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Well Blues if you want some Astronomy names in the mix here are a few. And a page to see what they mean.

Achilles,Argonauts, Belus, Colchis, Gaia, Heracles, Jason, Nereids, Plutus, Tenes,
Achilles, Berenice, Colonae, Ganymede, Hermes, Joppa, Nereids, Pollux, Theseus,
Acrisius, Callisto, Coronis, Ganymede, Nereus, Pollux, Actaeon, Argus, Canopus, Cronus, Ceryon, Ladon, Nergal, Poseidon, Aegipan, Argus, Panoptes, Carnaban, Cronus, Gorgons, Hermes, Leda, Orion, Thetis,
Agenor, Ariadne, Cassiopeia, Hades, Hermes Leda, Alcmene, Arion, Cyclopes, Hesperides, Lernaean, Lion, Orpheus, Typhon, Aleus, Artemis, Cycnus, Hebe, Hippodameia, Lesbos, Orpheus, Amalthea, Danae, Helen, Hydra, Lycaon, Orthrus, Zeus, Amphitrite, Castor, Demeter, Maenads, Pan, Amymone, Asclepius, Demeter, Helios, Asclepius, Dictys, Hephaestus, Medusa, Paris, Asterion, Hyllus, Centaurs, Dionysus, Hera, Iasion, Peiritheus, Prometheus, Athene, Ptolemy, Eridanus, Hera, Io, Minos, Perseus, Sagittarius, Aphrodite, Eros, Iolaus Minotaur, Seriphos, Apollo, Ceres, Ethiopia, Heracles, Ishtar, Pholoe, Sisyphus, Chara, Eudoxus, Ixion, Naxos, Stheino, Eumenides, Heracles, Janus, Nemean, Stygian, Nymphs, Cheiron, Euryale, Jason, Phaethon, Styx.



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"WOW", Mike (pun intended)

Talk about overkill!!!!

Back when I still had a few brain cells, (many years ago,) I actually received scholarships to university to study Astronomy/Astrophysics.

How the hell did I get into law enforcement? (Don't ask.

It's tempting to go with mean animal names, but for an all-around utility knife, I like a name that sounds lyrical (e.g., Sebenza) and describes exactly what the knife excels at ("work"). In this vein, I'll offer:

Vale Tudo: Portuguese for "everything goes". It sounds beautiful, and what better name for an all around knife -- anything goes! As an extra bonus, martial artists will recognize this as the term the Brazilians use for no-holds-barred fighting matches, so you martial artist types will understand the secondary uses of this knife right away.

Mata Leao: Portuguese for "lion killer", and another lyrical name from a beautiful romance language. Hey, this is a well-built utility knife, and you need a tough knife to kill a lion. As above, your martial artist types will recognize this term as the Brazilian term for a particular match-finishing submission hold (rear naked choke). Again, a utility translation that the fighters in the know will understand has secondary meanings.

how about the "Matty Dread".

Also "kujo"

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The way you describe this knife, it sounds like a knife I would want to have with me all the time. Bob Dozier has used "Companion", but what about;
or Compadre

Here are a few names from Sotho, an African language spoken in South Africa (which by the way is completely diiferent from the Zulu language which Chris Reeve uses)

noga = snake
kotsi = danger
ntwa = fight
mothusi = helper/assistant
lepogo = cheetah
thipana = folding knife
peetla = cobra
sebata = predator
sebeolo = razor
phepheng = scorpion

"Strumpet" is a perfectly good word, if you disregard its meaning. (Meaning is such an arbitrary thing.)

How about some anatomical words from the animal kingdom? "Proboscis" and "Cloaca" have a nice ring to them. And the word "Ovipositor" is exceedingly euphonious, in my unpretentious estimation.

Who says a name has to mean anything? Why not take a lesson from Dr. Seuss? How about "Wuzzle"? Or maybe "Sneed"? "Lorax" is a nice, ecologically friendly word. Oh yeah, it's not supposed to mean anything. Cancel that one.

Let's go with "Hoos-Foos".

David Rock

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I seem to recall an East-Indian myth or legend regarding the terrible "Naga", a giant cobra like snake or man/snake, something like that.... (mutter, mutter)
Darrel-BTW congrats on the TK write up.
Some ideas I have for a name for the new design:

"The Jazz"- conotes livliness, spark, dash, spirit

"The Brigand" or "The Corsair"- kind of tough names

"The Ballast" -balance, steadiness, stability, poise, to counterbalance

Cant wait to see it.
Ian S.
How about WRAITH? (angry spirit)
Very similar to KRAIT.
(Both have the letters RAIT in common)
A decent name for a companion piece or follow-up design.

I got one:
The akkadian work Nemettum means both 'tax' and 'complaint'. Lets not just make a knife, lets make a political statement
ps various forms also exist, nemett, nemettu(plural)...if you want more, just ask
How about Double Agent?
Great utility knife, but also a great tac knife.

Stingray (interesting fact: Stingrays have an exoskeletal spine, little razor sharp bones stick up out of thier back, running the length of the ray all the way down to the thing you dont want put throu your leg. I found out about these the hard way, and ended up with my left arm sliced up really good.)

Recluse (after the brown recluse, venomes spider)

all for now.

Here are some Swahili words that might be good.
NYOKA : snake

IMARA : strong

MAKALI : blade

KISU : knife

I think I like MAKALI best but I can't really decide.
How about:
They sound romantic, even if they aren't.
It's comming and nobody knows what it will bring. Having this knife may just stag the odds in your favour.
That's what a good knife should be.
-The Joker
He, where did that come from?!

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Some other names I have seen proposed have already been done by others:

Falcon,Osprey,Hawk-Al Mar knives
Vulcan-Gerber Knives
Y2K-Bud Nealy
Double Agent-Agent is a Dozier TM
Shark-one of my favorites from Pat Crawford
How about "The Knife Nut"?

Or these, "The Nebula" or "The Constellation" - A knife so good you could bet it was made in a whole different galaxy. Then why is it being sold here? Good products are known everywhere.
And names like "Disciple", "King's Advisor" and "Follower" - meaning something that follows you everywhere as a trusted companion. "The King's Advisor" symbolizes something that the even the high-ranking people ask for advice or guidance - a position which is very hard to achieve, but is extremely respected.
"Alter Ego" would fall into the "Part of you" -category. If you want the name to give the impression of a very adaptable and versatile knife, you could call it "The Doppelganger".
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