ZT0777 retired. Here comes the ZT0777M390!

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I'd be more worried if I didn't have one by the end of September.

Hope the real blade on the 0777-M390 has that grayish matte look like the Vanax 35 on the 0777.

Considering that this particular knife already has 0305 serial number, I think its safe to assume that this is how it will look and that it might be proof they are currently in production trying to create a nice stock-float so a lot of people's pre-orders will be filled.

This will be killer!!!
Just got on Daves preorder list. I'm really looking forward to this one. Much prefer the M390 to the demascus, at least I will use this one.
Mines on pre order from 1.5 years ago from Knife Center. They stopped taking orders long long ago.

Would someone be willing to PM or email me with info on who to try pre-ordering these from?

reliable vendors are cool, but are any of the guys around here like dave taking pre orders?

really open to any suggestions! thanks :D
I wonder why or how they came up with M390? Why didn't they choose one of the two steel from the composit blade they were going to use? They should have the steel on hand to begin with...
I was reading through the page on ZT's website & saw this before the last picture on that link: "Here is the new "0770M390" with its premium M390 steel."
I think it was a typo, but didn't know how to tell ZT about it so they can fix it. Didn't want me telling them about a typo to be the first comment on that announcement.

The ZT 0777 OFFICIALLY RETIRED blog was updated to say 0777M390 instead of 0770M390.

I wouldn't consider this a satin finish. Looks more like the regular stonewash. When I read "satin finish' I thought it would have the blade finish the 0801cf has.

The ZT 0777 OFFICIALLY RETIRED blog was updated to say stonewash instead of satin.
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