Lost in the woods - Pick one of these knives!

Farmer would be my choice in a heartbeat. A SAK is always on me no matter what, the other knives I have would stay at home if I had but one choice.
That is a pretty tough choice. I have owned all of them at one time and none of them would be my first choice. I guess I would take the Buck if I had to choose.

The Buck is not the greatest EDC but in the woods, lack of one hand opening and closeing and lack of pocket clip don't matter as much as toughness. I think the Buck is tougher than the Para and is miles tougher than the SAK.

If I had to choose a folder, I would take a Spyderco Manix over anything else I have seen. It is a large folder but not overally heavy. It also has the full flat ground blade of the Para but in a large size. The Manix would be my choice for sure.
consider you can make blades,knife blades,hatchet blades,skinning blades with rocks.I was messing around in the woods and I made a blade with a rock in 2 minutes. I could chop down small trees cleanly with a few wacks. that being said I'd take the spyderco. It would be easy to make a spear with the spyder hole, and more fun to play with.
Did any of you guys see the 154cm gerber gator Bear Grilles was useing in the seirra nevada mountains episode? he was batoning with it. you could get 3 for the price of the spyderco.
Hey Guys..

I'll take the SAK..

Nothing against the spyderco.. Great knife..

The SAK just had too many uses..


Spyderco Paramilitary - S30V plain edge
Buck 110 - 420HC Edge 2X
Victorinox Farmer - includes woodsaw

These are three of my favorite knives. I've never been able to decide which one I'd like to find in my pocket if I was lost in the woods. Thought I'd get a collective opinion. :D

All things considered like resharpening without modern sharpeners, handle comfort, multi-function, etc.

Thanks for your input! :thumbup:

None of the above! My choice would be a fixed blade in the seven to ten inch blade range. Never wander out into the woods if there is a chance of getting lost without a good fixed blade and multi-tool and the knowledge of how to use them to provide the things you'll need to survive. This is far and away the best advice I can give on this matter. People who find themselves unprepared and faced with a lost-in-the-woods scenario are often times the ones we hear about on the evening news.

I'd take the Vic if somehow my Leatherman's all vaporized and I had no money to replace them. Leatherman Wave is always with me. A pair of fixed blades rides in the back of my Explorer. Be prepared.
I would go with the Buck, then the Spyderco, and the Farmer last. Those little saws get very tiresome about the second inch of cutting. By the time you held onto those Farmer scales and cut a dozen or so saplings for a lean-to and/or firewood, your paws would be a mess. Great for one or two quick cuts.

Cutting green wood under 1-1/2" or so, it is easiest to bend it and cut on the outboard side of the bend and hack though what is left when it snaps off. Baton chunks out of larger stuff as you would with a hatchet. Given the inventory you chose, the Buck would do best there.

IMHO, swinging a short blade around like a machete when you are in a survival situation is a good way to fillet a needed body part-- not good. You will be tired, thirsty, hungry, injured, wet, cold, freak out or all the above-- not the best for fine motor skills :)

The point on the Buck equals the awl on the SAK. For general hiking, the Spyderco has the best horsepower to weight ratio. The Farmer would be just plain handy for cookin' and fixin' and lighter stuff.

Any of the three would be a darn sight better than none at all!

I hike with a Becker Necker and a mini multi tool like a Leatherman Micra or a (discontinued) Buck Mini. I am liking the idea of a Victorinox Trekker lately too. Mostly I have been lookng for a flat ground blade with a nice flat spine to whack with a baton. Serrated blades are great if you climb and might have to cut a rope, but I would prefer a good plain blade on the survival side-- easier to sharpen and less prone to getting stuck. Busse Game Warden, RAT-3, Striders and the like are on my drool list. Good simple lines, quality steel, hardware that holds up, and most importantly, it is there when you need it.
mark me down for the SAK

i've used the saw on mine to cut many branches around the house that were the size of my wrist or larger with no real problems

i'm not likely to need to make this choice any time soon with all the junk i EDC though :D
I'd much rather have the Spyderco. Better steel, stronger lock despite the Buck being a tough guy as well, better handle (though the buck is really nice too). Ideally would be Spyderco, or 2nd choice Buck along WITH the Farmer. Joe
Definitely the SAK. All the knives will cut but the SAK has other tools. More tools wins out.
I've cut tons and tons of sapplings and branches with my Farmer and my hands held up fine thank you.

The reason I bought it was for those times when I would want to move a tree stand but did not have my bow saw, pole trimmer etc. Or those few branches that you always miss when you first hang your stand.

Now its not as good as a bow saw but imho it works far better then hacking at those sapplings with a Para or 110 or any 3-4 inch folder I've used. I've done a lot of that too..... thats why i bought the Farmer. Its far better I've done both a lot .

dalew that was a good post .Makes sense and sounds like you know your way around the woods.
Current tally:

Paramilitary - 8
Buck 110 - 9
Vic Farmer - 23

Again, these knives are three of my favorites that I seem to carry the most. Therefore, I would most likely have one of them on me. I'm not saying that I would only want one of these knives if I was to become lost in the woods. If I knew that I was going to get lost, I would have a multi-tool, fixed blade, axe, wedge, chisel, handsaw, chainsaw, and a few TV dinners. :D

Under this scenario, I have just wondered which knife I would want to find in my pocket because they are all so different. The Para offers high-end steel and a sturdy lock. The Buck has a very comfortable handle for continuous long term use, a sturdy lock, and perhaps a blade that would be the easiest to resharpen on a rock. The Farmer has the woodsaw which I think would be a huge advantage.

My common sense says that I would want the Farmer, but an experienced survivalist might tell me every reason why one of the other two would be a better choice. Don't know - that's why I asked the question. :)