What "Traditional Knife" are ya totin' today?

Dec 17, 2004
Some traditional northern English steel for an Australian backyard
I hate to topic drift too far, but I gotta ask, is that a birch tree? :)

Looks like it, but if it is I'm just really surprised, astounded really. I had no idea they grew that far south. If it js one of course. ;) For comparison, I'm in Alaska... about as far as you can possibly get from Australia and still have trees. We have millions of them here.
Dec 17, 2004
I believe that your Schmachtenberg is only the Second one that I have seen . It is nice to see that most of the Stamping on the Blade of the AXE is still visible . In fact , it is more visible than the one on mine is . Does it have wooden covers or ????


You have a Schmachtenberg? I'd love to see it! (maybe in the Old Knives thread)

Yes, the covers are wood. There is still a little paint down in the grain, but it seems to be lifting out with some oily rag rubbing.
The corner of the broken blade can hook on the edge of a table like a one arm blade. :D
Just so people know that there is more than 1 Schmachtenberg @r8shell . Carrying my Schmachtenberg Bros and a Kronenkrebs


Oh cool! Mine isn't a lone survivor after all!


Did they all have the axe etch/stamping?
There is a ghost of some mark on the blade of mine, that always seemed too deep to be from use, but I wasn't sure. I tried to leave as much of it there as I could when I rounded the tip to be safe to carry.


Now that I know what I'm looking at, I see the axe head there! Cool!

Jack Black

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Dec 2, 2005
My Saturday totes are a couple of Schrades, the big fella was an early GEC SFO. :)
Two Saturday stunners there JJ, outstanding knives :) :thumbsup:
Carried these two today. Helped brand some calves for my buddy today.
Excellent working pair Taylor :) :thumbsup:

Hope everyone is having a great weekend, and that you have a relaxing and peaceful Sunday :) :thumbsup:

Two old Sheffield folders today, from Alfred Blackwell, and Joseph Westby :thumbsup:



Will Power

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Jan 18, 2007
It is a silver birch - Betula Pendula. But it’s not a native to this area. It’s the ‘garden centre edition’. It’s in a little grove I planted in my backyard. I love those birch forests you guys have. Beautiful.

You can be unable to see the wood for the trees....Here, you can get sick of seeing Birch forest and little else ;) when they first come into bud (soon I hope...) it is an incredibly beautiful green haze in contrast o the brown khaki deadness of winter aftermath( the leaves are literally referred to as 'Mouse Ears'/ hiirenkorva) But, they lose their leaves first of all in August Sept..:( Still, Birch makes excellent firewood, the bark a superlative fire-starter, you make sauna whips out of bunches of leafy twigs, front doors are adorned with branches at Midsummer, and the sap is allegedly health giving. The exotic/unusual is always alluring so I understand the lure of Birch in Aus...I've planted a lot of Maples here, especially the red ones, wonderful autumn colour . They grow very well -as it's like Canada here in certain ways-but they are surprisingly not a commercial forest tree very much- the 'sap' tastes better than Birch too and the wood is strongstuff.

Both Maple & Birch make good knife handle slabs mind....I like that Schatt M as I like most green knives, the grass is always greener....:D fortunately!

Regards, Will
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Old Hunter

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Jul 12, 2012
Got this one. Again. Can’t seem to leave the house without it. On vacation today. First time since covid hit. A week at the family beach house and I got a happy wife and kid...and two tired dogs, and me new trusty edc. At a restaurant last night my kid got a piece of steak stuck in his teeth - no toothpick in sight - and the blade cut a plastic straw into the perfect fix ;). They both looked at me like...well that’s useful to have handy. View attachment 1560676 View attachment 1560677
Magnificent stag handles on a beautiful knife - I can see why it is staying in your pocket! OH