What "Traditional Knife" are ya totin' today?

Jack Black

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Dec 2, 2005
Same here guys. I have a field notes notebook in each of my vehicles. :cool::thumbsup:

These are from the top drawer of my desk :rolleyes:


These are from the next drawer down :rolleyes:


There's a couple more on my coffee table, a few larger notebooks in another desk drawer, and there's probably at least another 20 in all my jackets and bags. Sorry forest! :eek: :thumbsup:


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Feb 27, 2013
Handsome pair Tom :) :thumbsup:

Edit - Forgot to post my carry! :D :thumbsup:


Thanks Jack! Right back at you, those two blade shapes compliment each other nicely :thumbsup:

As usual, I'm carrying a couple of standard canoes this week, a Rough Rider with Painted Desert acrylic covers and a Case with Rough Black or Gum Fuddy covers (thanks, Alan):
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View attachment 1432583

Also as usual, I'm carrying a sowbelly stockman and a "regular" stockman. This week they are a Rough Rider tobacco bone sowbelly and an old Imperial stockman a former colleague gave me:
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View attachment 1432586

- GT

Nice carries GT, I especially like that Imperial stockman :thumbsup:

These two for me today (forgot it was Wooden Wednesday :) )


scrteened porch

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Feb 19, 2012
I don't know if Canes are in style or not . In fact , I have never ever worried about what was in style . There are days where I do use a cane a little . At my age , I do not feel ashamed of using one . I don't often use a cane , but when I do , I use which ever one is the closest .
I usually carry one on my walks, mostly as a precaution against the long hop home if a knee goes out. I don't think they're a fashion accessory though.

This Camillus is not as stainless as I'd thought. I penetrating-oiled it, and gun-oiled it, and now it's draining on a kleenex.


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Feb 27, 2018
KR Johnson Arkansas Hunter LB... first auction site custom I've gambled on and I feel like I lucked out. I'm not big on micarta or synthetic materials in general but this one is impressive and the micarta is chamfered to match the bolsters..it is obvious a lot of work had to go into this intricate build... I think this knife has had some previous owners and has been sold on here at least twice and the last time it popped up was on AZCK in 2018... I knew it had changed hands a few times when bidding on it and wondered if I'd find something off about it... Truth is there's some light wear on the bolsters from pocket time but other than that it seems structurally flawless, smooth, sharp...strong lock and dead center. I know now that I want another knife from Keith sometime with stag....my goal is to keep my collection uniform with stag or ivory but I keep getting distracted by knives like this! PXL_20201007_191210870_resize_20.jpg