Why are you people here?

Oct 2, 1998
Well I knew that would get your attention and Spark wants to hit 9,000 posts by February 1, so this is a good question.

Although I have been challenged on this isssue I really made this place so people could come to a place and share knowledge and talk knives.

Me, Well I get a big kick out of helping people. Makes me feel good and that is enough for me.

So why are you people here?

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I am here because I love knives and enjoy conversing with others who share the love. Unfortunately I don't have the money to buy every knife I think I want. I can come here and sort through the good the bad and the ugly and try to spend my money right the first time. If I do get something and I am not thrilled with it, I can come here to trade it with someone else who might be looking for the knife I have. All in all, there are a lot worse hobbies than knives and this is a place where we can get together with others who share the love.

And this is my oppurtunity to thank Mike and Spark for providing this place. You are doing a bang up job and every change you've made has seemed to be for the good.
I stumbled onto this forum and just felt so comfortable I can't leave. Heck I don't even like knives.

I'm here because it's my friggin' job to check these forums every hour.

Actually, I'm here because I know that I can make a difference in the knife world if I put enough effort into it. If I can bring together people from all aspects, and help others learn from the knowledge that is present here, I've done my part. If I can help one person per day, then it's good.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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I have learned so much about knives from this site in a month than I had in years on my own. The comfort factor is what kept me around long enough to find out what the place has to offer.
The knowledge around here is incredible and very much appreciated.
I enjoy it because it allows me to interact with people with the same interests. In my business (catering, gifts and flowers www.goodiesgifts.com) I don't exactly get to talk to many folks that enjoy firearms, knives, and other assorted tools. My wife doesn't hinder my interest, but she doesn't share it either. So... I like to be able to read through and get information on things that interest me as well as give my input on the various topics. It's absolutely great! It's like having a magazine subscription to every knife magazine published and a reference library in your own home!


I started out lurking in rec.knives on usenet about 18 months ago. I learned alot and posted occasionally. Then the forums sprang up. First I spent time on a forum that no longer exists, then I went on to another forum that still exists. When this one came into being, I was definitely going to visit this one, with Moderators like James Mattis and Dexter Ewing. Have been here ever since!

I have learned alot in my time with the online knife community. While there is some misinformation occasionally spread online (which is usually quickly corrected), there is nowhere near the BS you hear spouted at Gun and Knife shows. There is still alot I want to know, but I have learned a TON over the internet. As a matter of fact, I pass Joe Talmage's FAQ's on to any friends I have that are remotely interested in knives. The perfect knife primer!

While I still like and visit the other forum, I feel much more comfortable here.

I love this place!


Thanks, Mike and Spark and all the moderators, for making this such a great place to spend time.


Clay Fleischer

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Im here because I enjoy talking to people with the same twisted interest as me.

Most of my friends could give a damm about knives. They would not know the difference between a Sebenza and a KISS knife if it cut their finger off.

Also, I have learned alot about knives that I have or thought about getting.

Face it, if there is a knife you are thinking about getting, chances are that someone has already got it on this board.
Well the reason I come to this site is to talk about knives. I enjoy knives so much. They are not something that I buy and sell and try to make a little money on but they and my customers give me reason for being. Even in bad times getting a new knife from Darrel Ralph or Benchmade, Microtech just makes my day. Talking to and helping someone find the knife they want is great! Here in this part of Fla. there are not a lot of people who know the differce between a Case knife and a Benchmade and I love to show them and tell them about how newer knives are so much better than the one thay may be carring now. Bladeforum does that and more and I like to be part of it.

Danny Ridenhour
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Because I'm addicted to knives and this is a great place to be for treatment. Hopefully to also share what I know after close to 35 years collecting. But the big thing is I learn new things everyday on here.
I'm a knifenut! This is the next best thing to being able to go to a knife show everyday.
I'm a knifenut! This is the next best thing to being able to go to a knife show everyday.

Greg Namin
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I was looking for a replacement for my trustworthy SOG Autoclip decided that it was a good idea to hang around in the forum sites to get an idea of what was out there and worth the money. Somehow in the process, you %#$@!&$# got me hooked on all things sharp & pointy, and well...here I am...I can't explain why I am hooked, and I am having trouble justifying my reasons to buy more knives, and my girlfriend is getting tired of getting knives as presents....



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I haven't had this much fun since I was stationed at Seymour-Johnson AFB(Goldsboro, N.C.) back in the early 90's. I worked at a PMEL Lab(I forgot what that stands for something like Precision Measurement Equipment Lab) for 2 1/2 years. About 90% of the people where knife & gun people. It was GREAT!! But since I've moved on my knife & gun friends have thinned out.
I was getting depressed. But then when I started this job in 1997, got to playing on the computer, found some forums here and there, found my people!! Once again a knife family.
Its been nice to come and chat about knives everyday. I've meet lots of people, and exchanged lots of information. Hopefully I'll make it to the Blade Show this year to meet more of my "knife" family. Thanks to everyone for all the fun I'm having and will have in the years to come.
I'm here because I'm a knife nut. Even though I've never met anyone on the forum, I feel like I know everyone here.

Bladeforums is my knifeaholics support group.
I come here when I feel the need for reassurance that there are others like me out there with a NEED for edged metal. It keeps me so informed of the daily happenings in the knife world that I almost feel like I am an industry insider. The locals in here are gracious and knowledgeable... This is home!
Nick B.
Hi! My name is Fish and I'm a knifeaholic.

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