast oatmeal or a supper vegetable casserole/stew.

The English carry,I took my Victorinox cadet into town.
visited a few antique shops nada of interest,lots of people milling around town.
Johnny hates jazz,but loves the blues.

That pocket worn Cadet is incredible!! :cool::thumbsup::cool:

I enjoying a Double Lambsfoot Day for my Sheffield Sunday. :)
I enjoy your frequent Double Lambsfoot Days, JJ! :thumbsup::thumbsup::cool:

- GT