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If you want more snake names (at risk of setting up a pattern that you won't easily be able to break free from later?), you might try . . .

CROTALUS (Genus name of the rattlesnakes.)

BASILISK (Mythical king of the serpents.)

A quick perusal of the glossary of Bulfinch's Mythology yielded the following, which are cool sounding names and probably esoteric enough to pass a trademark search:

ALECTO ("Literally, she who rests not. One of the Furies. She was sent by Juno to stir up discord among the Trojans")

ARGUS ("100-eyed guardian of Io, who was killed by Mercury.")

CORTANA ("In the legends of Charlemagne, the name of Ogier's sword.")

HYDRA (A nine-headed monster; one of the labors of Hercules was to kill it.)

YAMA ("Hindu god of the infernal regions. He is the deification of the first mortal to die and reach the realm beyond.")

If you want to branch out into bird names, a personal favorite of mine is:

CASSOWARY (A large, flightless bird of New Guinea, reputedly quite agressive and able to kill a man with the sharp claws on its feet.)

Good luck to you and me both!

David Rock
Cat names are appropriate for folding knives, given how their claws work.

Serval -
A good-looking lynx-size long-leggity spotted cat from Africa, a bit more tameable than most wild cats (I got to scratch one on the head once). They are famous for their ability to leap high out of the tall grass and snatch a bird out of the air, but we people can have ambitions to cuddle one. The name is also a pun for "serve-all" for a good working knife.


Thinking on years of education(some of which are in progress):<ul>
[*]Gollum(a piece of Jewish mythology, ask and I'll give the whole explanation)
[*]kakkum(ancient Akkadian word for weapon)
[*]Sanhedrin(long, but a good name for a tactical knife...literally 70 judges)

I would like to suggest the best secret name there is. I have used it on my private CB to help people when they need it. It is a great name, so don't give the name to too many people. I would use the Great Name Interceptor for your Great Knife

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how about Shadow's Bite. it comes silently from ther darkness and makes it self felt.

try the name Shadow's Bite, or
Shadow's Touch.

the blade comes from the darkness and makes itself felt.

or Ash Tsedick - transliterated hebrew meaning "Righteous Fire"
the tasks set before this knife will burn berore its Rightious Fire
Call it the Crow, or even better, the Spark, both should conjure up images of supernatural creatures capable of unimaginable havoc... [snicker]

What about...

Millenium (but you have to finish it before the end of the century

Y2K (So much hype about this one...)
Hmmm. . . . Biblical names

"Sanhedrin" has been nominated, perhaps for a very "authoritative" knife. The Sanhedrin was (and will be, according to the Tradition) the highest earthly Jewish court, with the aforementioned 70 judges. It was also the only Jewish court with the authority to impose a sentence of death, but it was *very* reluctant to do so.

On a more mundane scale, how about "Cherev"?

That is the Hebrew word for any cutting tool, from a battle sword or a stonemason's chisel, down to the flint knives used in the old days for circumcisions.


BTW, "Cherev" is pronounced with that hard "H" sound as in "Bach" or "Loch", and not as you would normally pronounce a "CH" in English.


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My wife has some suggestions.

Going off the "Fat Cat" she suggested the "Scat Cat"

And if you ever were going to make a Strait knife with a 7 inch spey blade...she suggests the "Eunuch Maker"

I'm going to go hide now...

(Hey Mike T, you should appreciate that one)

how about 'aprus', it's the Akkadian word meaning both "I seperate" and "I keep deamons away". now thats a knife

Aaron(who is studying for a mid-term tomorrow in...Akkadian)